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Well, up until now, I had not even heard of Merchants of Brooklyn, so I checked out the latest gameplay video from CES, and as I said, it looks interesting to say the least. Over on their official website, you can read more about this FPS from Paleo Entertainment, and did I mention it is powered by the Crytek Engine? That is the very same engine that powered the PC hit, Crysis, which I must say, has broken barriers when it came to graphics in videogames.

This game isn’t really on par with Crysis when it comes to graphics, however, the gameplay looks different, and somewhat refreshing.  You play as “an elite Neanderthal fighter” with a biomechanical arm at your disposal, and from the looks of it, you can somehow electronically charge items, including severed hands from you enemies. The charged items can be thrown and seem to explode on impact, which could make for some pretty satisfying kills.

Just imagine killing someone with their best friends severed head. The look of the environment gives the game a dark, desperate look as well, which can set a pretty good mood. I can’t say much about Merchants of Brooklyn from this short gameplay clip, but I can say this game will be on my radar of games to look out for in 2009.

Could this be the underdog of CES we were hoping to see?

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