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Two new inFamous gameplay videos have been released on the internet courtesy of the CES, it looks pretty damn awesome although it’s hard not to draw parallels in the combat system between inFamous and The Force Unleashed.

First Gameplay Video:

Second Gameplay Video:

Infamous 1, The Force Unleashed Too? Jokes aside it looks great but no doubt they’ll garner some attention for looking too much like the Force Unleashed

inFamous is a third-person sandbox-style game exclusive to the Playstation 3, and is being developed by Sucker Punch studios known for their Playstation 2 Sly series. inFamous is currently aiming for a Spring 2009 release.

  1. avatar 155

    Infamous looks downright amazing…far better than TFU.

  2. avatar Snow

    Infamous farts rainbows and cures cancer.That’s how great that game will be.

  3. avatar Brian

    How is this new gameplay if I’ve seen this before???? TFU doesn’t even compare.

  4. avatar Colonel

    I thought it looked average at best, with gameplay seeming repetitive even in a 2 minute video. Hopefully there’s much more to be shown.

  5. avatar Rob Hayes

    inFamous looks awesome. Infact, the only action games that looks any better for 2009 are also PS3 exclusives… Uncharted 2 & God of War III. And the gameplay looks FAR better than TFU, lol. It’s free roam nature for one. That and the fact that the powers in inFamous actually look fun to use!

  6. avatar Caprice

    Lol, except Infamous looks WAAAY better… so much more destruction and carnage. Perhaps there is a similarity… perhaps this is what TFU SHOULD have been like. It’s like a super hero GTA!

  7. avatar Blah

    Does the dude have Rigamortise In his Arm!?! MOVE You IDIOT!!!! Someone need to redo the Attack Animations STAT! As for the comments talking about the graphics… the lighting is better the TFU, but other than that, this jack looks all bare bones to me… In fact I got bored watching these videos.


  8. avatar Darksider1290

    This looks nothing like TFU wtf are you guys smoking over there?

  9. avatar hhmm....

    i like that u can use melee attacks too

  10. avatar Adam

    @ Rob Hayes

    Man does Uncharted 2 look SOOO sexy. This is coming from a 360 fan, I just love Uncharted series.

  11. avatar Shaun

    I have to agree with colonel. Ive watched so much footage & it really looks like its gonna be repetetive & boring. Sad. I hope Im wrong.

  12. avatar Crotch Toucher

    This is not a dress, it is an ancient robe of the psychadelic monks

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