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Avatar ImageMMO Judgement Day closing in?
By: | January 23rd, 2009


It seems that Anime isn’t the only new venue being considered in the epic struggle to dislodge Blizzard from it’s MMORPG throne.  It appears that Halcyon Games have hinted that the Terminator franchise is an “interesting space” to consider development of an MMO.

This information comes courtesy of IncGames, who recently spoke with Halcyon after it was discovered that the media developer purchased rights to the Terminator franchise.


If this does come to be, than obviously the MMO’s two factions at war after Judgement Day would be robots vs. humans.  Then, may I ask, who in their right minds would select fighting beside John Connor with the resistance when they could be a Liquid T-1000?  Hopefully Halcyon’s use of the franchise will prove more entertaining than FOX’s “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.”

  1. Haha amazing caption for the image. MMOs are coming out the wazoo lately.

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