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Long story short: PS3 owners still get their free map today, but the full map pack for all platforms (including PC) is delayed until February. Read on to see the official statement released by EA.

EA’s Words:
“To offer a completely smooth experience for players, DICE announced today that the DLC map pack for Mirror’s Edge on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC will be delayed until February. However, the free exclusive map for PlayStation 3 players will be available to download on January 29 as previously announced.”

Last minute delays are hardly a new concept. Fable II’s DLC pack was delayed shortly before release, and gamers hardly put up a fuss. It’s definitely better for DICE to wait, and fix any last minute glitches before releasing a problematic pack. Either way, I’ll be enjoying the “free sample” today, and anxiously awaiting the real deal!


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