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Avatar ImageMidnight Club: LA, New DLC Free!
By: | January 12th, 2009
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Last month we reported that there was new DLC on the way for Midnight club, well just moments ago Rockstar finally released all the new downloable content for Midnight Club, and it’s for free. (*Update, not just yet*)

To quote ourselves

The DLC will come with some new areas for you to explore.  Some of the famous landmarks that will be included on the map are Exposition Park, the USC campus and Shrine Auditorium.

The list of available cars.

09 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT
08 Audi SS
08 Mercedes Benz CL65 AMG
08 Cadillac XLR
08 Mitsubishi EVO X
07 Aston Martin DB9
08 Ducati 1098
66 Pontiac GTO
63 Buick Rivera
55 Chevy Bel Air
65 Chevy Malibu
64 Chevy Impala
70 Chevu Chevelle
08 Mercedes Benz CLK63 AMG “Black”
08 Range Rover Sport Supercharged

Also included is the South Central Map, which includes an area of South Central from LA.

To download it, put Midnight Club Disc into your drive, go to the live menu,  go to the downloadable content, and select the first one named “South Central – Free City Pack” and it will download it all in one.

Enjoy, and be thankful to Rockstar.

*UPDATE* After speaking to Rockstar support, they had no idea about the DLC release today.  When asked about the offer on Marketplace a Rockstar rep wasn’t sure and said that it was possibly a prep. for the DLC to already be downloaded for peeps once they officially release it, it’s suppose to just be a short update.

  1. avatar Mexico619

    wtf?? i just started it up on my PS3 and it doesn’t show and i also checked the playstation store and its not there neither!!! wtf is happining!!!

  2. It must only be Xbox Live than.

  3. avatar Nicholas

    This is proof that Rockstar is putting a considerable of time and effort into sustaining their products months after their release. And, given this digital age in gaming – developers should continue to release expansions or just patches if nothing else. I would like to see other developers take notice of Rockstar’s actions and follow them – and while many developers have been doing this many neglect to and that is not acceptable I think. Speaking about the DLC though, the modern cars and city-addition looks extremely attractive. I am not sure if this is a Xbox 360 exclusive but the GTA IV will most definately be. [PS3 users should wait a day or two to see if there was a delay on the release of the DLC for them.]

  4. avatar Name (Required)

    @Adam i checked and it’s suppose to come out for both PS3 and Xbox 360 but they said that they were going to charge for the DLC

  5. avatar Mexico619

    @Adam i checked and it’s suppose to come out for both PS3 and Xbox 360 but they said that they were going to charge for the DLC and sorry i forgot to put my name on my other reply

  6. avatar Adam

    You sir are correct, after doing some research I had a rep. confirm to me that it wasn’t meant to come out today and it will most likely cost.

  7. avatar Nicholas

    So … does that mean you did not download the update (cars and map included) or you did and bypassed the payment?

  8. avatar Russia love

    SUBARU IMPREZA WRX STI ?????????????????????????????????

  9. avatar cc

    that car list is a bit weak, but if the engine and exhaust notes are more realistic then no complaining here. most of the present tuner cars sound totally fake.

  10. avatar Nicholas

    I would settle for excellent graphics, soundtrack and gameplay over realistic noises anyday. As long as there is some difference between them and a car like a Lamborghini doesn’t sound like a 70s mucle car then I am fine. Still, I agree with cc in that, if there is a massive discrepency, Rockstar should look into fixing it.

  11. avatar Adam

    Good point Nick, and this game has all three you mentioned that are better than any other racing game. I mean Forza 2 is great and realistic but boring as hell comparing to Midnight Club: LA. The game has 5 different music genres that play during the game, unlike FM 2 silence.

  12. avatar matt

    im a bit confused really as to when it will come out for ps3 and will it cost anything or is it free cuz i really want it

  13. avatar Allen

    The cars payment won’t be bypassed you have to buy them like a regular car. Man that blows. All need for speed DLC you can but the cars and the upgrades with Microsoft points it may ruin the point but who cares . Meh if you ask me need for speed only took me a day or to which i like, Midnight club at most would take a week straight to beat. and im constantly playing other games too so i thinking about trading MC:la in its getting too boring.

  14. avatar Allen


    All need for speed DLC you can (buy) the cars and the upgrades with Microsoft points it may ruin the point but who cares .

  15. avatar Perry

    the south centeral upgrade is free but the cars one costs about £7.99 and doesn’t come out untill 12 of march, and only nine cars will be on the update, the others will be on another update later on.

  16. avatar linton

    Searched everywhere for a decent Mitsubishi Pajero 4×4 with some nice extras and toys. saw quite a few that were so-say ‘good condition’ but all were pretty poor. The odd one I did find on a forecourt were expensive and not worth the extra money.
    I decided to import my own from Japan but found it is not the easiest thing in the world. Not impossible of course but time consuming and a risk all the same. Meant doing lots of searching and then paying the money in Yen to an unknown in Japan. Didn’t liek that idea too much.
    I then found Algys Autos Ltd. They have garages in Japan and the UK (Bristol) so were well placed. They even offered to deliver the car direct to my door! They sourced, inspected and imported the car for me at COST price plus £350…..MAD no idea how they can still survive at those prices but I must say they were very proffessional and I see they have been well established and respected for over 14 years so I guess the formula works! Certainly worked for me.
    Bottom line is give them a site visit, well worth the time and I am very happy chappy!!

  17. avatar Eric432

    the game tells me there is a new dlc coming out soon it says it is gonna have new performance vehicles

  18. avatar kalen

    what the fuk is diz shit!

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