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Today a new Japanese trailer for Mario & Luigi RPG 3 hit the web, and it looks like it’s going to be great, plus somewhat unique.

[flv: 480 360]

Yep that’s right you play inside Bowser, for how long we don’t know but it looks like it might be a major game mechanic, I guess at least we can finally learn the anatomy of a Koopa, also here’s hoping we don’t have to travel anywhere too nasty.

On a side note fortunately no babies can be spotted in the video.

Mario & Luigi RPG 3 is being developed by Alpha Dream the developers of the previous M&L RPG ‘Partners in Time’, RPG3 will be released February 11, 2009 in Japan, and has a expected Western release of Summer 2009.

  1. Haha, it’s true. Even since Super Mario World 2, the Mario babies have caused me to jump for volume control countless times.

  2. Oh god, Nintendo babies’ cries. Play Yoshi’s Story for DS, and listen to the Wario and Baby Bowser babies’ sounds. ::cringe::

  3. avatar Maggie

    OMG, this game looks funnier than I expected! I’ve enjoyed playing mario & luigi partners in time over and over again and when I heared about the third game, i just couldnt wait for it to come out! I’m hoping that it comes out in America as soon as possible!

  4. avatar Nicholas

    Looks interesting. I might pick this game up – there has not been a good Mario game I think for some time.

  5. avatar mystery man

    just about 55 more days :3

  6. avatar Blob

    The tension is killing me…

  7. avatar Miguel

    the game looks really cool and I am really sure every Mario n Luigi fan will get the game I know I will

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