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Arriving on the internet yesterday was the full intro cutscene for Killzone 2. It looks pretty damn epic, check it out below.

I’m not entirely sure whether the first part of the trailer is meant to be in-game rendered or pre-rendered (I’m leaning towards pre-rendered) but either way it certainly has an epic feel to it.

Killzone 2 is being developed by Guerrilla Games and will be released on February 26th, exclusive to PlayStation 3.

  1. man that intro was awesome. Thanks for the post

  2. that intro will be nice, when i play the game, until then no thanks…

  3. Yea the graphics make me want to rub one out lol. Sorry for the inappropriateness.

  4. avatar POS3 SUCKs

    Well there are 2 games worth playing for this EXPENSIVE blu-Gay player

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