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A recent article on Gizmodo suggests that the IPTV function for the Xbox 360, which was announced a while back in 2007, is still a possibility according to some recent leaks from the CES. David Zatz from was able to get some information on the current state of the Xbox 360 IPTV. In the Microsoft media room, he was able to find out that the IPTV is going through “multiple carrier field trials”, and that the U.K. may very well get the IPTV in 2009 because British Telecom is the primary carrier for the service in Europe.


As for the U.S. getting it in 2009, you can’t really count on it as the Microsoft PR said told Zatz to question AT&T due to the fact that AT&T is a possible carrier with their U-Verse service here in the United States.

I suppose we will just have to wait and see what happens, but it seems like the U.K. just might be getting this IPTV functionality a little sooner than we expected.

Source: Gizmondo

  1. avatar Nicholas

    Would love to see this feature added to Australian gamers too … but much like other services on Live I do see us missing out again this tmie. Interested in knowing where they got the background for the theme though … looks excellent.

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