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So for years upon years, I have loved gaming. I enjoy nearly every genre, although I do claim shooters as my favorite. There’s something about shooters that have always claimed my attention. With shooters, the graphics may change and a few quirks may be thrown in but for the most part the games are the same.

You can continuously carry over your skills from shooter to shooter and feel right at home. That’s not the same with other genres. Action games can be drastically different. RPG’s all differ, at least to me. I guess the closest genre to shooters in the carrying over of skills is the new hype around music games. But for me, role playing games have always been my kryptonite.

Role playing games take simple things out of life and make them all so important in gaming. For example, you take a test in Fallout 3 that determines characteristics that your character will have for ever. Decisions you make at the beginning of the game are stuck with you throughout the game. And RPGs aren’t known for being short games. They have tons of longevity. For me, I have never enjoyed the choices I make in the first hour of a game coming back to kicking me in the ass 42 hours later. And from my first 6 hours of Fallout 3 this looks to be the case again. But there are things about Fallout 3 that make me rethink my position on RPGs.


So a video rental store here in my local area was recently bought out and became a 99 cents rental store. Rent anything for 99 cents. New rentals, Blu-rays, and the best of all video games- all 99 cents a day. So I figured this would be a great chance to spend a dollar to give those games I had no interest in and try them. So over the past 2 weeks I have rented Fable 2, Need for Speed Underground, Wario Shake It, Mortal Kombat vs DC and so on and so on. Yesterday though I figured I would waste dollar and try an RPG, Fallout 3.

So I walked out of the store totally anticipating to return it today.  But when I started playing I was sucked in, despite the lack of a tutorial which made me open the manual. The opening cinematic did a great job opening the story and giving you a since of why the world is the way it is. The character customization was intriguing, but the best was the G.O.A.T.- a bunch of questions that have no right answers but sure are some funny ones. While I went the route of what is considered right in the world, I can only imagine what the end factor is. Several times I’ve caught myself wondering what will happen when I make my choices, but some times I hate worrying. Like when I steal stuff and lose karma… do I care about my karma? Let me remind you I am only 6 hours in to the game.


While I don’t want to give any story cues away, this game has captivated me. I am eagerly awaiting what will happen in my mammoth adventure. But the fact of the matter is Fallout 3 has changed my view on role playing games. This game has sucked me in on so many levels. With the easy adjustment from a shooter kind of guy while still holding to the roots of rpg’s, this game is exactly the game to get me out of my rpg hate and into a new genre.

Who knows maybe Final Fantasy and WoW are next….. ok so lets not get crazy now…..

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