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Just in case you missed all the hubbub about it, a Halo themed wedding was just celebrated. MTV has been avidly covering the couple’s story since the planning of the event. While quite a few sites were mocking the ceremony, I didn’t think there was anything wrong with it. The two obviously love each other. Hit the jump for the video.

I honestly thought it would be more ridiculous. I imagined the bride in a Cortana dress, the groom dressed up as Master Chief, and the entire wedding party to have soldier costumes. Instead, there’s no cosplaying to be found sans the Minister. It just looks like a fun wedding. I wish I could have nabbed one of the “Plasma Grenade” party favors.

Source: Kotaku

  1. My gut reaction to his was “WTF that’s asinine.” After watching the video I can see that it was indeed much less in your face then I anticipated. It was actually pretty sincere and they are clearly huge superfans of Halo. I don’t think I would ever be that fanatical about anything, nor do I ever want anything like that. But I agree, it just seemed like a fun ceremony.

  2. avatar Adam

    Hmm good video nice post.

    Hehe, that MC dressed up guy though, sounded like a wuss comparing to the real chief.

  3. Not going to lie, the Halo music is beautiful enough to play at a wedding. Easily.

    Yeah, this was far less ridiculous than I expected.

  4. avatar Quraishi

    Thats the weirdest thing I have ever seen..

  5. Yeah, I thought the main menu music was great for walking down the aisle to.

  6. An epic wedding perhaps.

  7. avatar Jerold Alfisi

    Top site, a bientot sur la toile

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