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Gamerlimit brings you an exclusive look at the new, free map for PS3 Mirrors Edge owners. If you haven’t download it yet, go do it! If you don’t own Mirrors Edge, give it a rent, and treat yourself to a free look at what the new DLC will be like. Read on for impressions of “Synesthesia”.

Synesthesia is defined as a “neurologically based phenomenon in which stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to automatic, involuntary experiences in a second sensory or cognitive pathway.” The time trial map is as ascetically pleasing as it is fun to run through. Although it seems like a rather short map, it is decently large compared to other time trials in the game (53 seconds is a 3 star run-through). Your eyes are given an overload of yellow, purple, and white in Synesthesia.

As soon as you start, you’ll notice that it’s the typical Mirror’s Edge fare. Then you’ll be greeted with a slight puzzle element, and a dead end. There are many slopes in Synesthesia, and there is one section where you must choose between two slopes to descend; a really fun option when trying to find the “best time”. I couldn’t help but immediately think of a few other games that influenced this level. One of the biggest that comes to mind is Super Mario 64′s first Bowser stage, which will become apparent through the last stretch, just before the second to last time trial beacon.

Overall, the map is a bit on the hard side, which I love. It has a few tricky jumps and like all the time trial maps, if you mess up once, better hit the restart button, because you aren’t making the top 200. Synesthesia does a good job of balancing tricky jumps, without making it frustrating. You also will just want to run around it once, for fun. There are a few ways to tackle most of the sections of Synesthesia, and that’s the point of these new maps: freedom.

While seemingly just an abstract map with no ryhme or reason, after completion, it zooms out into so much more. The overall level construct is made to resemble a bird in flight. DICE really hit the jackpot when engineering these maps. They’re not just a puzzle, or a platforming level: they’re art. If you haven’t picked up Mirrors Edge yet, watch the following video and see if it’s your cup of tea. I hope to see you on the time trial leaderboards!

My score for Synesthesia:9/10

  1. Really sucks this is PS3 exclusive, I really want to play it. I love the time trials for Mirror’s Edge, best part of the game.

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