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Just a short bit of news, but you can follow the link in the story and download the soundtrack to the World of Goo free! Kyle Gabler created the tunes, and drew his influences from Danny Elfman and Hans Zimmer just to name a few.

If you haven’t played World of Goo yet, I’d suggest a trial version, because it’s very unique, and extremely fun. World of Goo is found on the PC, and Nintendo Wiiware.


  1. avatar Sims

    Amazing. Amazing. Amazing. Amazing.
    I LOVE this soundtrack, favorite is Red Carpet Extend-o-matic.

    Thank you very much for the heads up!

  2. NP! Glad you liked the soundtrack!

  3. avatar Pablo

    Wow! I loved it! Honestly, This movie maybe my favorite, but I can see why you cgnhaed the Audio, because I can’t see Somewhere fitting it as? well. Great job is done with this movie at! I really love it and I am going to see it again.

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