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In my opinion, Criterion Games has supported Burnout Paradise better than any other company has ever supported their game. Paradise has already had two free updates, one of which included a free motorcycle pack. Hit the jump to see whats in this new free pack!

  • In-game store: If you want to buy any of the paid content, you can do it in the game
  • Vehicle handling has been tweaked to make the game easier
  • Easier junkyard accessibility
  • Slower Stunt Run countdown timer
  • Increased visuals for all the break-able barriers
  • Barrel Rolls are made easier
  • New restart option for challenges


The best part of this update is that it tweaks gameplay to make it easier for beginners, and still keep it tough for veterans. Criterion Games actually listens to their fans when it comes to content and updates. Other companies can learn a lot from this approach.

Source: Criterion Games

  1. There goes my intention to trade this game in, I played it again today and I’m gonna keep it for a little while longer…

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