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So the mysterious clock that appeared on a little under a week ago has finally ended.  After a brief hiccup waiting for the video to actually become accessible, viewers were treated to a cinematic/gameplay hybrid trailer.

The first half features an skirmish between the main characters and their PSICOM foes in a oppressive, futuristic city.  Nothing too far from the Final Fantasy norm so far.  The visuals are beautiful and it looks like this game will be keeping up the series’s tradition of jaw-dropping cut scenes.

The trailer really shines with the unveiling of in-game gameplay footage.  Damage counters fill the screen like a swarm of bees as the characters attack various enemies, including a giant wolf-scorpion robot.  Also seen in action is the combo system wherein characters can melee and use magic in the same turn!

The video doesn’t sport any release date, instead going with “In Production.”

Click the link above and tell us what you think about the trailer!  Do you feel satisfied after waiting for the countdown to end, or were you expecting something else?


  1. Wow…what an incredible trailer! I am psyched for this game and have been ever since it was announced to be available on the 360. I am pleased that the series has gone back to a future-esque setting.

  2. avatar Charity

    I am SOOO excited for this game! Final Fantasy has never let me down and it looks as if it will only continue to blow my mind away! Despite my impatience to discover the release date… I am always happy to get just a little more information! Yay!

  3. Avatar Image Cam

    Literally sat there mouth open at the next FFVII. This is the only thing as cool or dare I say cooler than a FFVII remake. Kind of disappointed and glad that the game went multi-platform but it’s nice that my 360 brothers are able to enjoy the game (all 5 disks ^_^) along with us Sony fans.

  4. Agreed on all accounts. This game looks like it will be great. One thing I’m worried about is it having an overly complicated storyline like FFXII. I never truly felt like I knew what was going on, so maybe this one will be a bit more reasonable.

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