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As you all know the first F.E.A.R while being a well-rounded game, garnering 9s at most publications, failed to generate any real success on the consoles. The game’s story was focused around the F.E.A.R. squad, a group of commandos, yourself, a genetically modified supersoldier, and a mysterious young woman named Alma, who also happened to be a ghost. With F.E.A.R. 2 on the horizon, Gamerlimit is taking a look at one of this year’s heaviest shooter hitters, telling you why it’s important not to miss it, and why it’s going to be so much fun kicking ghost ass this February.

The Complete Package

Developer and Community support is one of the most important things in any game, and FEAR 2 has that in spades.  The first FEAR game was rife with after-market content, spawning two expansions in the first 8 months after release.  Monolith is very good about answering the questions the community asks as well.  Just recently there have been videos uploaded on the community site that answer many questions about the multiplayer and singeplayer aspects of the game. The level of developer to fan interactivity that Monolith has been providing is a rare sight these days.  Here are some developer diaries:

Developer Diary: A.I.

F.E.A.R games have some of the best A.I. around a first person shooter.  The enemy uses cover to evade the bullets, whether it’s hiding behind a pillar, or lifting up a table for cover, the enemy A.I. will make sure you do not get an easy kill.  This is probably one of the stand out things about F.E.A.R in general and it only looks to be better in Project Origin.  The slow-mo ability which lets you slow down action in the game also makes it easier for you to pick off the enemies though.

Developer Diary: Art Direction

Another thing that makes the the F.E.A.R universe is it’s unique art direction.  The aim is to make the atmosphere as creepy as possible and Monolith does a great job.  The tone is dark and the developer makes sure it stays that way throughout the entirety of the game, both singleplayer and multiplayer. This time around they listened to the critics and their customers, and have added more variety in the game.  No longer are you limited to one environment, this time around you will see different areas whether it’s out side, inside a school hallway or any an ally way you will see a variety of different environments.  This is one thing we’re all happy about considering the last game kept you all in one environment.

Developer Diary: Graphics Engine

When it comes to graphics F.E.A.R 2: Project Origin is a good looking game just as the first game F.E.A.R 2 has the same exact engine with a few enhancements win the lighting portion.  The game has a darker feel and the textures perfectly match the feel of the atmosphere, just as with art direction the graphics must contribute to the art to make the perfect creep factor.


When people hear about F.E.A.R all they think of is the singleplayer experience and how scary the game is, they play it a few times to beat it on different difficulties and one thing they forget is the multiplayer.  It’s not something they usually pick the game up for and to most it’s just an afterthought of a feature to give it some replay value.  While the first game didn’t have a robust multiplayer, it did offer some great gameplay online and had some of the most kick ass weapons in the FPS genre.  I remember I use to nail people to the ceiling all the time and get killed by the proximity mines like there was no tomorrow.  While the game had a great multiplayer, it never had a big community because most people didn’t know the game had a great MP and just jumped into playing the singleplayer.  This time around Monolith is making sure that the multiplayer experience is solid and has done something about it to broaden the experience.  Let’s look at some of the offering in the multiplayer for F.E.A.R 2 Project Origin.

Developer Diary: Multiplayer Q & A

This time around Monolith wanted to add more to the multiplayer and from getting some hands on time with the MP, I can safely say that this time around it’s a lot bigger and more involving.  You have your basic modes which are Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch as well as Capture the flag, which is different than in most first person shooters.  In F.E.A.R 2 the mode is called Blitz, the flags are spelled Phlags which stand for PHosphoLuminescent Agent.  What made the matches interesting was that these are canisters of luminescent material that spill their contents as you take them towards your base, leaving a bright trial for the defending team to follow, so if you are trying to camp, this prevents you from doing so since the other team will know our location.  Monolith has done a great job making this mode a lot more unique.  Another thing that makes this mode more interesting is how there are different rounds one for attacking and one for defending.  This was probably one of the most intense modes because the score could tip either way towards the end assuming both teams are doing good.
Out of all the modes my favorite I would have to say was Failsafe, it works pretty much like Search and Destroy in Call of Duty 4, you have your control points which is where you can plant the bombs if you’re on the attacking side.  The other team tries to defuse the bomb or eliminate your whole team to win the round, once again just like with Blitz you play offense and defense in this mode between rounds.  It was definitely a lot easier to plant the bomb than in Call of Duty 4, your team isn’t too tactical and while their getting into a fire fight you’re planting away with the bomb.  Failsafe is sure to be one of the most played modes in multiplayer.  In my opinion it works flawlesly and feels a lot better than Search and Destroy.
One of the other intriguing modes was Armoured Front.  It’s basically two teams battling for the control of an entire map. There are five points that you must capture and the first team to control all of them wins the match.  One of the best things about this mode is that there are giant Mechs a.k.a Elite Powered Armour.  That’s right Mechs in F.E.A.R 2 Project Origin.  I know it may sound cliche but they actully fit in well for the game especially the multiplayer.  As soon as everyone spawns this will be the first thing you’ll try to acquire as it feels good to get in one and take out anything that’s in front of you.  You may think the Mechs are over powered but a weapon like the Rocket Laucher or shooting the weak points of the Mech will take it out, which appears that it has a weak point on the back of it.  I think that everyone will find the Mechs a good addition to the game, so to anyone skeptical about this I can tell you they go well with the game at least in the multiplayer.
As we all know many shooters after Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare have gone with the whole XP based multiplayer to give the gamer a sense of longevity and a reason to keep playing.  Monolith took the same approach with F.E.A.R 2′s online component and has added XP as well as military rankings.  As you play the game online and win matches in different modes you will be rewarded with XP at the end of the match which goes towards leveling up.  This is one feature I’m glad the developer took to broaden the multiplayer.  Another feature they’ve added is the custom weapon load-out which lets you select different classes with such primary weapons as a shotgun, assault rifle, sub-machine gun and others.  I was hoping they would let you create custom classes, but that wasn’t possible.  I hope that in the final game or an update they will introduce such addition, it would surely make it for a more exciting experience.
Monolith has definitely taken the right approach with the online portion of F.E.A.R 2 as much as I loved the first F.E.A.R online this is definitely a far better experience than the first.
With the addition of mechs, it makes that much more fun since there currently isn’t any other significant mech game on the market, besides Armored Core, which is another topic in itself.  F.E.A.R 2 is looking to be a competitor in the multiplayer department this time around.  I say look out Call of Duty: World at War, here comes F.E.A.R 2 Project Origin.  Stay with Gamerlimit as we bring you the latest in F.E.A.R 2 Project Origin.  Look outfor the full review coming soon.
Please leave any questions or comment you may have about F.E.A.R 2 Project Origin Multiplayer.
  1. avatar Quraishi

    Tis very nice…

  2. avatar Stan

    Played the demo and it’s a must buy for me. The true ironsight they have added makes the contols feel a lot more natural. I have a question: How many players does the multiplayer support?

  3. The multiplayer supports up to 16 in all modes.

  4. avatar jaymack

    well lets hope the unarmed is more balanced this time with less single hit kills (id much prefer it if the unarmed was a defencive tool than attacking and maybe 3 or 4 hits to take a player down), it made the game unplayable when glitches were found. hyper punch realy spoiled it(crouch punch, run, crouch punch,).
    also im glad to see the guns seem to work no more 5-6 shots to take out the bad guys. i more think i would like to see changed from fear, shooting players in the foot could kill them. id much prefer that this kind of shot would lead to a last stand type of action where the downed player would fall and continue shooting rather than die.

    • avatar Dongsun

      Meh old news, minus the Buzz bit, but Buzz sucks Haha nah its a great post, Im sure there are a lot of Buzz fans that will get excited about this!

    • avatar Luck

      Hi Paul, how did you make your server? I am tynirg to make one and I need help because none of the videos I have been watching work. Maybe this could be a video idea?

  5. Wouldn’t that be a lot like CoD4 though with the whole last stand thing you mentioned? The developer doesn’t want to copy Infinity Ward too much, you want to keep it original as much as you can also to avoid lawsuits and stealing of ideas.

  6. avatar Hayden

    Is Slo-Mo TDM and DM still available?

    • avatar Gamal

      Not really reneitsted in multiplayer. The last two games had enough campaign stuff going on to more than justify the purchase. Shoehorning in a multiplayer aspect just to satisfy the masses is a waste of effort (ref. Bioshock 2)

  7. avatar Fear player

    For me, the lack of lean is going to seriously affect multiplayer. It was a great skill that good players developed and used to their advantage. It was one thing that I really liked about fear.

  8. avatar peter n

    “Is Slo-Mo TDM and DM still available?” yes that was a lot of fun !!!!, im sure they are doing something with it ?

    nice Article *S*

  9. avatar nrko

    hope this time the game will be more supported… im gonna play it anyway =)
    btw, lean is not a skill, it was just a newb way to kill someone imo, i guess it’s more fun without it

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