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Another day, another home-brew game in development. Stick this up your exhaust pipe and smoke it: developers are brewin’ up a Mario Kart game using Half Life 2′s source as a basis. The game is going to be released for free, and has exact character models and stages from various Mario Kart games.


There’s no word on whether or not Nintendo will take legal action over this. The developers are literally using character models like Mario and Bowser, not even bothering to change their names. Hopefully they’ll get smart, use non-licensed Nintendo characters and levels, and make their own game as a tribute to Mario Kart. If the game actually does come out, be ready to download it as fast as possible!


Source: GoNintendo

  1. avatar Nicholas

    I think Nintendo will not take this thing lying down. People should take greater care when doing so and if they end up being sued – tough luck.

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