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Bethesda have just released 3 more screenshots of the first DLC content pack for Fallout 3 known as ‘Fallout 3: Operation Anchorage’, if you’re a ninja fan be sure to check em out after the jump.



In Operation Anchorage you will be able to relive the liberation of Alaska, which for the more observant players will already be aware of from various NPCs bantering.

For those few of us that have finished Fallout 3 I’m sure this will be a decent pack, although I’m curious on how they’ll handle a PC release, if ever.

Fallout 3 was developed by Bethesda Game Studios and was released October 28, 2008, check out our full review here.

  1. too bad many reports are saying this is a pc/360 exclusive… i picked up the ps3 version!!!

  2. avatar Rojelio

    I’m going to kill that ninja. And take his stuff.

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