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We all know about Bethesda’s move to offer DLC for the Xbox 360 users when it comes to Fallout 3, but just yesterday we learned about the achievements you will be able to obtain with the new DLC named “Project Anchorage”.

These are the new achievements that you will be able to acquire once the download is out:

Aiding the Outcasts

Completed: “Aiding the Outcasts

Guns of Anchorage

Completed: “Guns of Anchorage”

Paving the Way

Completed: “Paving the Way”

Operation: Anchorage

Completed “Operation: Anchorage”

The downloadable content will be available to the Xbox 360 owners at the end of January and will offer gamers 4-5 hours of gameplay along with a raise to your level cap.

Fallout 3 was developed by Bethesda Game Studios and was released October 28, 2008, check out our full review here.


  1. Project Anchorage looks awesome, and so does the new armor.

  2. avatar Nicholas

    An added 4 to 5 hours of gameplay through the planned DLC, that soulds very promising for Fallout 3 players.

  3. Not to sound like a pretentious dick, but I believe its called “Operation Anchorage”

  4. There has been speculation that the level cap will be raised when this DLC is officially released. The new cap is still unknown.

  5. avatar Francisco

    Each gold bar is only worth 301 caps for each weight point. 10,539/35 = 301Killing dudes for their guns and using like a vaimnrt rifle to repair a brush gun nets a ton of cash.Legion/ NCR assassins come after you, die, you get their crappy condition first? tier guns like brush guns, go to the Gun Runners, buy a perfect condition vaimnrt rifle/ service rifle/ whatever you need, use Jury Rigging to fix the good stuff, and sell it back to Vendor face for about 3000 caps. Brush gun weighs 5.5

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