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Fable 2′s first download-able zone has finally got a release date, and it’s going to be next week, to be specific January the 13th, and it will cost 800 points. The DLC pack will introduce a new island along with a pile of items, quests and new characters.

Since the North American launch of “Fable II” on Oct. 21, more than two million gamers worldwide have embarked on a quest to reshape the world of Albion in the image of their hero. While gamers have been fast at work behind the Xbox 360 controller, the creators of Albion have been hard at work to bring Knothole Island to heroes worldwide on Jan. 13. Releasing over Xbox LIVE Marketplace for 800 Microsoft points, Knothole Island will introduce all-new adventures in “Fable II,” the winner of numerous industry awards including G4TV X-Play’s Game of the Year.

Also getting released on Jan 13. is an update patch that will bring a bunch of free gifts from Knothole island and the ability to continue co-op play between accounts that do & do not have the content pack.


It could be fun for the hardcore Fable 2 fans who feel that their wasn’t enough to the game, although personally I think I’ll be giving it a miss.

Fable 2 was developed by Lionhead Studios and was released on October 21, 2008. Read our full review here.

Source: Lionhead Studios Blog

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