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Live in Europe? Don’t have an Xbox 360? Always wanted to try Halo 3? Well that sure is a nice coincidence. Read more to find out why.

It has been revealed that there will be a special “Best of Halo” box released by Swedish retailers on Feb. 27th. There’s no info regarding its release in other countries at the time being. That’s perfectly fine with me, because we need to face it North Americans: Who doesn’t love the current Lego Indiana Jones and Kung-Fu Panda bundle?

The Halo bundle includes a 60gb Xbox 360 ‘Pro’, 1 wireless controller, one month of xbox live, Halo Wars, and Halo 3. The retail price of this bundle is 2795 Swedish Krona. If you are like myself and have not a clue what that means in US dollars, the press release thankfully shows the USD translation of $350.

Is it a waste of money? Most likely, although this coming from someone who is not a fan of Halo.

Source: Teamxbox

  1. That’s a sweet bundle for the 5% of the population who hasn’t played Halo 3 yet. That’s incredibly cheap for what you get, and it’s a great ploy including that 1 month free; gamers won’t be able to stop.

  2. I agree, it’s a sweet bundle. I’m a little jealous.

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