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ACES crash

In a continuing reversal of the former policy of consolidating game development, Microsoft has announced the closure of ACES Studio, the folks behind community favorite Flight Simulator. The most recent version, Flight Simulator X was released in 2006, with an expansion hitting the market in 2007. A Microsoft spokesmen confirmed the closure, saying that the decision was made “to align our people against our highest priorities.”

Whether this signals the end of the Flight Simulator series is unknown, with Microsoft delivering only a coy response when questioned, “We are committed to the Flight Simulator franchise which has proven to be a successful PC based game for the last 27 years. You should expect us to continue to invest in enabling great LIVE experiences on Windows, including flying games, but we have nothing specific to announce at this time.” said the Microsoft spokesmen.

The last in the Flight SImulator series, Flight SImulator X was released in 2006.

  1. From the article, “Approximately 5,000 Microsoft employees will be laid off; around 1,400 were cut immediately, with the remainder to but cut over the next 18 months.”

    That is rather disheartening.

  2. Oh man does MS disgust me with this move, but whats done is done.

  3. It’s really interesting to hear about stuff like this. I mean, we just got through with one of the most successful holiday months in industry history, yet there are layoffs all over the place. Talk about mixed signals.


  4. Aw… FS95 was the first game I ever played. I still remember how cool it was the first few times I flew up over the cloud layer… or zipped under the Golden Gate bridge.

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