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In the current Famitsu gaming magazine it has been confirmed by Capcom that their goal is to make 2009 a year with less console-exclusive games.  Included in this plan is the hotly anticipated Dead Rising 2.  With traditionally console specific games like Resident Evil becoming multiplatform, it’s nice  to see Capcom spreading the love around.

However, Capcom did say that 360 users would be getting some some exclusive content, in order to pay tribute to the game’s roots.

This is indeed good news to all would-be zombie slayers on the PS3.  Maybe Playstation owners will even get a port of the original Xbox 360 Dead Rising.  Hopefully during their multiplatform crusade, Capcom doesn’t feel the need to further deface the young Dead Rising series with another zombie-lite iteration on the Nintendo Wii.

Any PS3 users out there getting excited about playing this game, or are you indifferent?

Source: PS3center

  1. I don’t believe that this game is really coming out in 2009, but Capcom can hope I guess.

    At any rate, I have my fingers crossed for an Amusement Park setting.

  2. Wow, an amusement park setting would be incredible. Now that you mention it, I can’t imagine anything-beside-an amusement park.

    Maybe just a dense city…

  3. If it doesn’t have any unlock/cross compatibility with the original 360 Dead Rising, i’ll most likely get it for PS3.

  4. I agree, I highly doubt we’ll see this game this year, but it’s good to know that a sequel is in development. I loved the first game.

  5. Man I can’t wait to play this. I think a college campus might also be a good setting.

  6. I just wish the difficulty won’t be so damn hard.

  7. I suppose another viable area could be an airport. But if they could make it so that the zombie apocalypse was way underway from the beginning of the game, a destroyed city would be cool too.

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