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If you haven’t heard of it yet, Crystal Defenders is a tower defense game for the Ipod/Mobile platforms, that has sprites from Final Fantasy Tactics. Read on for more details.

Tower defense games have been around a long time. While there are many free flash versions, tower defense really picked up when it was introduced in Warcraft III. Recently, various companies such as Pixel Junk have released tons of tower defense games for everyone to enjoy. The basic premise is that there is a one screen map, with a road that monsters follow. Along the road, players can build towers to stop enemies from advancing, and destroying/stealing whatever is at the end of the road. In the case of Crystal Defenders, you are of course…..defending crystals.

The XBLA and PSN versions will be a direct port, but the Wiiware version will add some sort of new feature, and online play. It’s priced for Wiiware at 1,000 points, so presumably 800 MS points and $10 for the PSN. The game looks incredibly fun, and has various classes from Tactics Advance and Tactics A2. Classes like the Time Mage look to slow enemies down, and Archers seem to have long range aerial attacks. Check out the demo if you have an Iphone!

Source: IGN

  1. Wow – I love tower defense games on Warcraft, but… paying for it seems a tad iffy to me. But I have to dig the FFTA sprites :D

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