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Play video games in China? Well now the Chinese government is calling for all gamers to register their names with a centralized system, to limit continuous play. Read on for more details.

Reasons for justifying this monitoring system have been mainly centered on one goal: getting kids to stop playing games and come to class or work. Minors are limited to three hours of play of a certain game, then they must log off and exercise. Apparently the system is just in “beta-mode” at the moment, and minors can just switch between games.

So it’s kind of like a “Wii friend code” type of online system as opposed to an umbrella “Xbox Live” structure.  Kids skipping class and work is a big problem in China, reports officials. One of the reasons for this is the obscene amount of cyber-cafes, and the influx of chinese gold farming businesses day in and day out. The Chinese Gold farming industry is rumored to produce $9 billion a year. It’s reported that if children don’t reform, they’ll have to go to a mandatory Internet addiction clinic.

Source: China Daily

  1. Ouch, but it might be the right move if the people refuse to limit themselves.

  2. avatar PlutoniumOre

    Well I was going to comment till i realized it just turned into a rant about China’s human rights etc etc lol

  3. All of the information was from reported Chinese news sources and factual – there’s no rant involved; I don’t know whats best for the country.

    It was more of a brief history of gaming addiction in China

  4. avatar PlutoniumOre

    I meant that what I had originally typed turned into a rant lol

  5. avatar Nicholas

    Seriously? China really needs to back off on this one. If people want to throw there lives around on video games – so be it. It does not seem to be doing the economy wrong though – $9 billion is a substantial amount. I honestly think stopping people from enjoying games is taking it a little too far.

  6. Haha rant away! This is a community site

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