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Today Capcom debunked the circulating news that Dead Rising 2 would be multiplatform, blaming mistranslation of the Japanese magazine Famitsu as the culprit.  However, Capcom’s Product Marketing Manager did release an article yesterday defending the one other confirmed Dead Rising, that will be coming out for the Nintendo Wii.

Like many people that have played the original Dead Rising on the 360, I have viewed the “Dead Rising: Chop ’till you Drop” iteration as a watered down version for the Wii.  How could a version of game known for it’s great graphics and massive amounts of zombies hold up by removing those key elements?

Capcom’s Product Marketing Manager Colin Ferris argues:

“Completely rebuilt from the ground up, DR:CTYD was not designed for side-by-side graphics comparisons with the 360; it was designed to be a fun Wii game. With a brand-new engine created for the Wii, we’ve changed just about everything but the overall story.”

Ferris also goes on to say that the Wii version play-tested incredibly well.  He coupled this with the fact that Capcom focuses on making fun games to assert “Dead Rising: Chop ’till you Drop” will be “a great, entertaining title for the Wii.”

So are any of you convinced?  Anybody just own a Wii and looking forward to trying this game out?  Or are there any 360 owners that have played the original and are thinking about trying this game out as well?

Source: GameDaily

  1. avatar Charity

    I respect attempts to make more Wii games geared towards more dedicated gamers but it seems that the Wii continues to become more and more focused on younger and older or “newer” gamers. The Wii, in trying to convert non gamers, has left out gamers that have been playing games since they could hold a controller. Hence the popularity of the 360 as Microsoft keeps their hardcore gamers in mind at all times.

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