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Fresh off of their claims for PS3′s version of Oblivion that “memory constraints” limited the amount of content it recieved, Bethesda Softworks give more bad news for Fallout 3 owners. When asked if the PS3 version of Fallout 3 would be given DLC at any time, a simple “Not at this time, no” answer was given by producer Todd Howard.

This comes as odd news given that EA has sanctioned an exclusive, for PS3 only map for Mirrors Edge. While understandably, trying to make a game for three different platforms (Xbox 360, PS3, PC) is hard, I don’t see a legitimate reason that PS3 owners should be screwed here. I have both systems, so I bought Oblivion for 360, knowing it would have better support, and when it comes time to buy Fallout 3, i’ll most likely pick up the 360 version as well.

As for the proponents of “PS3 is too hard to develop for”, an article was just released by Resident Evil 5′s producer citing those rumors were completely untrue.

As for the arguers that “The Xbox is more popular so why not forget the PS3″, I don’t see how this is a winning situation for either you, or Bethesda. It wouldn’t take that much effort to develop and release the content for the PS3. They’re losing easy money, and the support of anyone who only has a PS3. With Epic games botching the release of Gears of War 2, and Microsoft dropping the ball on the long awaited Castle Crashers patch, is anyone even listening anymore? We want to give you our money Bethesda! Take it!

Source: Kotaku

  1. avatar chaosatom

    Microsoft payed for dlc in e3 for fallout 3 u know

  2. avatar Ricky

    Odds are they’re getting some kind of ENORMOUS co-op deal from MS. This is always more than a “We don’t like the system” kind of thing.

  3. Well the Xbox 360 version is selling more than the PS3 version I think by like 1.5 million copies. It was an article that talked about sales between the two versions and also for the last few months the game informer puts it ahead of the PS3 version. Which this all might just be a false number or a guess.

    I agree though both platforms should be taken care of. You guys do know this is a business decision, it’s all money, MS surely paid Bethesda for the exclusive stuff.

    Also on the Mirrors Edge DLC, I could care less if it comes to XBL. As Fallout 3 has out sold Mirrors Edge, so it’s not really as big of a deal, at least to me, maybe to some hardcore.

  4. Nice article, I was just about to write an article referring to this situation. Not only in this instance but all these games that have exclusives to only one system. It’s pure ignorance to miss out on the money you could be making. It not only hurts the income they developers could be making but it hurts those gamers who miss out on this exclusive dlc. I bought the PS3 version of Fallout 3 just because I wanted a new PS3 game, but now I look back at that and realize that I should have got the 360 version. But what about the kids that don’t know about console exclusive dlc? They never even get the opportunity to enjoy add ons for good games such has fallout. This is just splitting the gaming community more than it already is. This non sense really needs to cease.

  5. avatar Alex R

    I would much rather see a patch fixing all the bugs than dlc, to be honest.

  6. I remember the days of non-rushed games, without patches.

    I enjoyed Morrowind, thoroughly, by Bethesda on the Xbox before patches were even dreamed of for consoles.

    That number (1.5 million more for Xbox) is a blatant lie. While it’s a ton more (there are twice as many 360s out there), it’s not that many.

    Also, it’s not about whether or not a game is “popular”, as Dead Space sold terrible as well as Mirror’s Edge, and they both still have content. It’s about the support.

  7. Once again guys it’s the manufacturer of the console paying the developer for the exclusive please quit hating on the developer.

  8. while i know what you are saying Adam, I have to still mention that it is ruining the business. While informed gamers will know which version offers what, what about those who can only afford one console? they must suffer due to greedy developers that dont take in to account all the factors….Bethesda is a great game maker, but they are terrible at doing whats right for “gamers”.

  9. avatar lance

    I blame Bethesda for not even telling the public why the ps3 wont get the content. ITs cowardly in my opinion, and everyone just assumes microsoft dropped alot of money on it. But I find it hard to belive that Microsoft payed More money than what would have been gained by just simply releasing it on both consoles. Terrible decision by Bethesda and i refuse to by anymore games they make if they continue to be whores

  10. Gah! I completely agree Gerry but there’s no convincing opponents otherwise.

    Here are the facts:
    A)Bethesda knows how to make games, and has quite a bit of money, as they’ve been making games for many years.

    B)They could have made Fallout 3 just as supported as Burnout, Bioshock (both consoles got challenge rooms), Mirrors Edge, FEAR, Rock Band, Guitar Hero, Mega Man 9, (everyone else).

    C)They chose to not do this; therefore ignoring gamers’ pleas. It doesn’t matter if gamers are “smart” enough to buy a 360; what about the gamers who’s parents bought them a PS3 and have no choice?

    D)Oh, and HORSE ARMOR!

  11. Hehe, yea but money talks, Bethesda didn’t want to do this. They completed their game and just moved on to work on the next thing. MS was like “oh wait, let’s make a deal here is $1.2 million make the DLC” What’s Bethesda going to say NO.

    I’m sure if PS3 was wanting to do the same thing for PS3 version Bethesda would make it for them as well.

    You can’t blame the developer, blame Sony.

    Bethesda was most likely going to wait to make it free for both but MS wanted exclusive.

  12. Adam’s dead on. Bethesda is likely getting a guaranteed HUGE amount of money from Microsoft to do this. And before anyone jumps the ball and yells about how Bethesda is greedy and whatever, they’re a COMPANY. Companies NEED money to survive. It was a smart business decision, and they need to make smart ones in order to stay in business.

  13. avatar Adam M.

    Exactly Rick. The economic situation makes their decision even easier.

  14. avatar Zac

    We do not know if it was a smart business decision or not. It would only be smart if the money recieved by Microsoft was more than what they lost by not having on PS3. No one knows that information yet…

  15. @Rick
    My reasoning is they’ve been around way longer than all of the other companies that are actually supporting their games. Did you know they made best selling games for the PC since 1992? There’s really no excuse.

    They have the money; they can either hurt the players or not. They chose the former.

  16. @ Zac

    Trust me dude no one will know that info as it will keep hush. MS usually doesn’t mess around with paying for DLC with such huge titles like Fallout 3 and GTAIV they pay a good price for exclusivity.

  17. Well lets assume that they weren’t planning any DLC of this calibur, maybe they were just thinking of adding a quest or two to both versions. Microsoft comes along and says that they’ll cover development costs and and pay a premium for exclusivity of the content. In such a case, it was never Bethesda’s idea in the first place.

    Also, assume this is just a timed exclusive for the 360, with Bethesda’s only choice to comment the story in such a way. In this case, they get Microsoft’s cash premium in addition the 360 revenue and the PS3′s when it arrives.

  18. avatar Adam

    Yup same here this is most likely a timed exlusive.

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