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To conclude this article is a couple of our favorite PS and Dreamcast ads, both pushing on the boundaries of what we call retro, but still enjoyable.

Crash Bandicoot – Before being owned by Mario 64.


Evil Dead – Hey Kids, its Bruce Campbell!

Got a favorite that wasn’t listed? Post a link to it below.

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  1. avatar Nicholas

    The Nintendo commercials (only ones I watched) were indeed wierd but I guess it worked! Ha ha ha. The only one I can remember seeing as a child was the one for Super Mario Bros. … ahh, game commercials just aren’t made like that anymore.

  2. That Dig Dug commercial must have cost a fortune! It’s so long!

    • avatar Uriel

      New super mario bros, I need help!!!!? For nintendo ds?First of all, this quiotesn is only for people who have already passed the whole game. I really need help on world 5-Tower, I already looked at a walk through for it, but that gave me no help. And I need help on going to world 4, What happened? I like totally skipped a world!!!! PS, if you have any good cheats, please tell them to me!!! and I already know how to play as luigi, ya know, hold down L and R while choosing a file .And I quote, isabel, That points earned this week, -3 , I can see why!!! because you are mean to everyone!!

    • avatar Mihail

      I totally agree. It seems that there are alyaws new aspects to games and I find myself discovering new things about old things’ as I’m playing these games all over again. Many (but not all) have a depth to them that is only appreciated by playing them to the point of having some level of proficiency . which is something I still tend to lack but that doesn’t make it any less fun!Thanks for the comment!

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