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From the Atari up until the Dreamcast, we (Gamer Limit) have hand picked our favorite retro gaming commercials. To get us into thne fray lets start with Atari who seemed for their time to have a rather large budget to spend on advertising.


Centipede - It’s like a D Grade Horror Movie.

Berzerk – Grandma’s like Berzerk?

Pole Position - It’s just like the real world!

Pit Fall Boy - Check out the young Jack Black.

Dig Dug - The best until last, or at least in our opinion.

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  1. avatar Nicholas

    The Nintendo commercials (only ones I watched) were indeed wierd but I guess it worked! Ha ha ha. The only one I can remember seeing as a child was the one for Super Mario Bros. … ahh, game commercials just aren’t made like that anymore.

  2. That Dig Dug commercial must have cost a fortune! It’s so long!

    • avatar Uriel

      New super mario bros, I need help!!!!? For nintendo ds?First of all, this quiotesn is only for people who have already passed the whole game. I really need help on world 5-Tower, I already looked at a walk through for it, but that gave me no help. And I need help on going to world 4, What happened? I like totally skipped a world!!!! PS, if you have any good cheats, please tell them to me!!! and I already know how to play as luigi, ya know, hold down L and R while choosing a file .And I quote, isabel, That points earned this week, -3 , I can see why!!! because you are mean to everyone!!

    • avatar Mihail

      I totally agree. It seems that there are alyaws new aspects to games and I find myself discovering new things about old things’ as I’m playing these games all over again. Many (but not all) have a depth to them that is only appreciated by playing them to the point of having some level of proficiency . which is something I still tend to lack but that doesn’t make it any less fun!Thanks for the comment!

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