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Movie: Heat
MGS games it applies to: All of them, but mostly Metal Gear Solid 1
Relevance: High

Heat is an unconventional heist thriller. The film is different from other action movies in that it centralizes on the relationship between a thief and his pursuer, an LAPD robbery-homicide Lieutenant. In Heat, the thief (Liquid) is played by Robert De Niro, and the good guy pursuer (Snake) is played by Al Pacino. Like Snake, Al Pacino’s character is troubled by a hard personal life. He only has one goal: to stop the thief once and for all. Like Snake, Pacino’s character has a one-track mind, and doesn’t bother himself too much with personal business, despite the fact that he has a family. Both characters in Heat actually meet each other face to face and vow to kill each other if the situation demands it. This interesting moment is also shared by Snake and Liquid, who frequently meet face to face in Metal Gear Solid 1. As expected, all four characters from both Heat and Metal Gear Solid meet in a final duel to the death.


Movie: Black Hawk Down
MGS games it applies to: 4
Relevance: Low

While not much of the plot inspired Metal Gear Solid 4, the entire mood and Middle Eastern setting of Black Hawk down IS the intro level of MGS4. The film style and buildings are modeled after the movie. Argue all you want whether or not it was a good movie (it was a good book), Kojima apparently loved it enough to put it in his work.


Movie: Children of Men
MGS games it applies to: (It has to apply to 4 due to its release date)
Relevance: Low

The main reason Kojima chose Children of Men is because of its realistic style cinematography. In Metal Gear Solid 4, the camera is often shaky, and gives a good feel of what it’s like to really be on the battlefield. There are a lot of instances where soldiers are hectically being slaughtered, just like Children of Men. (Spoilers) The main objective of the hero of Children of Men is to get the last pregnant woman on earth to safety, despite many faction’s attempts to kill her. This can possibly be interpreted as Snake being the only man that can shut down the Patriot system. At the end of both the film and the game it seems as if all hope is lost, and tension sits in.


Movie: The Bourne Identity
MGS games it applies to: 3, but mostly 4
Relevance: High

Jason Bourne’s identity crisis is easily applied to Raiden, of Metal Gear Solid 4.
The companies’ subsequent cover-up and betrayal can also be applied to both Jason Bourne and Raiden. Both characters are both highly trained killers that are at odds with themselves, and everyone around them. Raiden and Bourne have few actual friends they can trust. From a filmographical standpoint, the fight choreography from the Bourne films have carried over to Metal Gear Solid 3.


Movie: Casino Royale
MGS games it applies to: (It has to apply to 4 due to its release date)
Relevance: Moderate

We all know of Kojima’s love for Bond, as outlined above. While Casino Royale’s fight scenes borrow heavily from The Bourne Identity, another influence, a few other aspects have been applied to 4. It’s a long shot, but there is a scene with Snake injecting himself with a life-sustaining nano-machine syringe that is very similar to a scene in Casino Royale.


Movie that did not make the list but probably should have: Escape from New York
MGS games it applies to: All of them
Relevance: High

This movie was chosen for obvious reasons. The main character, played by Kurt Russell, is named “Snake Plissken”, and is the basis for Solid Snake’s design. Snake even uses the name “Plissken” in Metal Gear solid 2 as an alias. The Snake from Escape from New York is a classic anti-hero. Solid Snake exhibits a lot of negative qualities in the Metal Gear series, such as a disdain for others’ emotions, and a cold justification for murder. Both Snakes are highly trained killers.

So what do you think? If you have any objections, or your own ideas, post them here in the comments section! Gamer Limit is a community site, so feel free to register and let us know how you feel. Cheers.

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  1. avatar Rick Boyer

    Thanks for posting the article, was certainly a great read!

  2. This was an excellent write up. I had missed Kojima’s previous list of movies that inspired him.

    As a admirer of MGS, it’s cool to have a list of what inspired him and possibly why. I now have some movies to toss onto the ol’ Netflix queue

    • avatar Amanda

      Yeah I @jmm1233 Yeah I hate that part. I’m not patient euongh to get through that perfect. Luckily it doesn’t hurt you much and if you are quick you can get through it without having to waste rations.

  3. avatar Flushmonster

    As well the EYE PATCH SNAKE=SNAKE Plissken!


  4. Haha yes! Go Kurt Russell

  5. Great list you have here.

    • avatar Hamidan

      Metal Gear Solid 5: Rising is coming for the flliowong:- Playstation 3- Xbox 360- PCIt might be coming out later this year, but the actual release date hasn’t been confirmed yet.Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker will be exclusive for the PSP, due for release early 2010.

    • avatar fiony

      Note to Hideo: Games should allow plpeoe to actually *play* them for more than 10% of the time, without having to sit through endless cut scenes, a’la MGS4. Please take this note to heart.

  6. avatar Ross

    I’ll mention it just because I think you missed it, The Fury. It’s a movie about psychics. I heard it inspired Mantis. Just a note.

  7. @Ross
    This is going off Kojima’s personal list that was introduced in the opening paragraph, otherwise I would have used that.

  8. avatar Tiffike

    This has to be one of the best MGS figures ever! It is exmrltey detailed and it does one thing that most of these toys cant do, and that is stand up on it’s own lol. Keep it standing on a smooth flat surface and it will stay standing up. The toy it self isn’t very poseble, Actually u can’t move him at all. But this is a character trohpy any way, to show off in a shelf, not play with. Overall this is one of the best lookin figures of MGS in my collection and recomend it to die hard fans and collecters!

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