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Rockstar Games has provided RockstarWatch with achievement information and a new screen shot for “The Lost and Damned” downloadable content for Grand Theft Auto IV. The expansion is set to hit Xbox Live on February 17, 2009


The achievements are as follows:

  • Get Good Wood – 50 – In the Bike Races, whack off 69 bikers with a bat.

  • Easy Rider – 100 – Finish The Story

  • Full Chat – 70 – Your backup are riding at their best!

  • The Lost Boy – 25 – All hail the leader of The Lost!

  • One Percenter – 5 – Billy is back on his bike.

Most people’s opinions were mixed on whether they should by the DLC, mostly because of the $20 price tag, but here at gamerlimit we think with new achievements, new content, and new multiplayer modes, its well worth the buy.

GTA IV was developed by Rockstar Games and was released April 29th, 2008 on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.

Source: RockstarWatch

  1. avatar Bilal

    Nice, I am gonna buy this expansion on day 1!

  2. Sweet, more achievements? And more GTA? I’m sold. Good post Adam!

  3. avatar Nicholas

    I cannot wait for it. I looks awesome! But it is quite expensive ….

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