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So by now every one who has any interest or knowledge of the gaming industry knows a few of the big names around. There’s Miyamoto, Kojima, Cliffy B., Phil Harrison, Shane Kim and so on and so on. I could go on for a while on all the big names in the industry but that’s not why I’m writing this. Why I’m writing this is because of what I’ve seen from one specific person in the gaming industry. While you big talkers like Cliffy B and Shane, there is one person in the industry who is still down to Earth.

David Jaffe isn’t a new face to the industry, and don’t get me wrong David Jaffe has said a thing or two that has drawn him some negative attention, but he’s still (in my book at least) one of the most respected men in the industry. Of course I have some reasons why and that’s why I’m here to share them with you.


So, hopefully, by now you’ve read or watched one of Jaffe’s infamous rants. And whether you agree or not you have to respect him for it. Here is a guy who has created some of the greatest games that the PlayStation has and he’s willing to tell any one what he sees and how he feels about the industry. He doesn’t sugar coat things, he is as blatant as they come. Like I said you don’t have to agree with him, but just having some one with any influence that is willing to speak his or her mind makes a big difference and a huge contribution to getting things heading in a better direction. He takes the time to film blips and blogs letting us “common folk” know whats going on, and he does it not as a game designer, but as just another guy (one who has just established himself in the industry to make valid points). So whether you like his rants or despise them, they are here and they give us a good view of whats happening that we might not always see.

Ok so the man speaks his mind, he’s not the only one that does that, we know that for sure. But a huge reason gamers should love Jaffe is that he is a gamer. Like I said, he has created some of the greatest Playstation titles we know, but he still buys 360 games. He buys games because they are good, not because of the system they are on. Recently he revealed he purchased Left 4 Dead, a 360 exclusive made by Valve. At no time does he mention any controversy about Valve and their relations with Sony’s Playstation 3, but displays genuine interest in playing and enjoying the acclaimed game. He buys and plays the games we do, not thinking he’s above us or better than us, but more like one of us. (But I will state he bought them at GameStop…enter many Gamestop hate comments here…)  While he will tell you how he feels about games, he’s honest and fair.

So what else puts Jaffe above others. God of War. I love Twisted Metal, Calling All Cars was enjoyable, but I Love God of War. The way the games played out was just amazing, battles against God’s and massively lovable attacks make this series a true gem in gaming. Who doesn’t love destroying God’s and their most armies. I, just like any other PS3 owner, can’t wait for God of War III.  I’m mildly disappointed that Jaffe isn’t the man in charge of 3, knowing he supports it and enjoys what he has seen thus far keeps me satisfied. Which is another reason to give him props.


Any person who lets some one else take the reigns of one of the greatest IP’s of recent memory and doesn’t bash the living snot out of the game deserves some credit. While I eagerly await a full release from Eat. Sleep. Play., knowing that Jaffe supports and assist on the next God of War makes him a man of value to us gamers. While many people who buy the game won’t know the difference, those of us who do will know.I know Jaffe worked with Barlog on 2 and that they have similar views on the series, and so on and so on, but this is going to come out as Barlog’s game with minor influence from Jaffe- major recognition for that Jaffe.

Ok, so before I get some crazy comments about me sucking up to Jaffe or anything idiotic like that let me say. One I don’t know Jaffe, and I’m pretty sure he won’t read this, so I’m not sucking up to the man. Two, the man’s not perfect, he’s said some thing he probably shouldn’t have, and we’ve all read the stories. And three regardless of your views on him, he’s done some good things for the industry, alot more good than harm.

Lastly, if by any chance David Jaffe does read this, I got to ask. Can we get some info on what to expect out of Eat. Sleep. Play. Surely Twisted Metal is being developed- any details? Got some new IP’s lined up for us? What can we expect from you guys in ’09?

For those who haven’t had a chance to check out his blog- David Jaffe Blog

  1. avatar methanous

    certianly like the guy, he brought my absolute favourite franchise, enough reason for me

  2. avatar Name (Required)

    L4D is on PC, it’s not a 360 exclusive.

  3. avatar D.Jaffe

    I hate you Gerry

    Sincerely, D. Jaffe

  4. avatar Steve

    I can honestly say I haven’t played many of his games whatsoever. I like to think that I have good taste in games, but I’ve never gotten around to the God of War games, nor have I ever really cared about Twisted Metal, but I”m certainly not doubting that they are good games. It’s arrogant jerks like Cliff that make me hate some game developers. BEefing his game up to be be BETTER than the second coming of Christ, and then just pushing down anybody else’s games. Dave here seems to have a very healthy repsect for other game evelopers out there, much like that guy from Insomniac (the name eludes me.) I have a LOT of respect for people who SHOW respect (game journalists, meh.) Anywho, thanks for an enjoyable article for me to read. THIS is the kind of game journalism I like.

  5. avatar Chad

    David Jaffe for the win! (I fucking LOVE God of War.)

  6. @ the guy that doesn’t have a name for his comment.

    Exclusive only applies between consoles really. So L4D is only for the 360 out of all three console, the PC don’t count.

  7. avatar Neil

    I agree, Jaffe is a good man w/ a great blog

  8. avatar Darkie

    So David J. is down to earth because he swears alot, but Cliffy is a douche when he gives his opinion of anything.

    You guys are something, the only reason people think David is so great is because he develops exclusively for PS3. If he was an exclusive 360 developer, and talked as much off the wall crap as he does, he would be the most hated man in gaming.

    You fanboys are so transparent.

  9. Hey Darkie, Cliff is a douche. He always acts like he programmed and introduced gears, while it was the designers the creative thinkers and such, he is just the rep of the game, you don’t see him hard at working on the game he just markets it real well. At least God Of War is an original series somewhat. Gears is a twist of GRAW with a Sci-Fi touch to it.

  10. Another greatm person is Robert Bowling of Infinity Ward, he say’s how he feels.

  11. avatar Darkie

    Uh, Cliff is the game designer of Gears, what are you talking about?

    If David can have an opinion filled with filthy language and not be a douche, why is it that no one else can have an opinion an not be a douche. Just because Cliff does not exclusively design for your console of choice, does not make him a douche.

    Peoeple who say how they feel are great until they say something about how much of a flop PS3 has turned out to be, then you aint so crazy about’em ;)

  12. Yea, Cliff is the Lead Designer of Gears of War. The only difference between him and other leads is that his face is everywhere.

    Also, Peter Moore was kind of the David Jaffe of the Xbox 360 and everybody loved him. So the criticism is kind of out of the window.

  13. avatar Jacob Schalckens PSN: KillerKahuna

    In my opinion David Jaffe is the greatest person to become a game developer.

    I started following his blog as soon as I knew it existed, but the man is so honest and down to earth like you said that most of the things he says make sens. In some awkward way most of his opinions correspond with my opinions.

    Basically he’s an idol of mine, screw them pop idols, David Jaffe is the bomb. If I would be granted one wish in life, it would be to be in the game industry.

    One love

  14. avatar coolbeans

    Darkie shut up! Damn nobody said anything about the consoles. You are the one bringing them up. Go read any interview with Cliffy B. He is a douche! He talks about how awesome his game is. That doesn’t make him a douche. He bad mouths other people’s games and says they can’t compare and after playing the game you realize it isn’t that much better than the 1st one. That does make him a douche. Jaffe and other developers say there game is good, but they also pay respects to other games. Not a douche move. Ted Price (guy from insomniac whoever was asking) made his game and said how much better it was than the 1st one, but still said he was looking forward to Gears 2 and he hopes they both do well. Cliffy B. not so much. So shut up you idiot. It doesn’t matter what console they develop for, if you are going to bash another console, or another game just to do it and you’re game does not live up to the hype than you are a douche! Hence Cliffy B. doing this. Rediculous. There was a post earlier where some guy said the guy from Infinti Ward was like Jaffe and i’m pretty sure he doesn’t develop exclusively for the ps3. Also read Rick’s post right below yours. SHUT THE HELL UP DARKIE YOU RETARDED FANBOY!!! People can’t even pay respects to a great developer without a fanboy causing problems.

  15. @ Darkie

    He does design for my console of choice my man. I only own a 360. Cliffy B only approves which design is good and which one isn’t, as far as him designing all that, nah he checks for quality and either passes or fails it. Not a fan of his at all, I’m a fan of Epic as a developer.

  16. @ Coolbeans

    All gears 2 does is give you an expansion pack from the first one, the game is not original. Now CoD2 to 3 to 4 all original and have something different about them, now WaW not so original, but I’m sure Darkie get’s the point.

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