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Avatar ImageNovember’s top 5 must haves!
By: | December 16th, 2008


Gamer Limit knows that November was packed full of awesome game, and with so many to choose, you may need some help on deciding which games are worthy. Here we have compiled the top 5 games of the past month. These games aren’t only great games for the past month but great games from the past year. With all those gifts you have to buy for those relatives that you hardly talk to, this should help you make a wise purchase with that little dough you have left.


Coming in at number 5 for the month is Resistance 2. Insomniac has delivered a huge sequel, and by huge WE MEAN HUGE, to Resistance: Fall of Man. 60 player competitive matches- Check, 8 player co-op- Check, and 300 foot chimera- OH YEAH Check, this game delivers on a massive scale. We have yet to find a facet of this game that doesn’t scream replay value, and with Insomniac boasting it takes 400+ hours to max out everything, you’ll definitely be enjoying this game way past Christmas of this year, and close to Christmas next year. This game is sure to deliver a complete experience and memorizing moments.

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Following up next on the list is Call of Duty World at War. Oh yeah Call of Duty is back, and you better be ready.  Following Call of Duty 4 is a taunting task, but this game delivered. Never has been World War II been this memorable in a game. This game delivers on those original feelings you got from Call of Duty 4 while still adding something new. Watching kill cam can show you the gruesome reality of your death. Tanks can show you the brutal power of machinery. And dogs deliver a finishing blow like now other. This is definitely a must own for any fan of Call of Duty, first person shooters, or a good time online.

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Are you ready to run? Ok, well obviously not. But what’s almost as good as getting out and running? Making some one else run! So why not Faith? Mirror’s Edge delivers a fascinating experience while jumping from roof top to roof top. The unique experience of Mirror’s Edge is sure to keep you interested is the game. Go from timing that jump to avoiding that train, and find the quickest route- just keep moving all while enjoying a unique look. With a global leaderboards in the time challenge, you’ll constantly be striving to find that best line.

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Ready to kill hordes of locust? Ready to finish what you’ve started? Well get ready because Gears of War is back and looking, feeling and playing better than ever.  Getting back in to the heat of things, Marcus Fenix has a point to prove to the locust and this time its personal. Get ready to saw locust in half and watch the blood splatter. Claiming high reviews and lasting gameplay are sure signs this is a 360 title to own. While arguably claiming the title of best looking game this generation, Gears 2 will keep you  wanting to play over and over again. So take off that Santa costume and get in to the battle!

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And the top game of this month? The game you MUST own? Valve’s latest entry- Left 4 Dead. Oh yeah put down Half Life and Portal and pick up this.  Proving that the zombie thriller genre isn’t dead, Left 4 Dead puts you in the heat of the battle, killing hundreds of zombies, and not feeling bad about it. Left 4 Dead continues to prove it’s replay value with the outstanding coop aspect which makes the game extremely enjoyable, long past the single player aspect. What screams post Thanksgiving/Christmas dinner gameplay more than zombie genocide? With a variety of powerful weapons to blast those pesky different zombies, you’ll be begging them to bring it on. With powerful graphics, and a slick coop gameplay, Left 4 Dead is the game of games for this month.

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Wow, what a month in gaming! One of the most powerful gaming lineups in one month and some many games left out. But with the holidays quickly approaching, every dollar counts, so pick wisely. The gaming industry knows just when to put the hurt on, and the holiday season is that time. We here at Gamer Limit hope that this list has helped you make a better decision to spend your hard earned money. And we look forward to seeing you again next month.

  1. Wow, so many good games from Oct to Nov to Dec. Great article pal, all great games you’ve put there.

  2. I would scrap Mirror’s Edge in a heartbeat for Mortal Kombat vs. DC.

    Hell, I’d probably cut Resistance for Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix.

  3. Looks like I’ll have to pick up Left 4 Dead.

  4. avatar Anchorman Mazda

    Wow, I have none of those games. Ha ha ha. Looking at WaW, did the developers do a good job at making a solid game. People despised Call of Duty 3, have they shown themselves to keep true to the franchise?

  5. avatar Indie Inc

    Loving Left 4 Dead. WaW had an excellent campaign, and the multiplayer is up to par with all of the CoD series.

  6. avatar Ujit

    I want to download November’s Top 5 must haves

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