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Deathmatch Gameplay

1. Don’t be afraid to retreat from combat if you’re getting hammered really hard. Not dying allows you to keep your weapons, ammo and power ups so you don’t respawn without them and end up at a disadvantage. However, if you see someone running away from you do not chase them. Why? Because if they see you chasing them they know exactly where you are going. If you follow them, you’re easily predictable and easy prey for a well lead shot.

2. Instead, if you see someone running away, try to intercept them. Try to catch them at the other end of the hallway they just went in, or at the top of the lift they just went up, etc. This allows you to pursue fleeing enemies without letting yourself become predictable. This is one of the many main strategies you’ll see a lot in higher-level play.

3. There are multiple ways to go about playing depending on your style.

4. Some players tend to use their aim and just charge enemies.

5. Some players tend to go only for armors, health, and shield and avoid any frontal confrontation.

6. Some players tend to go for the Damage Amplifier almost exclusively in order to rack up a lot of frags

7. Some players put certain items in front of others and attempt to balance the game between item gathering and attacking.

8. Any one of those styles are valid, and each one can win a game depending on the type of player you are. Your best bet is to try them out yourself and see which one you feel most comfortable with.

9. Tell your teammates where you are. especially on bigger maps. Keep in contact and say, going high, going low, left, right etc. also helps if you spot Flag Carriers/Orb Carriers to report their locations.

10. Moving around in fireteams is a great strategy as if you come across a lone opponent you will have double the firepower. You must make sure you do not bunch up though as one well placed shot with Rocket Launcher will quickly lead to you respawning. This is also reccomened for flag captures in Capture the Flag as you should never capture solo unless you are trying to deny your opponent their flag to buy time to retrieve your own.

11. Strategy is critical. Each different gametype has several strategies that can be effective against disorganized players. For instance, traveling in a pack in TDM usually gives one team an advantage. Good defense is key to winning online CTF matches. Warfare requires quick rushing offense and focus on the nodes. One universal strategy tip is that if you are ever on defense, you are most effective if you put yourself in between the opponent and their goal. If you are chasing a flag carrier, you want to get in front of him…put yourself between him and his base. If you are defending a node, put yourself between the node and the oncoming team (of course, you shouldn’t be defending nodes in warfare unless you have the orb…warfare is so offense dependant).

I hope these tips and strategies help both newcomers and experienced players alike (though experienced players shouldn’t really need them). If anyone has anything to add please feel free to share your experience with the rest of the community.

Good luck. I’ll see you in game on the other end of my Flak Cannon.

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    ????? ????? sorry for writing in English,,, I like ur wetsbie and admire your writing ,,, fantastic words,,, I love Arabic and agree with u that we are not saving our language,,,,but i cant type quikly in arabi… I will share with you some of my poeims in sha alladr.sulafa

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