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A lot of things in Unreal Tournament 3 take a lot of practice to get right, however there are a few general tips and strategies that can make you a much stronger player, today’s guide is provided by Unreal Warfare.

1. First of all, no matter what, be a good sportsman please. This includes switching teams when it is uneven and encouraging a fun playing environment.

2. I also suggest that you play through the single player campaign. It will expose you to the major gametypes so you can get a feel for which one you like the most. It will also give you an opportunity to learn the maps and practice these skills. Once you get some experience, you can start to work on the more advanced tips
- Know your maps! Knowing shortcuts, where to cut off opponents, and how to fight while moving backwards, can make all the difference between winning and losing.

3. Learning where all the weapons and power ups are also key to winning. It’s actually more about strategic map control than fragging your enemies. Denying your opponents from specific powerups while collecting them yourselves can be key to winning a game. For example the shield belt spawns around 55 seconds after the match starts and after it’s picked up. After you or someone else grabs it, determine when it will spawn again and get ready to grab it. Whatever you do, however, do not camp a power up, as you will almost certainly be picked off by a skilled player. Watch for other players hanging around power ups, it’s a dead give away that they are waiting to pick it up. Also make sure you let your team mates know you have picked up the power up so they know when it will spawn next. A valid strategy is to assign someone who knows what they’re doing to time powerups.

4. A static player is a dead player. You should be constantly be moving around the map. You should always know where you are going next. Always be moving, and always know where you are going.

5. Learn to dodge well and do it often. Jump, then jump again at the height of your jump, then dodge off of the wall you are standing next to at the height of your second jump. This will give you a very quick boost of speed. Once you get good at this, you will start to see every map as a wall dodge playground.

6. Go for the higher levels. Try to stay above your enemies, and only head down to grab stuff and make your runs. Being above your enemy so you can rain down rockets on top of them is usually where you want to be. You can also take cover easier than someone below you can.

7. Don’t stick to just one weapon. Constantly switch weapons, as each one is good for a different situation. When you’re going into a cramped area in a map, switch to the Flak Cannon or the Link Gun. Wide, open area? Pull out the Shock Rifle, Sniper Rifle or Stinger Minigun. Know where your opponent is going? Juggle the *** out of him with your Rocket Launcher. Is your opponent tanked out with armor, health and shields? Switch to the Biorifle and try and cut him down to size with alt-fire. Make sure you learn the pros and cons of each weapon, and make sure you master them all as each weapon has several firing modes and mastering them will help you tremendously. For example, with your Rocket Launcher you can charge up 3 rockets at a time and fire them in different ways. Try to time your rocket combos to maximize your damage. You can also do shock combos aswell though you should try to do shock combos while you are moving. Players that use the shock rifle are often easy to kill because they stand still while they are trying to do the shock combo. The best UT players can land a shock combo while they are dodging and moving around. Also, goo from the Bio Rifle is your friend in this game…it will help you in so many ways.

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