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Today’s guide is for ‘The Godfather’, included within is a complete walkthrough, FAQ and how to unlock the achievements. This guide is provided by DGx esgeeone.


1. Walkthrough

- Prelude

- The Alley

- The Enforcer

- A Grave Situation

- Sleeping with the Fishes

- The Don is Dead

- Tom is Still Missing

- Intensive Care

- Fireworks

- Death to the Traitor

- Special Delivery

- Horseplay

- A Recipe for Revenge

- Now it’s Personal

- The Silent Witness

- Sonny’s War

- Change of Plans

- Order to Kill

- It’s Only Business

- A Royal Flush

- Baptism by Fire

2. Extras

- Safe Locations

- Prize Fights

- Film Reels

3. Achievements

4. Frequently Asked Questions



Watch the cut scene and then you will play as Johnny, the main characters father. You will have to fight in the alley as the Bakery burns down. Pay attention to the screen commands to learn how to fight against your attackers. Once you defeat them all another cut scene will start. Design your character and then go into the menu and select “Join the Family”. Another cut scene will start up as Aldo’s mother comes to see The Godfather.

The Alley

Luca Brasi will be sent to find you after you fell in with the wrong crowd. He saves you from a beating and then uses the remaining two thugs as a way to teach you how to fight. Use the commands that you learned when you where playing as Johnny to knock him out. Once he is taken care of Luca Brasi will release the last guy and have him fight back at you so you can learn to really fight. Beat him up and then Luca Brasi tells you to walk over to him and talk with him. Go and talk to Luca Brasi and he will give you a map so that you will be able to find your way around the city. You are told that you have to go to the Corleone Safe house but as you reach the gate a car will pull up and two more guys from the gang you just beat up will get out of the car. You beat up one of them as Luca Brasi pulls a gun on the other one. Start heading to the safe house by following the Blue X marker on the screen. Open the door and enter the building to get the objective checked off, then head up stairs and go in the room with the blue marker on it and walk over to the bed to save the game. Come out and go back down stairs and answer the telephone on your left, Luca Brasi will meet you outside. Walk to the blue marker on the door to activate the next mission.

The Enforcer

After the cut scene talk to Luca Brasi and he will teach you about Extortion. You must now head across the street to the Butcher shop and extort the owner, a screen will pop up to remind you about the Pressure meter than will appear with shop owners and warehouse owners. Walk up to the owner and go behind the counter to talk to him with the “Extort” option. Start smashing his property and grabbing a hold of the owner without hitting him to make the bar rise. You can raise the bar all the way up to around $700 to get a nice high payout, talk to him when you are ready to get the money from him. The backdoor to the store will now open as well, go in the back of the store and another cut scene will start to play and explain Rackets. Head up the stairs and go to the back room to talk to the Racket Boss. This boss will allow you to buy him out for $400, do so to get in on a little of the action. Head back downstairs and take the $150 off the table in the middle of the room that has generated. Now go back out to the store and bribe the cop that appears at the front door to look the other way. You will then activate another cut scene explaining Bribes. Run back over to Luca Brasi and another cut scene will start up. Now head for the Falconite Club and walk in to the blue circle to activate the next mission.

A Grave Situation

Some college gangsters have beaten up the undertaker’s daughter and you now have to go and beat them up back but don’t kill them. You have to follow Paulie and Monk towards the corner and crouch when instructed. You are told to sneak up behind the gangsters, they will see you and then they will run. Go over to the one wearing the blue shirt and grab him, just like the tutorial tells you to, and walk him over to the wall and start slamming his head into it. Beat him up real bad but don’t kill him. Now head over to the kid in the red shirt and grab him, as instructed by the tutorial, turn the kid and release him to throw him, grab him again and start smashing his head into the low objects until the cut scene starts to play. Talk to Monk and he will tell you that you have to go and talk to Luca Brasi on the Bowery. Walk into the blue circle to activate the next mission.

Sleeping with the Fishes

Head down the alley with Luca Brasi and talk to him once he stops again. He hands you a snub nose gun and tells you to shoot the dummy behind him. Now manually aim and hit the dummy in its right shoulder to disarm it and then shoot the left leg, this should make the dummy fall. Head up to the wall and use it as wall cover to sneak over to the corner of the wall. Shoot the two dummies on the other wall to knock them over. Take your back off the wall and then shoot the car up a bit. Head down the alley again back towards the street and Luca Brasi will tell you that he is on a special mission to infiltrate another family and work from the inside. Get in the car and quickly drive him down to the meeting before the timer runs out. Drive in to the blue circle to activate the next cut scene. After the cut scene crouch down in the blue blinking square and kill the attacker. Move forward down the alley to the door in the back and kill the next two guys that come out. Head inside and kill the two men that come through the opposite door of the kitchen. Enter the hallway and go up against the wall on your right to peek around the corner and kill the next two men. Head straight across the hall and enter the bar to take out two more men, one is the killer, and then quickly get out of there. Steal a car and head back to your safe house to complete the mission. After the cut scene wait until 5:30 PM to head over to the Barber Shop on Mott Street to talk to Monk.

The Don is Dead

You must save Monk’s sister Frankie right outside from the attackers. Crouch under the window and equip a gun to use. Quickly take care of the two men right across the street and then move over to the right where Frankie is. Manually aim at the man that has a hold of her and give him a headshot to kill him. Now turn back to the right as a car skids to a stop and two more men will pop out of it. Take them down and then watch the cut scene. You must now drive with the ambulance to the hospital. Try to bump the rival cars in to oncoming traffic and building structures to slow them down. Once you make it to the Manhattan Bridge a cut scene will start up. Take out the three Tattaglia that don’t have the symbol above there head. Now shoot the Capo in the knees to immobilize him and run over to interrogate him. Beat him up a little bit and then interrogate him when he cracks. Quickly shoot the tan car to the left of the ambulance. Jump in to the ambulance and quickly drive back to the hospital before the Don dies. Once you make it in to the blue circle another cut scene will start to play. Wait around and do some random collections as you wait for the phone call to get the information on what to do next. You are told to meet Clemenza at his house in Brooklyn. Head out there now and find him off to the side of the building.

Tom is Still Missing

Crouch down and follow behind Clemenza and Rocco to the diner where Tom is being hidden. You are then told when the time is right to sneak up behind the first guard and strangle him. Follow the instructions on the screen to learn how to do it. Make sure you kill him before the timer reaches zero or else you will be spotted. Now sneak around going further in to the back and watch out for the next guard. Wait until he heads off to the right away from the third one to strangle him as well. Now head west slowly and wrap around to the south trailing the third guard. He will work his way around the building from the left and come back up on the right side, so just wait for him or slowly move in for the silent kill. Head over to the blue icon and watch the cut scene. Once the cut scene ends remain crouched down and crawl through the hole in the fence. Head over to the pile of crates in front of you and off to the left a little bit. Clemenza and Rocco will join you as you open fire on the guards out on the dock. Take out the first two standing around and then move northwest to take out two more. As you approach the corner a few more enemies will come out, kill them. Wrap around the corner and shoot the guy behind Tom in the head to stop him from killing Tom. After the cut scene you will have to drive them back over the bridge, use the Manhattan Bridge and drive over to the compound as they have a talk in the back of the car. Once you reach the compound park in the blue marker to finish the mission. Head in to the house on the side with the blue marker on the door and locate Tom inside, he has something to tell you. He will promote you to Enforcer. As you leave the room a man will tell you that Clemenza is waiting for you over at the Falconite. Head out to The Falconite and talk to Clemenza on the stage. He wants you to head out to the hospital and check on the Don to make sure he is alright. Head over to the hospital and walk up to the front door.

Intensive Care

Talk to the security guard and he will take all of your weapons so you can enter the visiting rooms. Go upstairs to the second floor and turn left. Head straight in to room 7 and talk to Frankie. An assassin will smash in through the window behind the curtain wall to the north. Take his gun and then come back to Frankie’s room to tell her to get out of there. A cut scene will start and you must now get Frankie out through the basement. Head downstairs and turn left, you can enter the reception area to get another weapon out of the room. Move down the stairs in to the basement and Frankie will see more assassins running through the room straight ahead. Clear out the basement by running to the left and working your way down the hallways to make it to the garage. Frankie will meet you in here after you have taken out the rest of the Tattaglias. Talk to Frankie and she will leave in the ambulance to find Tom Hagen. Head back up the stairs to the first floor and take cover on the right wall to kill some more Tattaglias that are coming your way. Michael Corleone will come downstairs afterwards talk to him to start a cut scene and finish the mission. Start walking away from the hospital and a Corleone will want to talk to you. He tells you that Clemenza wants to talk to you over at Gabriel Villa’s Tailor Shop in Little Italy. Head over there now and talk to Clemenza to get invited to Rosa’s party.

This game is on fire!


Head out to the flower shop and step in to the blue circle to activate the mission. Talk to Rosa and she will tell you that the party is upstairs. Talk to the Corleone right inside the next room and he will tell you that Monk wants to talk to you. Head upstairs and talk to Monk, Paulie, and Sonny in the next room over. After you’ve talked to all of them walk around and a cut scene will start. The police bust in and take Rosa. Go downstairs and bribe the cop at the door to let you outside. Sneak down the alley and either use the Garrot Wire if you still have it or choke the cop to death. Move down the alley and another cop will start heading your way on the right. You can either walk up to him and choke him out or hide on one of the side wall indents until he is out of range. Move forward to reach the door with the blue marker on it. Kill the cop and the door will become unlocked, it’s to a Stracci run business. Head inside the cargo loading area and take out both cops standing around. You will then hear Rosa crying out in the loft area above. Head up the stairs and the Police Sergeant will let Rosa go as he runs inside the doorway. Talk to Rosa and then head in after him. Use the elevator to go up to the roof. Grab the Police Sergeant and throw him over the roof ledge to start a cut scene. Head back down the elevator and talk to Rosa, she will tell you to head out to the Corleone compound and act like nothing has happened. Head in to the house and step in to the blue marker to start a cut scene. You will now be promoted to Associate. As you leave talk to the Corleone man that wants to talk and he will tell you that Clemenza wants to talk to you at his house in Brooklyn, he might know who betrayed the Don. Head over to Clemenza’s house and step in to the blue marker to start the next mission.

Death to the Traitor

The first thing that you have to do is collect some weapons that Clemenza hid on the second floor of a restaurant. Go into the restaurant, through the door in the back, and up the stairs. Collect the bomb and other weapons. You’ll hear some Tattaglias threatening the shop owner. Take cover on the wall and shoot down at them. When they’re dead, go downstairs and talk to the shop owner. He’ll tell you that he has something for you. Follow him back upstairs and he will unlock the door up there. Go through the door and collect the items in there. Then go back downstairs and out of the shop and talk to Clemenza. He’ll tell you to plant the bomb on the second floor of the shop you’re about to go to. Then follow him and Paulie to the shop. Crouch down and enter the shop. There will be two guys behind the bar and a third to the right of the bar. Kill those guys, and then go through the double doors to the right of the bar. There will be a room on the left. As you approach the door, a Tattaglia will emerge, so be ready to gun him down. If you need health, there is a health bottle in the room. Then go up the stairs, but be cautious because a Tattaglia will try to surprise you as you go up them. Then turn left and run to the large entranceway. Take cover to the right of it, and take out the three enemies inside the room. Then plant the bomb as close to the entranceway as you can. Once you plant the bomb, run as quickly as you can out of the room and to the doorway on the left. The door will open and a Tattaglia will emerge. Ignore him and run as quick as you downstairs and out of the building before the bomb goes off. After the cut scene, follow Paulie into the rail yard, but take it slow. He will shoot boxes of explosives and blow them up as you approach them. Eventually you will corner him. Just keep low and take him out whenever you have the chance. After the cut scene, you will need to outrun the police. Ram them off the road and into objects whenever they approach. As you get near the safe house, be sure not to turn left too early. You will need to get to the safe house from the rear, so go to the absolute end of the street before turning left. After you do, you will see a row of blue arrows pointing you left into the alley behind the safe house. Turn left there and then park the car in the blue area. This will complete the mission. Talk to Clemenza and he’ll tell you that Paulie’s safe house in now yours. Then talk to the guy behind him. He’ll tell you to lay low for a while and that they’ll call you when they need you. After a while, you will get a notice to check the phones. Get to the nearest phone and you will get a call from Clemenza. He will tell you to acquire a time bomb and then to meet him at a warehouse in Midtown. First, go to the blue circle on your map to buy the bomb from the black market merchant that is there. Then meet Clemenza at the warehouse. This will start the next mission.

Special Delivery

You must get a narcotics racket truck and use it to get in to the warehouse. Head out to the blue X on the map to locate the narcotics truck you need to take over. The driver will tell you that all the goods are already delivered, which means you shouldn’t see any Tattaglia after you. Take the truck over to Corcoran’s Perch in Midtown just off the Fourth Street. Pull in to the alley and Clemenza with some other people will get in to the truck. Drive carefully back to the warehouse and pull up to the blue marker slowly to start a quick cut scene. Pull in carefully and park in the blue marker, everyone will then pour out and open fire on the Tattaglia. Head up the stairs on the south side as you start killing the enemy and get in the door on the second floor to enter the first building. Clear out the room with all the Tattaglia below and some coming up the stairs. Exit the next door over to clear off the Tattaglia out here for safety when you explode the bomb in a few seconds. Go back in to the warehouse you were just in and go downstairs to the blue marker. Plant your bomb and run out of the building to the back exit you just came from and get away from the windows to avoid the blast. Now head down the stairs and in to the smaller buildings side door to start taking down the Tattaglia inside. Make your way upstairs and kill the man hiding behind some crates in the room to your left. Plant the bomb and run down the stairs and out the front door to avoid the blast. Head back down the middle area to reach the truck, shooting any Tattaglia that you see. Get to the truck and grab some more Bombs to blow up the last building. Head up the stairs near the truck to the last warehouse building and enter the door at the top. Start killing off the Tattaglia within and head down to the first floor. Place the bomb at the blue marker and run back up the stairs to escape out the back door before the building explodes. Once all three buildings are demolished head back over to Clemenza and talk to him to finish the mission. Once you are finished with the mission you will get the locations to the last four of Sollozzo’s drug fronts. Use this time to head around the city and continue taking over more stores and rackets, collect items, and destroy the drug fronts. Eventually you will get a call from Monk telling you to go get a drink with him at Corcoran’s Perch in Midtown. Head in to the back room and talk to Monk. Talk to Monk at the bar and he tells you that his sister has been asking about you. Also as you leave another Hit mission is available by the man at the door. Head out to the Corleone Compound and speak to Tom Hagen to start the next mission.


Time to show Woltz what happens when you mess with the Corleones. Crouch down and stay behind Rocco. Don’t go anywhere till he does first. Eventually you’ll get to the stables. Go to the blue marker and wait for Rocco. When he tells you to stand guard, head back to the entrance of the stables. After the cut scene, a guard will come running in. Strangle him before he alerts the other guards. The next part of the mission is to deliver the package to Woltz’s room. Head out of the stables and up the stairs. There will be a guard at the top. Sneak up behind him and strangle him with the garrote wire. Then head to the left, up the stairs, and through the door into the kitchen. Wait for the butler to leave and then go through the large entrance to the right of where the butler went. To the right will be a smaller doorway with a guard just beyond it. Choke him then go up the big spiral staircase and choke the guard at the top. Go to the left of the door and wait for the maid to disappear into the next room. Then go down the hall and wait to the right of the next doorway for the maid and guard to finish talking and for the maid to go off to the right. Then creep down the hall and choke that guard. Then turn to the right and open the door directly ahead. Don’t try to kill the guard there or you will be spotted by the guards below. Now go down the hallway to the blue marker and just wait there for Rocco. When he gets there, there will be a cut scene and the mission will be complete. After the mission, you find yourself back in a room in Corcoran’s Perch. Go out the door and talk to Rocco. He’ll tell you to meet Tom at Chateau Leive in Midtown. Then talk to the guy in the black jacket. He’ll advise you to purchase weapon upgrades. Now go to the Chateau Lieve and talk to Tom. He’ll inform you that the family is giving you the apartment there as a token of gratitude. He also says to meet him at the Compound when you get a chance. Go in the apartment and talk to Frankie. Now head to the Compound. When you walk up to the front door, the next mission will start.

I told you all, I don’t want to dance.

A Recipe for Revenge

After the cut scene head out to Louis’ Restaurant in Midtown before Sollozzo arrives to plant a gun. Turn right on to Canal Street and take it to Broadway. Turn left on Broadway and head north and take a slight right to branch on to 4th Street. Turn right on to 25th Street, and the first left on to Third Street to reach the restaurant and park in the blue spot a little away. Sneak down the alley and take out your Garrot Wire to stealthily kill the Tattaglia. When you go around the corner, watch out for the Tattaglia in the window. Sneak by without him noticing you, and then take out the next guy in the alley. Head to the back door and talk to the man standing by it to have him unlock the door. Sneak through the kitchen and take an immediate right to reach the bathrooms. Head over to the toilet and walk in to the blue marker to activate the next cut scene. After the cut scene kill the Tattaglias that are attacking and then head out the front door. Take out the Tattaglia outside and turn right to run down the street to where Michael Corleone is waiting for you in the car. Quickly get in the car and drive out of there. Take Michael Corleone out to the docks in ***’s Kitchen and park in the blue marker. Talk to the Corleone member behind you once the cut scene ends and he will tell you that everyone is meeting over at the Falconite Social Club back in Little Italy. Head out there to get promoted to Soldier, you will now be a part of the family. Answer the phone to get a call from Frankie, she has a surprise for you at the house. Head back home to your place in Midtown to see what Frankie has to show you and step in to the blue marker to start the mission.

Now it’s Personal

After the cut scene kill the Tattaglia that rush in to the room. The Tattaglia will take Frankie and get away. Head out of the room and start heading down the stairs while taking down the advancing Tattaglia. Go behind the counter on the first floor and get the capo to tell you where Frankie is being held. Once you find out, kill him and then get to the phone on the other side of the wall. Run outside and hop in the car that is waiting for you. Drive over to 40th and Lexington to pick up Monk. After the cut scene start driving to the church that Frankie is being held at. Lose the Tattaglia that are chasing you and park in the blue marker by the church. Go around the left side of the church to reach the stairs down to the crypt. Go through the hall and stop just before the main crypt room. Take cover on the wall and kill off all the Tattaglia in the room to proceed. Start making your way down the hall and then up the stairs to reach the blue marker and start the next cut scene. Monk tells you to leave him with her so he can say his good-byes. Head out of the church and talk to the Corleone man to hear that Sonny Corleone wants to talk to you. Head out to Stromboli’s in ***’s Kitchen and step in to the blue marker to in front of the alley to start the mission.

The Silent Witness

Go down the alley and enter the side door to the building. You will see dead Tattaglia lying on the ground. Head up the stairs to the second floor and talk to Sonny. You can either beat up the Capo into talking or just take his meter all the way up, either way you’ll get a cut scene and then have to drive to the funeral home in Midtown. Once you arrive park in the blue marker and take cover on the left wall. Kill both Tattaglia that are guarding the front door and take cover on the side of the front door. Open it and take out the Tattaglia inside this room. Head inside and kill the Tattaglia in the room to your right. Now turn around and kill the three Tattaglia in the rooms down the hallway to unlock the elevator door. Make sure you have killed the enemy in the garage as well before you head up the elevator. Take the elevator and Bruno Tattaglia will knock you down automatically. When you get back up he will run in to the other room. Quickly hide behind the wall and take out his two guards. Once they are disposed of shoot Bruno in the kneecap to get over to him safely. Now drag him over to the fire pit and throw him in to kill him off. After a while you will get a phone call from Sonny telling you to meet him at the Corleone Compound. As you get to the compound two black cars will cut you off just before getting through the gates as they start to fire on the compound. Drive to the back low wall and take cover to start shooting at the Cuneos until you have eliminated all of them. Enter the house in the far back and talk to Sonny in the living room. Sonny then tells you to go meet him over at Lucy’s place in Midtown to discuss the Tattaglia problem a little more. Head out to Lucy’s and park in the blue marker to start the mission.

Sonny’s War

After the cut scene talk to Sonny outside and then get in to the car with the blue marker. Drive Sonny over to the bar to take care of some Cuneos. Park at the blue marker within the time limit and head inside the bar. Clear out the upstairs part of the bar and then head back towards the front door to take the door on your right. Head down the stairs and kill more Cuneos. In the first room in the basement shoot the explosive crates to kill all of the people in it and move to the next door. Interrogate the Cuneo in the room and he will tell you that all he knows is that Cuneo has been giving them weapons. After the cut scene run back upstairs and dash for the car, or take a few shots at the Cuneos just outside. Sonny will already be in the car waiting for you, take off driving. Get through the blockades and chase the Racket boss to the rail yard. Park next to the racket truck outside the building, get up to the building and kill the Cuneos inside. Get in and go through the back door cautiously and get to the back loading dock. Kill the Cuneos in here and head up the stairs to reach the blue marker and start a cut scene. Kill the man or leave him and exit the room. Go through the door on your left before heading downstairs. Get back in the car and drive to the docks and park on the blue marker. Start heading down the dock and kill the group of Cuneos just standing around talking. As you make your way around the corner to the right, watch out for a truck that drives through the stack of barrels ahead. Take down the Cuneo that comes out of it. Get on the wall of the warehouse and open the right door to gain entry. Head to the end of the warehouse and break to gain it as your own. Watch the cut scene at the end and you will finish the mission. You are also told that Sonny has gone on ahead back to the Corleone Compound and is waiting for you there. By now you should have all of the fronts and rackets, not including warehouses and hubs. Take over all of the Tattaglia owned areas and then take out the Tattaglia Compound to hit them hard and take over Brooklyn. Walk in to the blue marker at the house to start the mission.

Mmm… just what I ordered.

Change of Plans

After a cut scene Sonny will suddenly run to his car and speed off. You must follow him quickly. Don’t worry about talking to Tom or the other Corleone there…you need to jump in a car and chase him immediately. If he gets too far ahead you will fail the mission. Once you near the tolls, it will start a cut scene and Sonny will be no more. Your next objective is to follow the assassins so floor it. There will be many cars that will be trying to knock you off the road but like always you must simply do your best to knock them into obstacles. Follow the assassins to their warehouse and park just in front of the entrance. Your next objective is to find the tollbooth attendant that helped in Sonny’s hit. Take cover behind the small room with the window on either side of the entrance. Fire into the warehouse and take out all the guys you can from there. Then progress towards the back, taking cover behind the boxes and taking out any remaining enemies. On the left side there will be a break in the fence that you can go through. Take out the two guys behind it, and then proceed into the building ahead. Go inside and up the stairs. Turn right to find another enemy and the toll booth guy. Take out the enemy, and then talk to the toll booth guy. He’ll tell you that the assassins went to a club on the west side. Your next objective is to drive to that club which is the Tunnel Club in ***’s Kitchen. Leave the warehouse and steal the first car you can find. You have five minutes to get to the club which is plenty of time. Just use your map and you’ll do fine. Park in the blue spot in front of the club. Hide behind your car and take out the Tattaglia guarding the entrance. Then go inside and start shooting as you find some cover. Take out all the enemies in the front room. Then take cover next to one of the doors leading into the actual club and take out the enemies in that room from there. Then go in the door and go all the way to the right and into that room to collect the health bottle if you need it. Then go back into the main club room and head towards the back and the right. You will find an entranceway leading into a room with stairs. Go down the stairs and through the door at the bottom. Use the boxes on the left for cover and kill what enemies you can from there. Then progress further into the room and use the columns for cover to kill the rest of the enemies. Once they are all dead, the door you need to go through will be unlocked and a blue marker will appear above it. Go into that room and talk to the Tattaglia there. Then talk to his woman to convince him to tell you what you want to know. Then talk to him again and he’ll tell you that it is Don Barzini that is controlling the Tattaglias. Your next objective is to return to the Corleone Compound. You will have five minutes to do so. Now leave the club and drive to the compound. Head up to the front door and it will start a cut scene. After the cut scene, the mission will be complete. After the mission is complete, go to the Corleone Compound and talk to Michael. He will promote you to Capo. Then talk to Michael again. He will tell you that the FBI is doing an investigation in Little Italy. You are to meet up with Monk near the Bowery hotel on Pitt St. and find out what the FBI knows and who they are talking to. When you get there, you’ll see a blue circle. Walk into it to begin the next mission.

Order to Kill

Monk will tell you that there is a snitch in the hotel talking to the FBI about the Corleones right now. Now head over to the hotel and take cover by the front door as you open it to kill off the Barzinis inside. Cautiously head up the stairs as the first door opens with a Barzini. Kill him and the guy in this rooms back room, then head further up the stairs. Kill the Barzinis as they come down and move up to clear out another room full of Barzinis. When you make it to the top of the hotel walk in to the blue marker to start the cut scene. Once the cut scene is over you must hunt down Monk to take him down. Head out of the hotel and steal a car to head over to Monk’s location within the time limit and park in the blue spot to start a cut scene. Monk will take off running as some Cuneo come to attack you, kill off the attacker and head up the stairs after Monk. Kill all of the Cuneo up in the second floor bar as Monk yells to you. Head down the stairs on the other side and enter the first door on your left to enter the main bar room. Kill off the remaining Cuneo as well as Monk himself, and then get outside to end the mission. Head down the street and talk to one of the Corleones to hear that Tom wants to talk to you over at the Corleone Compound. You will also get the last set of Hit missions to work on if you have completed all of the others. Head over to the group of three guys where Tom is talking to Tessio and Willie Cicci. Willie has a gun on Tessio as Tom walks over to the low wall, go talk to him. Head out to Tessio’s house to meet up with Willie Cicci to start a plan to attack the Barzini waiting for Michael. Park outside the bar to activate the next mission.

It’s Only Business

Follow behind Tessio as he walks in to the bar, some Barzini will jump around the corners ahead and open fire on you. Turn around and hide along a wall to shoot them down as Tessio escapes. Quickly kill them off and go around to the right and carefully enter the bar to kill the other two Barzini inside. Take the elevator down to the basement and go in to the hall. Use the wall next to the door and kill off the Barzini inside as Tessio makes a run for the door and up the stairs in the back. Quickly clear out the next room as well. Go in to the hallway and kill the Barzini guarding the stairs. Go up the stairs and kill some more Barzini that have now appeared in the hall as Tessio runs up the side stairs to the bar which also has two new people as well. Kill them off and then go talk to Tessio, he tells you it was strictly business. Kill Tessio to end the mission. Head outside and talk to the Corleone out there to hear that Michael should call you soon to see how things went. He tells you to bring Dynamite and meet him and Fredo at the Peak Hotel in Midtown. Head up to the third floor and go in to the blue circle to activate the next mission.

A Royal Flush

After the cut scene head in to the stair hallway and talk to Mike Corleone again to get more information on what you have to do. Go over to the hotel worker in red and pressure him in to telling you the password. Head down the stairs all the way to the basement and tell the bouncer the password. Head inside the hidden casino and go down the hall to enter the main room. Turn to the left and go down the stairs behind the wall. Talk to the security guard with the symbol above his head just to your left to get him in to the stairwell looking for a wallet. Now head to the right and talk to the security guard over there to tell him that someone lost some keys in the stairwell. Jump over the counter and plant the dynamite to blow the vault up and jump back over the counter. Take out a gun and start taking out the security guards. Once the dynamite goes off jump back over the counter and collect your money. Use the counter as cover as you kill a lot of security guards running in to the area. Once you get it a little cleared up hop back over and make your way up the stairs and on to the first floor of the hotel. Run right out the front doors as fast as possible and go east stealing the first car you get to, the cops will start to surround the hotel so you don’t want to stay to long. After about three blocks you will make it to the safe house to give Michael the money you got for him. Enter the apartments and talk to Michael and Clemenza on the first floor. Go out the back door and get in to the Police Car they have waiting for you. Now carefully drive to the corner of Second and 34th Street and park in the alley. Crouch down and sneak in through the back door. Use the Garrot Wire on the guards to move in undetected. Head over to the corner of the wall and wait for the second guard to come down and turn his back to you as he heads back up the stairs, strangle him. Quietly head up the stairs and strangle the third guard at the top. Enter the room to the left of the stairs and shoot Moe Green in the head. Head downstairs and kill any security guards that get in your way. Get out through the back door again and kill another guard as you head back to the Police Car. Now quickly out drive the cops to Corcoran’s Perch. Talk to Clemenza and finish the mission. Michael wants you to meet him at the church in Little Italy to end all the bloodshed. Head over to the church and enter the blue circle by the cemetery to start the mission.

Baptism by Fire

You have 13 minutes to get all of your tasks done before the baptism is complete. Quickly get in a car and drive to St. Alban’s hotel and talk to Clemenza. You must now drive to another hotel and pick up Don Stracci. Clemenza will cover the lobby as you head up the stairs. Talk to the Stracci and he will open the second floor for you. Go over to the room on the left and talk to the Stracci there to open the door. Talk Don Stracci to have him walk to the elevator, take it downstairs with him and then kill him. Help Clemenza kill off the other Stracci and then talk to him to be told you must go see Willie Cicci in ***’s Kitchen. Quickly drive out there and talk to Willie Cicci to be told to head over to the Savannah hotel in Midtown. Park in the blue square and talk to Willie Cicci he will head over to the hotel and go inside. Instead of following him, wait behind your car for Don Crueno to come out and gun him down. Kill the Cuneo guarding the area and then head in to the garage that Willie Cicci opened. Go upstairs to the first floor and help Willie Cicci kill off the rest of the Cuneo. Talk to Willie Cicci to be told to meet Rocco at the Embassy Club in Brooklyn. Talk to Rocco but he won’t know 100 percent where you have to go. Run outside and speak to the hooker to your right. She will tell you to head to St. Sebastain hotel around the corner. Head over to the hotel and use the wall on the front door as cover. Open the door and kill the Tattaglia inside the lobby. Head up the stairs to the second floor and kill the Tattaglia waiting in front of the elevators. Go up another flight of stairs to kill another Tattaglia. Before heading in to the rooms on the third floor, kill the Tattaglia waiting on the stairs to the fourth floor. Use the wall for cover and shoot all the enemies in the left room. Enter the right room as Rocco helps clear out the enemies. A prostitute will run out of the back room as Don Tattaglia holds a gun to another prostitutes head. Get against the wall and give a good headshot to him. Talk to Rocco to be told to head to the Police Station in Little Italy. Drive the Police Car to the courthouse and park in the blue marker. Wait until Al Neri gives you the cue to pull out your weapon and fire. Shoot all the Barzini guards and then chase after Don Barzini himself to start a cut scene. After the cut scene kill Don Barzini and then quickly run up the courthouse stairs to grab the hidden cash bags. You must now stay running away from the police for 2 and half minutes. Quickly go steal a car and get to the Corleone Compound to get protection from the family. Once the timer runs out for outrunning the police you must now get back to the church for the baptism within three minutes. Once you make it there you will finish the last of the main storyline missions. Talk to the Corleone on your right or left and they will tell you to head back to the Corleone Compound. After the cut scene you will be promoted to Under boss. The next thing on your list of things to do should be to take over the rival family’s compounds if you haven’t done so already and you will be promoted to Don. Now you must take over all the business, rackets, warehouses, and hubs if you haven’t done so already. Once you have completed all the takeovers you must head to Hotel Aliote in Little Italy for an important meeting. After the cut scene you will be promoted to Don of NYC.

Well boys, whats next?


Safe Locations

Little Italy

1. Saint Martin Hotel on the 3rd floor

2. Bella Siciliana on the 1st floor

3. Sicilian Imports Inc. on the 2nd floor

4. Bowery Hotel on the 4th floor

5. Chinaware Warehouse on the 1st floor

6. Dr. Harvey’s Clinic on the 1st floor

7. Dr. Valachi Clinic on the 1st floor

8. Harry’s Bar on the 1st floor

9. Primola on the 1st floor

10. Arezzo Seafood on the 1st floor

11. Boolie’s Bakery in the Basement

12. Emilio’s Butcher Shop on the 2nd floor

13. DeMantagnas on the 1st floor

14. Global Trading Co. on the 2nd floor

15. Smoke Signals on the 2nd floor

16. Trapani’s Bakery in the Basement

17. Sammy’s on the 1st floor

18. Italia Hauling Co. on the 2nd floor in the northern building

19. Hotel Alioto on the 3rd floor

20. Va Va Voom Room on the 1st floor

21. The Continental on the 1st floor

22. Verona Warehouse on the 1st floor

23. Lipari Warehouse on the 2nd floor

You all look good.


24. Cafe Vitales on the 2nd floor

25. The Ambassador on the 2nd floor

26. Midnight Rosie’s on the 2nd floor

27. The Full Moon in the Basement

28. Global Trading Co. on the 2nd floor

29. Wright Wronsky’s on the 2nd floor

30. Michelangelo Salera on the 1st floor

31. Liberto’s in the Basement

32. S. Elia Warehouse on the 1st floor

33. Valentino’s on the 1st floor

34. St. Sebastian Hotel on the 4th floor

35. Tattaglia Hub on the 1st floor

36. Tattaglia Compound on the 2nd floor in the south building

37. Dr. Marshall’s Clinic on the 1st floor

38. Sicilian Goods on the 2nd floor


39. St. Alban’s Hotel on the 3rd floor

40. Orchid Inc. on the 1st floor

41. Dr. Alexander Noel Clinic on the 1st floor

42. Flowers of Scotland on the 1st floor

43. Madame Polly’s on the 2nd floor

44. J. Sizzle’s Steakhouse on the 1st floor

45. The Luna Bar in the Basement

46. Isao Kimota on the 1st floor

47. Chateau Toledo on the 1st floor

48. Palermo Warehouse on the 1st floor, jump through window and get in to office

49. Barzini Hub on the 2nd floor in the south building

50. The Peak on the 3rd floor

51. Hotel Madison on the 4th floor

52. The Carnegie Club on the 4th floor

53. Barzini Compound on the 2nd floor in the west building

54. West Side Willy’s on the 1st floor

55. Lumpy’s Bar on the 1st floor

56. Savannah Hotel on the 3rd floor

57. The Colonial Club on the 1st floor

58. Raphael’s on the 1st floor

59. Hawk’s Steakhouse on the 2nd floor

60. Palladio Willow on the 1st floor

***’s Kitchen

61. Mrs. Spillane’s on the 4th floor

62. The Tunnel Club in the Basement

63. Scotty’s Biscotti in the Basement

64. Caruso! In the Basement

65. Dr. O’Riains Clinic on the 1st floor

66. Milk Co. Warehouse on the 1st floor

67. Poppy’s – Westside in the Basement

68. ***’s Kitchen Clinic on the 1st floor

69. Casey Quinn’s on the 2nd floor

70. Holden Holdings on the 2nd floor

71. Tyler’s Top Cuts on the 1st floor

72. The Elegante on the 3rd floor

73. West Side Philly’s on the 1st floor

74. Arezzo Seafood on the 1st floor

75. Doc Thody’s Dahlias on the 1st floor

76. The Red Fox on the 1st floor

77. Orchid Inc. on the 1st floor

78. Providence Hotel on the 4th floor

79. M. Powers & Sons in the Basement

80. Cuneo Compound on the 2nd floor in the east building

81. Dale Mangano’s on the 1st floor

82. Cuneo Hub on the 1st floor

83. The Colonial Tavern on the 1st floor

84. After Hours on the 1st floor

New Jersey

85. Santo on the 1st floor

86. The George Hotel on the 3rd floor

87. Waterside Warehouse on the 1st floor

88. The Crane Club on the 1st floor

89. Velveteen’s in the Basement

90. Joe Foley’s in the Basement

91. Fabio Satriani and Sons on the 2nd floor

92. Joey’s Baked Goods in the Basement

93. Arnold’s Famous 47 on the 2nd floor

94. B. Fidanque, MD Clinic on the 1st floor

95. Stracci Compound on the 2nd floor in the south building

96. Boris Amchini on the 1st floor

97. The Highway Hotel on the 3rd floor

98. Sicilian Goods on the 2nd floor

99. Stracci Hub on the 1st floor

100. Johnny Congers on the 1st floor

Prize Fights

During the prize fights you are allowed to use your fists and any melee weapon but do not use your gun or else you will be disqualified.


1. Midtown on 23rd Street and 4th Avenue, in the basement of Corcoran’s Perch.

2. New Jersey on Observer Highway and Newark Street, in the basement of Highway Hotel.

3. ***’s Kitchen on Galvin Street and 11th Avenue, on the roof of Stromboli Supplies.

4. Little Italy on Bowery Street and Prince Street, on the second floor of Molsenni’s.

5. Brooklyn on Washington Street and Front Street, in the back room of Pitkin Garments.

Film Reels

Little Italy

1. Go down the alley on Pitt Street and shoot the burning barrels in the center of the area to reveal a film reel.

2. Enter the gate to the Chinaware Warehouse and turn to the right to see the film reel just on the other side of the crates.

3. Go down the alley on Bowery Street next to Sicilian Imports Inc. and turn left at the first turn. Head down a bit and look on the right side just past the dumpster for the film reel.

4. Heading from Bowery Street down East Houston to the east, look on the right for a news stand and go behind it for the film reel.

5. Go to the Hospital on Bleecker Street and look to the left right before you go up the stairs to enter the building.

6. Go south on Mulberry Street and head down the alley behind the Global Trading Co. and turn left to enter the alley leading up to the store to find the film reel.

7. Go in the alley and up the wooden stairs next to Molsenni’s.

8. Take the alley on Christie Street behind the clinic to the northwest corner.

9. Go all the way down to the end of the alley off of Lafayette Street, look behind the dumpster.

10. On the corner of Hester and Lafayette Street go down the alley and turn left.

11. Go down the alley at the south end of Mott Street and go down the stairs in the center of the alley.

12. At the end of Broome Street south of the Saint Martin Hotel.

13. On Charles Street as you head towards the Corleone Compound, next to the black Iron Gate.

14. Found on the left side of the Corleone Compound entrance just before you enter.

15. Head north on Jude Street and look to the right about half way down to find a film reel.

16. At the corner of Morton and Carmine Street go up the ramp to the fenced in area to get a film reel.

17. Go to the back end of the Italia Hauling Company warehouse and go to the small door less building. Smash the window and climb in to find the film reel.

18. Go to Foley Square where the bomb seller is and go to the opposite corner.

19. Head west down Chambers Street and go down the alley on the right.

20. Head to the south circle on Broadway, check the south east corner behind the news stand.

21. Head west to the Little Italy Loop, vault over the northern railing and go behind the billboard.

22. Head up to Franklin Street from the Little Italy Loop and look to the right down a side road just before Franklin and look behind the pile of bricks.

23. Head down the small alley on Russell Street.

24. Head north along Little Italy Loop as you leave the Little Italy Industrial Park and check your right as you come to the indented part in the wall.

25. Head over to the FBI symbol on the West Side Highway and look at the beginning of the bridge on the north side.

26. Underneath West Side Highway on Canal Street look at the south ramp just to the left of it on the sidewalk.

27. Head west in the northern Holland Tunnel and look to the right for the indented wall, it is tucked in the beginning of it.

28. Head north along West Side Highway and get off at the ***’s Kitchen Loop, look to the left just before merging.


29. Head down Navy Street and look to the left for a porch to walk on, go to the left.

30. Go to the alley behind the clinic on Nassau Street, wrap around the corner to face the west.

31. Head to Farragut Street and go to the house that is shown as a gray mark on the map, go up on to the porch.

32. Go to Toll Booth Plaza and search the southern booth.

33. Go down Gold Street and look on the north side for a long porch you can go on.

34. Go out the back door of the Embassy Club and check behind the trunks outside in the alley.

35. Head over to the S. Elia Warehouse and go along the large ship to the west to grab the film reel.

36. Before entering S. Elia Warehouse run south past it all to reach a brick garage building. Go on the south side of it to find the film reel.

37. Head west down Adams Street and look to the right for an alley before you reach Plymouth Street, head all the way down the alley.

38. Head south down Church Street and go down the alley on the left.

39. Head to the alley behind Cafe Vitales and go all the way to the end or out the back door to find the film reel.

40. Go over to the church on Dock Street and enter the cemetery. Go inside the little stone building to get the film reel.

41. In the garage of Paulie’s Apartment.

42. In the corner along the houses of Henry and Fulton Street.

43. In the corner by the buildings of Willow and Cranberry Street.

44. Enter the shipping yard from Furman Street and get to the middle where the gun salesman is and get the film reel in the north east corner.

45. On the south side of Furman Street go behind the green containers.


46. Go south in to the park off of 17th Street towards the fountain, look on the left.

47. Head north on 4th Street and look on the left, once you pass 18th Street, for an alley with the film reel in it.

48. Enter the park along Madison Street and go along the west side about in the center outer edge of the park.

49. Behind the shrubs on 25th and Hospital Street.

50. Heading north in the Midtown Tunnel take the left road, against traffic, and look on your left for an indent in the wall holding the film reel.

51. Heading west on 34th Street look on the right side in between Fifth and Sixth Street.

52. In the alley on 37th Street behind Mookie’s.

53. Go down 37th Street and enter Flowers of Scotland, go in the back room and up the stairs to the racket. Enter the side room and look to the left of the bed.

54. Head north along Lexington Avenue from 17th Street and go down the alley on the left.

55. Enter J. Sizzles Steakhouse on 40th Street and go in the back room. Enter the door on the right and look for the film reel in the racket.

56. Enter the park on 42nd Street and check around the northern section.

57. Take Park Avenue/4th Street north on the upper road and turn right at the intersection. Look on the left side of the road along the building for the film reel.

58. Take Park Avenue/4th Street north to the FBI symbol in to the tunnel and look on the left for a tunnel connecting the two roads along with the film reel along the north side.

59. Enter the Barzini Compound and follow the driveway until you see the film reel on the right.

60. Head west on 52nd Street and look to your right. You will find a row of shrubs for them to live.

61. Go to the North West corner inside the northern square of Central Park.

62. Go to the north east corner of the Columbus Circle and go behind the monument.

63. Go over to 49th and Plaza Street and look for the bushes in the distance with that food.

64. Go to 49th Street and 8th Avenue and go behind the movie theater ticket book.

***’s Kitchen

65. Go to 7th Avenue where it intersects with 33rd Street and look behind the pillars of the large building.

66. Get to the corner of 34th Street and 9th Avenue, go to the porch on the north east side.

67. Across from the corner of 33rd Street and 9th Avenue you will find a small alley partially closed up from a wooden fence, go inside and look behind the trash cans.

68. In the corner of 33rd Street and Dyer Avenue go behind the wooden fence to locate a film reel.

69. On 41st Street go across the road from Caruso! And look in the little alley behind the dumpster.

70. From 8th Street turn left on to 42nd Street and go in to the hospital on your right. Look to your right just before you go up the stairs.

71. Head west from the hospital and cross the street. While on 42nd Street look behind the clinic in the little garden alley to find a film reel behind the row of bushes.

72. Head west down 42nd Street and turn left on to 10th Avenue. Look on the right side of the road almost immediately for two rows of bushes, go behind them.

73. Head north on 10th Avenue and turn left on 48th Street. Look on the left for the first alley you see, check the left brick wall.

74. Head north down 10th Avenue and go down the alley behind M. Powers & Sons.

75. Head north on 10th Avenue to the park all the way to the north, use the outer sidewalk and walk north to the northern sidewalk and head east to the other corner to pick it up along the way.

76. Head west down 46th Street and go over the rail yard bridge. Look to your left for the alley with a burning barrel in front of it and go behind the dumpster.

77. Head south down 12th Street and enter the train yard. Right when you enter go behind the building to your right.

78. Head north in the rail yard on the east side and you will find the film reel on the right side underneath 46th Street by a door.

79. Continue north in the train yard to find an open train car, sometimes guarded by the Cuneo.

80. Head south on West Side Highway and take the exit for ***’s Kitchen Loop. Go in between the ramps, usually a Cuneo truck with Cuneo’s guarding it in here as well. Search the southern corner for the film reel.

81. Enter ***’s Kitchen Industrial Park, head north on Kennedy to turn right on Hudson. Immediately turn right in to the lot with the weapon seller and go up the stairs on the right and head to the right.

82. Go to the corner of Peter and Kennedy Street to find some stairs leading down to the sewers, the film reel is practically at the end of the stairs.

83. Head back west on to West Side Highway and go south, right when you get in to the dip where it says “West Side Highway” on your map look on the left side for the film reel just sitting on the side of the highway.

New Jersey

84. Head west through the Holland Tunnel and look to the right just as you make it in to New Jersey at the intersection of Observer Highway and Washington Street.

85. Turn right down Hudson Street and look on the right side of the road for a porch. Look up it to the east for the film reel.

86. Head west down Observer Highway and look across the street from The Highway Hotel.

87. Head north up Willow Street from 2nd Street and look in the yard of the second house on the right against the brick fence.

88. From Second Street head north on Newark Street and go on the porch of the third house.

89. Head north along Newark Street and go down the alley on the right behind Fabio Satriani and Sons. Turn right and head south until you see a covered enclosed area on your right. Either vault over or walk in the opening and head back to the north inside.

90. Turn left on 4th Street and then go north on Clinton. Look on the right side of the road for an unmarked alley just behind the alley along the side of the church.

91. Head east down 4th Street and turn north on to Garden Street. Soon after you will find an alley along the side of Velveteen’s, head down it until the wooden fence appears on the right. Turn to the right and take the film reel off the brick wall.

92. Head east on 4th Street and turn south on Washington Street. Bribe a cop so you don’t get a heat level and enter the police parking lot. Go up on the stairs to your right.

93. Head north up Washington Street and enter the Hospital area on the left side of the road. Go around to the left of the stairs to locate the film reel.

94. Head north up Washington Street and turn west on 14th Street. On the left you will come to a brick fence area, look behind it.

95. Head west down 14th Street and go south on Park Avenue. Just before 6th Street look on the right for a brick fenced area and go behind it.

96. Head west down 14th Street and turn on to Garden Parkway Viaduct. Check the left side for houses with porches, it is on the third house.

97. Head south on Garden Parkway Viaduct and look on the right side of the road. After you pass the weapon seller head in to the next corner area to enter a brick porch.

98. Enter the train yard from the weapon seller’s diagonal entrance. Head south along the west wall and you will find a building with some stairs shortly after. Go up the stairs and check the platform to the left.

99. In the train yard head south east over to the building on the east side and go up the stairs to check the porch in here for a film reel.

100. Head north on Park Avenue and enter the southern Lincoln Tunnel heading over to ***’s Kitchen. Head through the tunnel and check the left side for the film reel.


First Sign of Respect – 5G
Reach Respect Level 10.

Gaining Respect – 10G
Reach Respect Level 20.

Making an Impression – 15G
Reach Respect Level 30.

Demanding Respect – 20G
Reach Respect Level 40.

Jack of All Trades – 25G
Reach Respect Level 45.

Public Enemy Number One – 50G
Reach Respect Level 50.

Assassin – 10G
Earn 5 Execution Styles.

Petty Theft – 10G
Crack 10 Safes.

Negotiator – 5G
Bribe a Police Chief.

Smuggler – 10G
Hijack 10 Racket Trucks.

Real Estate Investor – 10G
Purchase a Safehouse.

Bodyguard – 10G
Hire a Crew Member.

Earner – 10G
Extort 10 Businesses.

Enforcer – 10G
Take Over 5 Rackets.

Arms Dealer – 10G
Purchase a Firearm Upgrade.

Forced Entry – 10G
Heist a Bank.

Demolitions Expert – 10G
Bomb a Business.

Knockout King – 15G
Win a Prize Fight.

Entrepreneur – 15G
Collect 10 Film Reels.

Neighborhood Control – 20G
Take Over a Neighborhood.

For the Family – 25G
Complete ALL Missions.

Contract Killer – 25G
Complete ALL Hits.

Service Provider – 25G
Complete ALL Favors.

Diplomat – 20G
Help ALL Merchants.

Total Domination – 50G
Extort ALL Businesses.

Front Man – 50G
Take Over ALL Fronts.

No More Narcotics – 30G
Bomb ALL Drug Rackets.

Warehouse Wrecker – 30G
Seize ALL Warehouses.

Transport Takedown – 30G
Seize ALL Transport Hubs.

Rival Family Elimination – 40G
Destroy ALL Rival Compounds.

Real Estate Mogul – 20G
Purchase/Own ALL Safehouses.

Bank Robber – 10G
Heist ALL Banks Once.

Heavyweight Champ – 25G
Win ALL Prize Fights.

Safecracker – 30G
Crack ALL Safes.

The Don – 25G
Reach Don Rank.

Don of NYC – 50G
Reach Don of NYC Rank.

Executioner – 40G
Complete ALL Execution Styles.

Debt Collector – 30G
Collect ALL 100 Film Reels.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q – What is the easiest way to gain Respect level 50?

A – If you are starting a new game then go through the story missions first until you get a respectable rank and then complete all side missions and all extras, rob banks and hijack racket trucks until you gain level 50. If you have already beaten the game and all the missions then all you can do is rob banks and take over Racket Trucks.

Q – Why can’t I lock on to the enemy right in front of me that is shooting at me?

A – The targeting system isn’t the best in the world and you will find that frequently you will be trying to lock onto someone in front of you and it will lock on to someone way over the other side of the street and it would have probably been better if they had just done a free-aim without a lock on system.

Q – I had a hired man with me and saved my game to turn it off, once I turned the game back on he was no longer there. What gives?

A – Every time that you save your game and turn off your console it is the same as telling your bodyguard to go back home.

Q – Every time I go into a prize fight I lose no matter what I do, what am I doing wrong?

A – Well you do not just have to use your fists, you can pick up a weapon and use it on him just as long as you don’t shoot him. Make sure that you fighting skill are above 5 for some of the fights as well.

Q – I can’t take down the compounds, as I can’t get in. What am I doing wrong?

A – You will need to make sure that you have a couple of upgraded weapons, make sure that you have a bodyguard as well. If you are still having problems getting in you can try stealing an armored van from the bank car park and just drive right in the compound with your bodyguard shooting out of the window.

If you have any more questions please leave them here and I will see if I am able to help you.

  1. avatar Toast

    i remember this game on PSP

  2. avatar Michael

    I bought a level 4 tommy gun. IS that supposed to be in the game.

  3. avatar Theo

    if i started a gang war, and already own their HQ. what should i attack then to win the gang war?

  4. avatar iNeedHelp

    where do i hire a bodyguard or someone to follow me

  5. avatar HELP

    Where do i find the black market merchant to sell me a bomb?

  6. avatar Mission Help

    Im at a mission where you have to putt a gun in the toilet, then micheal take the gun and shoot 2 people’s but you have to take micheal to the docks in hell’s kitchen then, but always my car get in fire, how do i finish this mission! Without getting hsot a lot!?

    • avatar Chetan

      I am glad to hear that you got a new happy home. When the house is big it is natural for the meemrbs to make that extra walk to get from one corner to another. This usually helps in keeping the body fit as you exercise while moving. Get a leg or body massage twice a month to get energized for this daily exercise. Keep walking !

  7. avatar helper

    well dat means yew all are still amateurs in the game


  8. avatar Help!!

    how to have fun with safehouse girls^^

  9. avatar Philip

    1) objective always show: Deliver the truck to colonial club in midtown, where can i find that truck and I buy all safe house and takeover all compound and warehouse still cannot be the Don in NY, what is the reason?

  10. avatar Anonymous

    When on the way to Corleone compound, can’t get there as the street falls away? Anyone have this problem?

    • avatar damn i like vito corleone!!!

      its probarly a bug they maybe gonna fix it idk but for so far just reload last save (couple times if dont work) so it worked for me just try and reload every time if went wrong so may gonna work whit you
      im happy if this helped

    • avatar Hakjun

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