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By: | December 8th, 2008
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Hello, and welcome to my Team Fortress 2 achievement guide. This guide will provide helpful tips and tricks on how to obtain all of the achievements legitimately.  There are 17 achievements in TF2 and if you get them all you will also gain 170 Gamerpoints.

-I wrote this guide and got alot of information from personal experiences.

-If you have any questions than feel free to ask.

-Be sure to check out The TF2 Wiki for alot of cool information


- Most of these achievements require team work, so always use your mic if you can. Having a mic can help alert your team of dangers such as sentries and spies. Communication is the key to success.

- Learning the maps is vital if you want the map specific achievements. Knowing the Map and Gametype will help you plan ahead for what class you are going to play.

- Know what each class’s strengths and weaknesses are. Don’t play scout if they have a sentry between you and your objective. Change to spy or demoman, they have a better chance of taking down sentry guns.

- Have fun! Achievements aren’t everything. Just keep playing and make some new friends, you’ll get them all eventually.

The Achievement Guide

Turret – 5G
- Description: Accumulate 10 turret kills with a single turret.
- How to achieve: This is considered one of the hardest achievements in the game. If you have a team of reliable players who have mics, your chances of getting this achievement increase dramatically. A good spot to use is the rooftop of the small shack on Dustbowl stage 2, capture point 1. There is a small section towards the back of the roof that sticks out to the side, place your gun here and alert your teammates if your gun is under fire. This gun stops people from leaving the trench from all exits so you can quickly rack up kills on unsuspecting enemies.

Nemesis – 5G
- Description: Get five revenge kills.
- How to achieve: This one is fairly simple. You’re bound to get dominated by other players sooner or later. Once you are being dominated just kill the person with a boxing glove icon above their head. Do this 5 times and you will earn it.

Hard to Kill – 10G
- Description: Get five kills in a row without dying.
- How to achieve: This achievement may seen hard but it’s easy to get if you are playing a power class (Soldier, demoman, Heavy) I got mine while playing as an engineer, a well placed sentry can get you this pretty fast.

Master of Disguise – 15G
- Description: Trick an opposing medic into healing you.
- How to achieve: This achievement requires an enemy medic to heal you. You must be playing spy to earn this. It seems that this achievement doesn’t unlock the all the time for people. I was healed by an enemy medic on two different occasions before I unlocked this. A good place to unlock this is Dustbowl stage 3, capture point 1. Once the gates drop cloak behind enemy lines and wait until things start to get chaotic. Call for medic while running around. Most medics won’t check spy check you if there is a lot of action going on. (Being disguised as a power class helps)

With Friends Like these… – 10G
- Description: Play in a game with seven or more players from your friends list.
- How to achieve: Just play the game! If you use your mic you’re bound to meet some cool people, add them too your friends list and eventually you’ll play with 7 of them unlocking the achievement. Having friends in this game also helps you unlock other achievements with greater ease.

Dynasty – 10G
- Description: Win 20 games.
- How to achieve: This achievement will be unlocked after playing for awhile. As I said above having friends makes achievements like this a lot easier. I would avoid 2Fort games since they tend to last a long time in comparison to other maps.

Hardcore – 15G
- Description: Accumulate 1000 total kills.
- How to achieve: Same as Dynasty just play awhile and you will get better over time and start to rack up more kills than when you started. You will have it in no time.

Powerhouse Offense – 5G
- Description: Win 2Fort with a shutout.
- How to achieve: This isn’t as hard as it may seem. Join any 2Fort game you want and check to see what your teammates are doing and what classes they are playing. If you have a solid defense, then it’s time to go play some offense. If you have a friend that will help you it makes this one a lot easier. One of you go medic and the other can go any power class. With a successful uber-charge you should be able to get the intelligence, or help clear a path for a teammate to take it. If that doesn’t working you can attempt to organize a spy/demoman combo.

Lightning Offense – 10G
- Description: Win Well in 5 minutes or less.
- How to achieve: Same as above. A good medic power class combo helps. Having one or more scouts on your team can help capture points faster. Owning more control points lets you capture points a lot quicker.

Relentless Offense – 20G
- Description: Win Hydro without giving up a capture.
- How to achieve: A lot of times you can scout rush an enemy base and take the point before they get a solid defense up. If an initial scout rush doesn’t work you’ll have to focus on defense a bit and make sure that they don’t gain any points. Just keep pushing on offense and you’ll take it eventually.

Impenetrable Defense – 10G
- Description: Successfully defend Dustbowl without giving up a capture.
- How to achieve: This is a hard achievement if you are on an uncoordinated team. You’ll need an engineer or two and some demoman/soldier classes. Don’t put all of your defense on the point. Have one engineer set up in a good spot outside to prevent an uber-charge from wiping both sentries out. The first point is very easy to capture so coordination is the key to success here. Try to keep them back towards their spawn but don’t stray too far from the point.

Impossible Defense – 30G
- Description: Successfully defend Gravel Pit without giving up a capture.
- How to achieve: This is the hardest map based achievement. It requires a lot of communication and team work as well as a good understanding of the map. You’ll need to split up your defense between A and B. It’s good to have some power classes but don’t dismiss the scout just because of his low health! Scouts can dominate the defense on this map. You’ll need their quick speed to run between points, helping out where needed and stalling enemies. I good thing to remember is that if you lose the outside of B, you lose B. Putting sentries inside B isn’t always a good idea. Keep sentries outside to guard against rocket-jumping soldiers because once they are on the roof, they can take out most people who are inside with ease.

Head of the Class – 5G
- Description: Play a complete round with every class.
- How to achieve: The description says it all. Just play a round and don’t change classes. Changing classes during a respawn time counts as changing so just stick to one the entire time. It’s easy to get this on Hydro since rounds can go by really fast.

World Traveler – 5G
- Description: Play a complete game on every map.
- How to achieve: This one comes with time. Most people get it just by trying out different maps. It’s every simple. Winning doesn’t matter so just finish a game and it will count.

Team Doctor – 5G
- Description: Accumulate 25000 heal points as a Medic.
- How to achieve: Just play medic for awhile. I recommend Dustbowl for this achievement because teammates get hurt a lot especially on offensive pushes so it shouldn’t take too long to acquire.

Flamethrower – 5G
- Description: Set five enemies on fire in 30 seconds.
- How to achieve: This may seem difficult at first but its one of the easiest in the game. Dustbowl stage 2, capture point 1 is an ideal location for this. Play pyro on defense and when the gates drop just rush in the trench flaming everything in your path.

Grey Matter – 5G
- Description: Get 25 headshots as a Sniper.
- How to achieve: This one is fairly simple. The headshots don’t all have to be from one game so there is no rush when you’re trying to get them. I recommend 2Fort because there is always at least one enemy sniper on the battlements so it shouldn’t be that hard. Wait for your shot to charge up a bit and fire. It doesn’t take a fully charged shot to kill an enemy sniper, but power classes take at least a ¾ charged shot to kill in most cases.

Class specific videos

(Video’s provided by EvilDaedalus)

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