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Zombie Uprising

This is a small game within Saints Row 2 and is accessible from the television sets in your cribs. The general idea behind this game is to kill a set amount of zombies without losing all your health. There are six waves within this game, each wave bringing in more zombies to kill – but after Wave Three, nothing really gets harder. The only difficult aspect of this game is conserving ammunition, so there is some strategy involved here. Immediately after starting the game, run behind the water fountain and pick up all the available weaponry – this will form the main arsenal of items that will get you through this. From there, take out a melee item (not a chainsaw) and start to kill the zombies with it. For the first two waves, just use such items, grabbing a new one whenever the current one breaks. When you get to Wave Three, zombies can run at you engulfed in fire, so at some point (midway) you will need to start using a firearm to take these ones out. When this time comes, withdraw your pistol and head to the stairs in the corner of the map and turn right into the corridor – move right to the end where the mini-gun lays, but do not pick it up. At the moment, you should have a pistol, a SMG, a shotgun, a rifle and some grenades and until you run out of ammunition, let the mini-gun as it is. Now, from there, look at killing the approaching zombies. Headshots for all the non-decapitated zombies is what you are aiming for, and then the stomach for the giant zombies – as wasting ammunition will not do you any favours. Going through each weapon will take you to Wave Six, and by this time, you should have the mini-gun. When using the mini-gun, fire in short bursts to avoid shooting at walls and losing much needed bullets. At some point however, you will need to leave the corridor and go back to the baseball bat method once the remaining ammunition depletes. Luckily, zombies drop ammunition some time, so you can switch back and forth as you please. With enough patience and care, you can complete all the waves without losing much health – and the food is there to help you recover that damage.

Some additional tips include letting fire zombies bump into other zombies, which will cause those touched to die helping reduce the numbers and also, shooting the children zombies explodes them, which can assist in taking out nearby hoards of zombies. All in all, aim carefully, and ensure you are never too close to a nearby zombie. Also, do not run outside the map as you can accidentally leave the game and will need to start again. Good luck.

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  1. avatar william

    where is the snatch

  2. avatar The Todd

    I got a snatch for you RIGHT HERE!

  3. avatar jon

    the fuzz activities arent showing up on the map,any ideas??? or locations would be brilliant

  4. avatar Devin

    is there a police diversion?

  5. avatar Anonymous

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