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Mayhem – Nuclear Plant

I have already written a method for the Mayhem Activity, but after completing the two locations, there is a great difference in how you should tackle them. For the Nuclear Plant location, ignore the first method – it will not work here. Firstly, and this is for all Activities – unlock the Vehicle Delivery – preferably being free of charge. For the first level of this Activity, it will be stationed on the Plant Island, so just grab a vehicle and head for the fences surrounding the perimeter of the island – it should not be too hard to cause enough damage and pass the level. From there, all successive levels start from the Hotels District and the areas you will complete the activity range from the Factories District, to Stillwater University, to the Marina District and then finally Chinatown. As a heads up now, I could not get to the Marina area ever (not offered), so if that is the case, stick to Chinatown – it is a much easier location compared to the first two listed. If in any of the levels you are not asked to go to Chinatown or the Marina District, exit the level and restart the Activity until you do.

In the first four levels of Mayhem, you will get away with just driving into fences, dining areas and stalls/tables. For Levels 5 and above, you will need to be more proactive. I recommend getting a Bulldog first – it can sustain decent damage and allows you to thrown the satchel charges. Upgrade the car to strengthen it as much as possible (Performance Modifications) with Nitrous added – to help boost you forward when hitting items slows you down. So, for the final two levels (at Chinatown), drive up to areas where there is a lot of items to destroy – this includes fences, barrels, dining areas, enclosure fences, lamp posts, fireworks boxes, small stalls – anything that is grouped together in a small place – look near the sides of buildings (or behind/in front) and in alleyways. Drive you car carefully around these areas, throwing as many Satchel Charges as possible to cover all the area (know that these explodes so you need not put them right next to each other – put them a car’s length away). Once done, drive away from the place and press the Left Trigger repeatedly to explode each charge. This will cause a lot of explosions, taking out any car, person and item nearby – with a few areas targeted you can finish the level with relative ease.

I recommend, before starting, know the area (Chinatown) well do you can plan your route – to avoid wasting time and being hit by police while driving, looking for a place to go. At some point, you car will start to smoke – so you can either run the rest of the activity, running as you throw them, or get the car delivered once it explodes – I say just run it though, you would waste time trying to get out of tight spots etc. Now, at these levels, your notoriety will rise quite quickly, so when the police come, you can also thrown the charges at them, but make sure you get enough distance apart before exploding them. Other than that, it is best to have the territory owned so the Saints can help provide support against the authorities – and have some food in case you take damage from being hit/shot or exploded. Also, the higher levels provide the Satchel Charges with infinite ammunition, so do not hesitate to throw them to your content.

Be aware also, that you should not try to take too many areas at once before detonating the previous set of Charges – as they might not register/explode. So, if you find to areas with things to explode relatively close (within eye sight), then you can throw Charges on both before detonating them to increase the combo multiplier – but not if the areas are far apart.

For the Marina location, throw Satchel Charges on the machines and tables in the Casino on both levels before detonating to get a massive multiplier bonus. In addition, seating areas, benches and other items on the boardwalk will also be of assistance – and do not forget the Developer’s Studio inside the Mall. I would like to thank Yuppafubara for recommending using Satchel Charges, confirming Chinatown as a suitable location and for informing me of the Marina strategy, without that help I could not have developed the method for Chinatown. Note: Satchel Charges are thrown with the Right Trigger and detonated one by one with the Left Trigger.

Here man, have a Red Bull, just don’t hurt anybody.


This Activity requires you to fly above your Homies, protecting them while they traffic drugs and make other stops along the way. There are two locations for this Activity, one in the Trailer Park District and one in the Barrio District. Now, before attempting either, you have to have a solid understanding for how helicopters handle – so you can fly them skilfully, dodging weapons and weaving in and between buildings and other obstacles. To complete the later levels, you need to be able to fly quickly while controlling both the helicopter itself and the weapons it holds – it is not an easy task for beginners. Once you are competent enough, head over to one of the locations. All the levels basically follow the same structure; cover the van making deliveries, taking out the enemy gang cars and helicopters which follow the fan – either shooting at you or your Homies.

There are only two ways which you can fail this, either destroy your aircraft or the Homies are killed – both can easily happen if you do not focus on the task at hand. For the first few levels, the main thing you need to do is monitor the road, looking for enemy gang cars and taking them out – sometimes accompanied with a helicopter every once in a while. Now, the helicopter has two weapons, a turret and a homing missile. The turret is quite useless, so focus on just the homing missile. To operate it, keep the ridicule focused on the target you wish to take down – it needs not be spot on the car/helicopter, but close to. Once the target locks on, fire the gun and watch it follows the enemy. In some cases, the missile will fly into a building or railroad track, so before firing again, get a more open shot – nothing too taxing really.

It is important that you keep an eye on the mini-map, when a red triangle appears, it means a new car or helicopter is on your tail and when this happens; look around to identify what exactly the gang members are in, if you cannot see the car on the ground, it means a helicopter is on its way. Regardless, you should not delay in taking them down – the longer they are on the field, the more damage they can do to your helicopter or the van, and when RPGs come into play in the later levels, you are not going to want to wait. I also recommend staying as low as possible to the ground, not too low so that you cannot lock onto enemy helicopters, but not too high that cars cannot be locked onto. All in all, to complete this Activity relatively easily, you just need to make sure that you can fly the helicopter around buildings and other obstacles without much hassles, and that you can lock onto and take out enemy gangs quickly – it is not too hard to complete without co-operation help – but for those not feeling as confident, find someone willing to help – and split flying and shooting between the two. In addition, rarely, but it will happen, you will be asked to pick up your Homies from the ground because their car runs out of petrol. In this case, fly down slowly and allow them to grab onto the railing of the helicopter. You will then need to be steady in flying to the location given, not going too fast, too high or flying radically – because they can fall off – but they do not sustain damage so do not fret if they do fall.

Drug Trafficking

This Activity is straight-forward – protect the dealer as he ‘slings product’ to various people throughout Stillwater. Traditionally, people have found this to be the hardest Activity in this game, and the previous game – but there is a way around it. To complete this activity with ease, you will need to have the Vehicle Delivery feature unlocked and at least one Bear stored in your garage – to unlock the Bear, get a police notoriety higher than three stars in the Saints Row district – it is a massive black armoured vehicle with a mini-gun attached. Once you have these, head to either one of the locations for this Activity, either the Marina or Airport district. Enter the Activity and protect the driver until you get to the first stop. Once there, get out of the vehicle and call up for the Bear to be delivered. Wait for the deal to finish between the dealer and the buyer, by then the car should be there, jump in and get ready to blast through this Activity – quite literally! Now, with this car and activity, you ride shotgun – there is no driving involved. All you have to do now is hold down the trigger, and fire at any enemy gang vehicle or member who is shooting or ramming you. This car is quite tough, so you do not have to worry about changing it for a new one (I think, that in a set of six levels, you can progress through the first five without swapping for a new one – and quite possibly complete all levels without changing if you are careful). What I recommend doing is, while riding, shoot at the driver of an oncoming enemy vehicle, this means that the car will swerve to the side and no longer provide chase. You can however just shoot at the engine until it explodes – whatever suits you. When coming up to a stop, the driver will jump out, but you do not have to, just keep lookout, and shoot oncoming vehicles or members who are close-by.

There will be times however when the buyer will not pay for the product, in this case, as the game prompts, kill them to complete the deal. In most cases, you can take them out from the car – but if not, just jump out quickly and run back to the Bear. All in all, this will not be a problem for you now. Without this method, you will need to struggle with keeping a weak car from blowing up and using a set amount of ammunition. Using the Bear, the car is tough, can take a beating and the mini-gun never runs out of ammunition. Good luck with this – you should breeze through it this way. Note: In the event which the car does develop black smoke, get out, steal a new car, and then on the next stop, call for your Homie to bring a new one.


In Saints Row 2, Racing has changed somewhat. For starters, they are no longer considered an ‘Activity’ and they do not go towards the 100% completion of the game. In addition, the races are split into two types – timed run or street race and unlike the first game; the vehicles for each are supplied to you. For this reason, most races are quite easy to complete, but some will prove a challenge. Before continuing, all 27 races are divided unequally into five different types of vehicles: motorcar, motorbike, watercraft, helicopter and aeroplane. Really, for all land and watercraft races, it should not take you that long to win the race. When you find the shortcuts to be taken across vacant land lots or even just cutting corners, you can save a considerable amount of time and grab the gold medal. In addition, the A.I. does not take shortcuts, so if you can take advantage of that, you will find the races even easier. For all races, only a first place in a street race and a gold time in a time trial will count – anything else will not register as a pass.

For aircraft races though, the time trials can get difficult. Some will take multiple tries, learning the course outline, getting the controls right and avoiding any collisions, because with these vehicles, a slight bump can send you into the ground or wall. If you are finding any of these races difficult, first ensure you know the course outline. From there, practice taking corners, and then raising and lowering the aircraft without slowing down much – because this is where most of the time is to be lost. Using a left control stick, pressing down or up can speed/slow the aircraft and help stabilise it in those tight spots. Also, remember to use the right and left bumpers on your controller to help make sharper turns.

Since there is no nitrous or upgrades available for the vehicles, you will have to rely on your ability to get to the finish as fast as you can in these races. With land races, using the handbrake to speed around corners without losing much speed, for water races, press the brake only enough to make the sharp turns then speed forwards as quickly as possible. For air races, you need to use the left control stick to manoeuvrer the aircraft, along with the accelerator and decelerator and the bumpers to make each corner a quick one to minimise any speed lost in moving throughout the course. Also, unlike the land and water races, the vehicles in the air cannot sustain much damage and can be thrown around with the smallest mistake, so avoid surroundings at all cost. Just remember, some of these will be tough, but redoing the race, learning the course and improving slightly each time will help to grab the reward in the end. Race icons do not go grey when completed, so keep a record of which ones you have done, because you cannot check which ones you have done from the mini-map nor the game map – only from driving up to the event yourself.

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