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Fight Club

There are two locations for the Activity, the prison and the Ultor Dome. For both, use the following method. In the initial levels, just attack the opponents, getting the combination knock-outs and taking them out one by one. Do not worry about food – you should not eat anything in these early levels – save it for later. For the later levels, run around the perimeter. With over four opponents, in the level, two will be fighting themselves and the rest, chasing you. Just keep running until an item drops for you to use. When it does, grab it and go after the two men chasing you. Continue to hit them, and then run around the enclosure grabbing items and using them. Once they are knocked about enough to take them out, do so and then proceed to the final two, which will be chasing you now, rather than attacking themselves. Again, repeat the same method and take them out carefully. Just be sure to have food at the ready as you may require it in the final levels.

Man it’s hot, I’m glad I wore a wife beater.


This is a relatively easy Activity, although, without due care, you can fail by missing out on getting enough footage in the time required. For this, do not fret about purchasing ammunition, it is provided. There are generally two types of offenders – those on foot and those in a car – whether it is a car, septic tank or armoured tank. For offenders on foot, you can either shoot them or just run them over to save time running around. Although, if you decide to run them down, it is only good for one scenario per level – that means, you cannot run down protestors and then run down skaters – the footage will only be counted for the first act. When a car is involved, drive in front, block it off and shoot the driver – or just shoot the car until it explodes or the driver jumps out – but it is best to go straight for the driver themselves, especially on the heavier vehicles. The only problem with this activity is not wasting time on foot when you need to take out a group of offenders with a melee or short range item (like the flamethrower). Apart from that, time is your only concern but you can complete it all with relative ease.

Car Surfing

This is quite easy to do, and goes towards an Achievement. What I found best was the highways; conveniently, there is an entrance to one near the Projects Crib. Head over there, and pull over a sedan. Jump on the roof and initiate the diversion. When it starts, just tap the Left thumb stick gently to not sway the counter too much, but still allowing you to maintain your balance. About ten seconds is enough for the three gold stars, once done, just let your character tip over and the diversion is complete. Note: When the driver swerves to avoid traffic, take note of where he is turning to prepare to move the stick in the required direction.

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    where is the snatch

  2. avatar The Todd

    I got a snatch for you RIGHT HERE!

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    the fuzz activities arent showing up on the map,any ideas??? or locations would be brilliant

  4. avatar Devin

    is there a police diversion?

  5. avatar Anonymous

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