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It comes as no surprise, that there are quite a lot of different activities and diversions throughout Saints Row 2. To assist both new and existing gamers, I figured I would make a guide for users to ask and contribute methods and tips for completing these Activities etc. Feel free to add upon below. – Anchorman Mazda

Insurance Fraud

There are two locations for this Activity. Now, there are many methods out there, some recommending helicopters etc., but to get this completed with relative ease – and while remaining hilarious and entertaining – all you need to ensure is that the location of the activity (location to complete the Insurance Fraud) is near a highway. In the Factories Insurance Fraud – you should always aim for the Airport District and for the Downtown Insurance Fraud – the Downtown District. If you are not asked to go to these locations, press down on the D-Pad twice in quick succession to exit the level and restart it – and this can be done as many times as you need to get to these two places. Remember, do not Exit the Activity, but merely retry – otherwise the game will leave you where you exited it. Using this method, you are going to aim for all trucks or heavy vehicles – utes etc. When you see one coming, jump first then press RT or just fall in front of it pressing RT without jumping. Either way, you can get five thousand points per hit, but then bouncing off other vehicles can get this in excess of 20 thousand – either way, you will get the cash required without much hassle. When you get into the air from being hit, use the left thumb stick to guide your character to either under other cars, or on top of other cars. You can also get more points if you bounce your character off the windscreens of passing vehicles – if you can control it. When you get the Adrenalin working, hits will throw you pretty far, so use this air time to get your character in between traffic for those high points! That said using this method is quick, easy and should not present any problems. Good Luck. Note: For the Downtown District, the highway is just near the location of the Activity, just jump off the overpass and press RT to ‘fall’ onto the highway – it is not a lot of points, but it is fun nonetheless before you start jumping into the traffic.

Trail Blazing

This Activity also has two locations. The aim of this is to get through a set course (checkpoints) in a given time. To ensure your chances of winning, you must hit other pedestrians or vehicles for extra time – and then going through a checkpoint will grant you this extra time. The key is to not dawdle on the track (route) but still hitting enough items to get you the time required. Pedestrians give you 2 + seconds, while Cars give you 1 + second, so try to hit as many people by as possible. Also, along the ground you will notice small flames – hit those to send sparks to nearby petroleum barrels for big explosions and hopefully heaps of time bonuses. When I was doing these Activities, I stuck to the sidewalk as much as I could to hit the people, but when there were no groups around, there were more than enough cars on the road to help you out. Not much can be said from that, just try to minimise errors (hitting objects that will stop you – street poles etc.) and use the handbrake to get around corners quickly without wasting time. I restarted various levels about ten times maximum across the two locations, so it is not hard at all. Also, you can drive through small ponds – but if you hit a large body of water, you car will be deemed as ‘destroyed’ and you will need to restart the level. This Activity is not hard at all. Good Luck.

Obama and Palin keep it gangsta.

Demolition Derby

This is relatively easy, and there is only one location, Stillwater University. Once you enter the activity, there is a range of cars available to use – I recommend using a long/low car rather than one of the vans or heavier vehicles for Levels 1 – 5, but at Level 6, you will need to use a heavier vehicle to last the bashings. In all levels though, what you are aiming to do is destroy the other vehicles – causing as much damage as you can. To do this, use the Nitrous (press the Left Stick) to gain speed and then hit as many vehicles as you can – preferably head-on for greater damage. The more cars you hit, the more damage caused, the easier the win will be. When it comes to upgrades, place the points in the following order … Level One: Speed – Offense – Defence and then Level Two: Offense – Speed – Defence. As long as you get involved in the ruckus and spend most of your time smashing the cars rather than driving around, you will clear this Activity with ease.


In this Activity, there really are only two problems – a) avoiding the police and b) finding places which will allow you to rack up enough combination points for high scores. I am up to the location outside the first crib, so this method works for both locations, but the specifics (places to travel) work here only – unless they are shared by other Mayhem location. Firstly, you will need to find a bulldozer – without it – this will be somewhat more challenging as the police will easily destroy less durable vehicles. Once you have found one, save it in your garage, and then withdraw it and head to the location. As many members have said – railings, fences and other barriers which surround perimeters – will yield massive multiplier combination bonuses and will get the level completed relatively quickly. Three places I have found offer such scenery include Projects District, Suburbs District and Downtown District – although the final location is a little harder than the first two. Just like Insurance Fraud, you can restart the activity until you get the location you want, although, if you do, the car will not stay with you, so, if you decide to do this, you need to cancel the activity completely, then grab the Bulldozer and restart the activity from its Location again – which can be tedious. When you get to higher levels, the police will ram you and shoot at you, but the car will be able to sustain the damage.

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    I got a snatch for you RIGHT HERE!

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    the fuzz activities arent showing up on the map,any ideas??? or locations would be brilliant

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    The insurance fraud helped me out a lot. And for mayhem.. The key is to go to places with a lotta fences. Keep that in mind

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