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Avatar ImageRant: Why Sony’s Not in Trouble
By: | December 19th, 2008


So lately for some unheard of reason the internet has been bashing Sony’s name, claiming that the Playstation 3 is dying, and that Sony has ruined the console. Sound familiar to any one? Wasn’t this the same thing we heard for the first 6 months after launch? In my opionion these claims are completely unfounded. There is nothing at all that shows any sign of Playstation 3 growth stoppage and here’s why.

Sales. Sure Novembers sales were down, but how is it everyone forgets that Sony’s Playstation 3 sales this year have blown last years away? This year Sony has completely turned around sales. The Playstation has been doing consistently well against it’s main competitor the 360. 360 and PS3 sales have been neck and neck, while Nintendo runs away with the numbers. So next month when Xbox sales are down will we see the market turn sour on the 360? It seems the market takes Sony’s firm loss of the top spot in the gaming market means the PS3 is a failure.


A failure? Are you all serious? Have you not seen Killzone 2 footage? Do you not see the potential of Home? Did you miss LittleBigPlanet? And did you completely sleep through Metal Gear Solid 4? Nothing this year has shown any signs of what I would consider failure. Home may not be what everyone expected but it sure does something different than just giving us avatars that stand in feminine positions and sit in snow globes. Home delivers a great median to get new info across to the masses. Killzone 2… really nothing about this game says anything other than greatness. Surely the end of February will turn haters of the PS3 around and see the potential after this release. If you haven’t played LittleBigPlanet…. you have been truely missing out. The sheer enjoyment of this game makes the oldest feel like the youngest. It brings simplicity back to gaming in a huges way, while delivering a great developers insight to level design. And boy was MGS4 a delight. Blending a movie with great gameplay this game will continue to shine through out this generation.

All in all it seems that most of the hate aimed at the PS3 is purely out of ignorance. Those people who own the Playstation 3 tend to be very pleased with their purchase. The Playstation 3 isn’t only shining today, but with a growing understanding of how to get the most out of the system, it will continue to shine for some time. We can only imagine where Sony is going to take the Playstation 3, but I would venture to guess its going to be great.

  1. I agree Gerry, it’s the people that make it out that the PS3 is somehow in trouble, the truth is it’s just in it’s prime.

  2. avatar turd

    so true what i dont get is why would any1 buy a wii

  3. I’m sure to have something to play with their kids. I mean the Wii really has no software, what ever is out there will not sell to too many people unless it’s mario and they don’t put those out every month.

  4. avatar Matthew Prunty

    Though you didn’t touch on it, it only cost SOny $300 to make the PS3 console now, so they are turning a profit on each console they are selling ($399 and $499). They took a big hit financly in the beginning, this year was “The Year of The Playstation” in terms of them coming out swinging and putting out quality products….2009 will definitely be the “Year of The Playstation” in terms of being its own games and seperating himself from Xbox 360.

  5. Good info Prunty, but how would a PS3 cost that low now, more money coming in perhaps?

  6. avatar RJ

    This guy is an absolute idiot.

    Do you work for Sony?

    Are you on the Board of Directory?

    Do you have any education what so ever?

    I agree the PS3 is shining, I am excited about the games, but if sales are down then the company is in trouble.

    It does not matter what potential they have, or what they can achieve, it’s how much money you bring in.

    Sony is in a world of hurt, they based their sales figures on the PS2 sales. They expected the PS3 to sell as good as the PS2, if not better. They are in deficit, every year they say the PS3 will be profitable next year, they over promise and do not deliver. Next year they should pull themselves out but for the time being they are definitely in trouble.

  7. avatar RJ

    I would also like to point one more thing in this article that is stupid.

    “If you haven’t played LittleBigPlanet…. you have been truely missing out.” gave it a 7.0 where they gave prince of persia, mortal kombat and left 4 dead 9 and above.

    So obviously this guy is an idiot because he posts on a site that doesn’t share the same views as him.

  8. avatar BeWrong

    i don’t really get it why they bash on the Playstation 3 considering the fact that it offers so much. Especially in terms of Exclusitivity, games exclusive on the PS3 can only be played on the PS3, Xbox so-called exclusive games comes out on PC version after a few months with a far more superior version. The price maybe steep but you get what you paid for. I don’t really get why the Wii is in first place and The 360 is having more sales than this console. PSN over XBL, free is still free. RoD still runs free with the 360 and the wii hasn’t release a decent game after Smash Brothers so what gives.

  9. Hey RJ, your articles will be delete it if you attack a person again. The guy that wrote that review played it and just didn’t like it for some reason.

  10. avatar RJ

    Wii sells consoles…not games. People only buy it for wii sports, they don’t really sell many games besides the good nintendo mario games

    360 sells the console for the games, its cheaper than owning a PC, and people have no trouble setting it up. The 360 has 3 years warranty, I just got mine back after a week with 1 month free xbox live membership.

    ps3 sells for potential, problem is they have not been delivering on their promises.

  11. I meant to say comments not articles lol. Keep it clean mate, the guy that wrote it has both systems, so it doesn’t make him an idiot that he respects a console. Get your mind out of the gutter, be open minded.

  12. Yea i agree on what you said about the PS3. But PS3 hardware is a lot more reliable if you think about it. No disc scratching, no RRoD, no over heating. Both consoles are great. Sony is selling more than half a million to a million consoles a month, so their not doing too bad.

  13. avatar RJ

    I have had 3 PS3′s sent back for DVD lens dying out.

    Each time I sent it, it actually no joke took 6-8 weeks.
    And after each time they sent a refurbished one, so basically for 6 weeks they couldnt be bothered to turn it on and go ‘Hey the DVDs not working’ and send me a refurbished PS3.

    I didn’t really care coz I had my 360, i’ve sent my xbox once and got it back in under 2 weeks, with one month free membership.

  14. avatar Malt

    to play devils advocate

    - didn’t even reach 400k in a holiday month
    - its biggest shooter RFoM2 flopped expectations.
    - LBP flopped didn’t even chart top 20 in a holiday month
    - Killzone has yet to be a proven franchise guerilla games is yet to be a proven developer
    - home has had a rough open beta continuing with sony cutting voice chat
    - sony continues to lay off workers

    strangis has said how close they were to actually discontinuing the ps3 after the 3 months of sub 100k months in north america.
    if they can not get the price down or choice not to get the price down another 3 months of horrible sales could in fact lead to sony pulling or at least limiting sales for north america

  15. avatar RJ

    Thanks Malt

    First person to post something intelligent. The rest are just fan boys. I was so looking forward to RFOM2 but because sales are so low I’m not even going to bother even renting it.

  16. avatar Johnny5

    I have to agree with Malt. The only big titles that came out in gaming’s biggest season didnt do well at all. Valkyria Chronoclices sold 33,000 copies. 33,000 for arguably one of the systems best games? Ugh. Bad news bears.

  17. avatar Johnny5

    Man, I missed the spelling of Chronicles pretty bad on that last post.

  18. avatar RJ

    Chronoclices … LOL

    Sounds like an oompa luumpa

    33,000, that is so low, say they make about $30 a copy profit, 30 x 33000 = $99,000

    That game prob cost them min $4 Million. Such a bad investment.

  19. It’s a hard word to spell when you’re on the go.

    It’s funny if this was an article about how bad the ps3 is doing, we’d have 40 comments flaming us on how we work for MS. I wonder if anyone looks when they post and what their doing hehe.

    Sorry about my sales figures guys, I think i just threw something out of my butt.

  20. avatar RJ

    Oops silly me

    30 x 33000 = $900,000

    So shameful coming from a guy who has a degree in physics.

  21. avatar RJ

    oops again

    30 x 33000 = $99,000

  22. Hehe, you’re ok RJ, I knew the number you were talking about. Thanks for keeping it clean Pal.

  23. avatar RJ

    I must be on drugs

    30 x 33000 = 990,000

  24. avatar GamerGirl4life

    I don’t think so RJ! I think YOUR fanboyism is showing here. My PS3 stopping reading game discs too. I sent my system in on the 9th of December and got it back on the 16th. On the other hand, I’m on my 5th Xbox360 now and it just sits in my room collecting dust. The past 4 systems all got RRoD. I’m too busy with HOME, MGS4, and Resistance 2 right now anyway. I like both systems but there aren’t any games I like on the 360 right now (except Gears of course). If your 360 breaks, all M$ sends you is a shipping sticker. How cheap is that? At least Sony sends you everything u need to send it in (box included). Also, RJ, why would you decide 2 buy/rent a game based on it’s sales alone?

  25. avatar Malt

    the point was Playstation 3 has been the biggest cash loss for sony and with sales slow and a price cut not really a feasible option something is going to change.
    in Sept of this year sony has said the playstation division is under review as part of corporate changes and is in review for how playstation will affect the wider sony business.

    you have to realize that the ps3 can sell console for console with the xbox and still be costing sony money they may not be able to make back. If that number again starts droping under 100k something WILL happen in regards to how sony handle the playstation division.

    this isn’t fanboy talk its something that can potentially be a serious issue in the upcoming months and selling 380k in nov, franchise games flopping, hyped up home turning into tepid reviews, seeing over 8000 jobs cut, multiple manufacturing plants closed, raising prices in other divisions to compensate, declining economical state, and other divisions in sony being cut or seeing major reductions… this isn’t all just fanboy banter

  26. avatar Malt

    Recent article from Dec 18th

    “Sony may be forced to make further difficult restructuring decisions”

    “With only these measures, we cannot fully survive the current economic situation,”

    “steps including further lay-offs may be needed to keep the company from sinking further into the abyss.”

    “the company needs to do whatever it can to keep its head above water.”

    like i said this is a sony wide issue, there will be changes made to the playstation division to stop some the the cash it’s been bleeding

  27. avatar Mark

    The only console performing well below expectations is the 360. No one expects the PS3 to set the sales charts on fire at $399 BUT at $199, the 360 is still far behind the more expensive Wii. Microsoft is running out of options.

  28. avatar Malt

    don’t use Wii as the base line for what sales should be.
    the Wii is in its own world right now

    the 360 in nov is doing better then what ps2 had been doing in nov baring that gta year.

    its by no means doing poorly or far below average.

    as for the ps3; people did and still do have high expectations for it.
    look at the title of the article your posting about.
    the ps3 is doing poorly.
    Yes i know it has been an ok year for ps3, even out selling the 360 for a few months but that doesn’t negate the fact that in the end the 360 could out sell it by close to 2 million and it Will finish again last in sales for the year.

    Keep in mind that I don’t think that sony will fold ps3 and pull out of the race. I think the ps3 could have a huge year if its handled properly. RE5 and Killzone could generate sales for Q1, A price drop and pack ins during the spring will boost sales, A good showing at E3 with Metal Gear and Twisted Metal could be a big confidence boost for potential buyers, back to back releases of God of War and Gran Turismo in the fall could sustain a major spike in sales as well as exclusive demo for Final Fantasy boxed with major first party games could be Huge.

    but i do feel that all the pieces have to fall into place and they have to get over the Q1 Q2 hump.

  29. avatar caz

    sony might have laidoff workers but how many workers got laid off when ms closed 5 first party studios

  30. avatar Monkeymenace

    Little Big Planet was a flop? omg has anyone played that game…… the depth is unbelievable! Even today i still cant understand how some people have achieved what they have achieved in that game in terms of level creation…. No other game offers that kind of complexity. Guess if they gave it a chance it would do well…

    If you look at where all the hate is coming from…. America!!! Fanboism towards the xbox is fierce there and the install base for xbox is much higher…. whoopee doo….! Sony is just getting started with the PS3 and its a fantastic machine that is ever evolving…. It surprises me all the time about what it can do… Just the other day i found out it was fully capable for 3d stereoscopic gaming…. huh!….. We all know what the xbox is capable of…. lighting up with a pretty red ring……. I also have an xbox and its ok… But my PS3 is a much more capable machine that, since day one has been a joy to use.

    I dont think Sony is in trouble…. far beyond it. Bad at marketing…. maybe….. hats off to you sony. I enjoy waiting for 2009…. Killzone baby!!!!!

  31. @caz

    And most of those first party developers had awesome games in works.

    @ Monkey

    Yea Sony really needs some help in the marketing department.

  32. avatar 313

    I luv my ps3 but recently my 60 and 40 died the same day right after installing firmwar 2.52 kinda odd sony made me pay 150 dollars on both which was bs but cant live without it i think i got robbed that is how they r making up 4 lost cash probably infectin a small percent with every update. what really made me mad was i got my exact ps3 s back but sony wouldnt tell me what they fixed so now i cant prevent it or fix on my own still even though customer service blows would rather have the 3 then 360

  33. avatar Generics

    RJ and Malt are brainwashed idiots. ‘Nuff said.

  34. avatar gunnar2906

    about Valkyria Chronicles – oops
    the USA is not the only country where ppl play videogames.
    Worldwide sales – Japan (10 weeks) – about 150 000 copies sold
    EU – 50 000 copies
    US – 50 000 copies
    Total – 250 000 copies sold to date

    $30 X 250 000 = $7 500 000
    The main attribute of fanboism is to use streotypes or out-of-date info injected into mind of a fanatic

  35. avatar gunnar2906

    About mony loss on ps3
    at this January Sony lower the cost of PS3 to $400. Any further improvements was able only to decrease expanses of this console. Sony removed PS2 support, cardreader, decresed the quantity of usb ports. The price of Blu-Ray drive felt down from $125+ of the early days of PS3 to $40- now (some Lite-On 4xspeed BluRay readonly drive combined with DVDR/RW writer now retail priced at $79. PS3′s BR drive is 2 speed read-only).
    At this year we witnessed the 95 nm to 65 nm techprocess transfer of Cell and at Jun-Jul (with release of 80GB SKU) the same transfer of RSX. Both tranfers may decrease expenses up to 40%.
    All that means that PS3 retail priced so that covers all manufacturing expenses. And it was so from Jan 2008.

  36. avatar The_Con-Sept

    That list of why Sony is doing bad isn’t very well strung together.

    PS3 is 400 flippin dollars, how many do you expect it to sell? There are 2 consoles well below 400 dollars. (However one is still above 300 dollars if you even want to play online.)
    LBP and R2 (not RFoM2) are not flops and have appeared on the top 10 charts for December already in other regions. (Why only concentrate on America? Just like gunnar229 -who beat me to the punch- said about some of the other things being discussed in here are all US bounded.)

    KillZone 2 – Did you not download the Gamersyde videos when they were available? I believe Guerilla has not only proven themselves but the franchise as well with this new installment. Check GameTrailers for an interview showcasing how Guerilla displays that hollywood image on a TV.

    Home – Did you realise that over 14 million people have access to Home?

    As for the job cuts. Were any of them in SCEA, SCEE, SCEI, SCE, or SCEJ? This may look bad for Sony “In general” but not for PlayStation.

  37. avatar Robert

    You stupid Sony fantards have to face facts and admit you’re system is selling poorly And btw those decreases to the system or still not enough to save it from pissing all of PS2′s Profits down the drain the PS3 has cost sony more money then the 360 costing MS on the RROD heck I doubt there going to keep the Promise of the 10 year lifespan that they said the PS3 had going for it. I mean if you’re actually stupid enough to believe that bull**** in the first place

  38. avatar Androo

    I agree completely. The PS3 is the industry’s new GameCube – just a toy to bitch about. And just like the GC those who have a PS3 know that the only failures in this industry are those who are missing out on the great titles the PS3 is enjoying.

  39. avatar Robert

    to caz MS made the smart decision of closing down FASA after the illfated shadowrun and Ensamble studios heck RTS belong on PC’S

  40. avatar Playmantis

    most of you are idioits! the ps3 hasn’t got any killer apps yet and is dying on its feet! LBP was crap! u want a platformer get your SNES out and play super mario world, its better! i had a ps3 and sold it for a 360, best decision i ever made!

  41. avatar hu_hu_cool

    I have a suspicion current sale numbers for the xbox 360 include all the replacement consoles Microsoft had to ship to replace RROD units. Even if it doesnt you cant deny the fact that it does count all the units that people bought because they didnt want to go thru the infamous customer service.

  42. avatar Andrew

    Both Sony and Microsoft are making huge profits out of their consoles….. Dont be so stupid to beleive they losing money, come on, and yes microsoft are beating the ps3 in sales, who cares. If u own a ps3 accept this, and be greatfull u made the right choice of console to buy. And MS fanboys stop being idiots saying the ps3 is the next GAMECUBE !!!!, The ps3 has far more advanced hardware than the Xbox, hence why sony origionally where losing $500 on ever system sold…. accept it. If u like Xbox’s better fine…. but dont make up crap just to make u sound intelligent…

  43. avatar krakdol

    PS3 clearly had the best games in 2008 with LBP, MGS 4, Wipeout and a lot of others… The 360 would already be dead tight now if MS hadn’t cut the price in half. The PS3 hate is only coming from a few 12 year old teen retards, mostly American ones. Just ignore them completely like Sony does, and it will be ok. ;)

  44. avatar James

    Read the article, good article. Read the comments citing “Sony fantards,” great job, idiot.

  45. avatar Tom

    Gerry, selling less then 400k PS3s, when the Xbox 360 is selling almost 900,000, IS a serious problem. It’s two tiered, because Sony is selling less PS3s, they have a lower customer base, and because they have a lower customer base, they sell less games. While they may still turn a small profit on those games, consumers are turned off by what they see as a ‘dead’ console. Thus fueling the cycle of less console sales-less game sales.

    Monkeymenace, it doesn’t matter how original, deep, or fantastic a game is. If it fails to sell, it is a flop, and failing to make even the top 20 with such a hugely anticipated game is shocking.

    Andrew, I find it rather ironic that you sight those ‘MS fanboys’ while spouting incorrect facts. The PS3 (as a unit) is NOT more advanced then the X360. I will concede that the Cell processor is more powerful (floating point performance), but raw power isn’t everything. The X360′s graphics card, Xenos, is better then the RSX in the PS3. The architecture employed by ATi (unified shaders) is far more efficient then the Nvidia equivalent. Also, the X360 RAM interface is superior to the PS3′s. featuring superfast eDRAM, and a unified structure, many developers have expressed in explicit terms, that it is much easier to code for the X360. Oh, and when talking about “making up crap”, you might want to get your facts straight. The reason for Sony losing money on their consoles was to do with the inclusion of blu-ray.

  46. avatar itachi

    Well to all the ppl who choose to be ignorant out there. the ps3 has outsold the 360 in us all year up til november. lbp recieved super high scores and has sold over a million copies. mgs4 sold over 3million. microsoft lowered the cost in a desperate attempt to catch up to sony. it worked 4 Nov but we’ll see how long that lasts. Maybe with 2 or 3 more cuts the 360 will actually be worth the crappy online 14 year old loser community and its joke of a failure rate. I bet live crashes this year like it did in Dec 07. It doesnt pay to defend a crappy console guys. If you wise up you can play beyond.

  47. avatar David Macphail

    If anything it’s the Xbox 360 that’s dying, it’s extreme lack of decent games is causing it to be outsold by the Wii despite the Wii being more expensive.

    Microsoft have been hit so hard financially they’ve been forced to close one of their game studios.

    The Xbox 360 has no games coming out in 2009.

    Xbox live is an overly – expensive pile of disconnected garbage.

    The 360 has been out for 3 years and still blows up 1/3 of the time.

    The list goes on and on…………though seeing as how Microsoft released a console directly aimed at poor people with no games it’s not surprising their console is struggling.

  48. avatar LookAtAllTheXbots

    Guys it doesn’t pay to defend a crappy console. For those who don’t know, the ps3 has outsold the 360 in US all year up til November when MS desperately lowered the price in an attempt to catch back up. It worked for last month but we’ll see how long that lasts. Maybe with a few more cuts it’ll actually be worth the laggy online crappy 14 year old loser community and that joke of a failure rate. It is dumb to defend a console that you never get to play due to it red ringing 9 times a year. LBP got the highest of reviews and has sold over a million copies. Mgs4 has sold over 3.5 million and R2 is close to breaking a million. Blu-ray is off the charts with the dark knight selling over 600k on day 1 beating Iron man’s record by more than double. And in 09 Killzone 2, ffv13, white knight chronicles, God of War 3, Uncharted 2, Infamous, Heavy Rain and amazing new features to HOME will take the game world by surprise. And all of these are exclusives. The most anticipated 360 games next year will are multiplatform. By a ps3. Or miss out. Lets just hope Live doesn’t crash again like it did on christmas of 07. The greatest online service crashing during the greatest time for gamers? The supposed best console red ringing at E3 and then at GDC while everyone was watching? Yea, I think that pretty much made it clear who has the real next gen console.

  49. avatar PS3 fan

    I’ve had a pS3 since Launch and I couldn’t be happier. The other 2 consoles don’t even touch what the PS3 offers and the quality that comes with it. The internet is full of Microsoft Paid People who spread FUD on their rivals. They’ve done it with Win/Linx, Win/Mac and any other M$ product.

    They are beasts of buisness, but Sony is still where my loyalty is at and will remain.

  50. avatar Johnny5

    Sony conspiracy theorist for the ultimate lose.

  51. avatar Johnny5

    lol I saw someone be excited about Home too. Thats always good for a laff :) lolHome
    I hope Sega ports Valkyria to other consoles since it looks like such a cool game. I’m not buying a playstation 3. Too expensive with too little to offer.

  52. avatar t1ce

    u know what’s funny?the ps3 is about to hit about 19million units sold worldwide with an install base reaching 19 million.the 360 supposedly sold 25million units with a defect rate at 33%(actually 50% cause microsoft lied and hid the actual %)coming off the assembly line not counting the ones in homes.Microsoft still consideres warrantied consoles from stores like target and bestbuy in their %.I wonder what their actual install base is?Hmmm maybe 14 million as thats the amount of people online.Where’s the other 11million?

  53. avatar tice

    whats funny is how microsoft says they sold 25million units.I wonder what is the actual install base.Being that there is a 50% defect rate coming off the assembly line.That’s right 50 not 33 there is a lawsuit pending in cali in regards to microsoft hiding actual figures.Remember folks warrantied consoles returned to the store from where it was purchased count as a sale to microsoft.Install base is actually around 18 million maybe.That makes more sense being that there are only 14 million online users in the 360 arena.

  54. Krakdoll, you comment lost all it’s credibility when you mentioned Wipeout as one of the games when referring to Sony having the better games. I was all with you when you mentioned the other games, but Wipeout you lost me home brew.

  55. avatar Luke R.

    Does it really matter? I am quite sure the PS3 is not going to “dissapear”. Any true gamer has both a 360 and a PS3. The former for playing on line and the latter for single player adventures and a sweet blue ray DVD player. Microsoft this, Sony that. Who cares? Both systems are here to stay, both have great games and both offer exclusive content! I dont make crap for money but managed to save up to get a PS3 and a 360 with an online account. Best of both worlds, always happy. I hit 360 and do some Rainbow, Cod and have a blast with my friends who I have never even met then I jump on and play some Metal Gear, Resistance or walk around in Home. Life’s good!

  56. avatar Monique

    I agree Gerry. Great post. Not sure if anyone caught the latest Official Playstation Magazine or Game Informer. Some great stuff in both on the PS3. There was an interview with an exec. from Sony and he said that they’re not worried. Especially since the console is still young. He stressed that it has a 10 year life expectancy and it’s only just begun. I liked that he mentioned that the PS2 is already in year 9 and still going strong. There was also a run down of games to watch for next year (all looked awesome) and a special on Uncharted 2. Especially exciting since they’re really going to try to push the PS3 to its max capabilities with the new game. They say they’re only at 30% of it’s potential right now and it’s already amazing. No loading times, amazing motion graphics and character interaction with the environment, etc. etc. etc. There’s so much more room for the PS3 to grow where as I think other consoles are sort of at a standstill where upgraded/new hardware might be in order. The Cell has soooo much untouched power. The articles also mentioned that companies will start to try to tap into PS3 capabilities more instead of simply porting games at the minimum that is needed to play friendly with the 360. Which is nice since last year they were saying that they had to stay back with the 360′s standards in order to get games from developers. Who knows where the system will go…but the future is looking amazing.

  57. avatar DimosPS

    guys why are you fighting about sales?We should be fighting about games.

  58. avatar Andrew

    The blu ray player is hard ware… which made it expensive as i said and
    i quote from ign “Combining the CPU and GPU power, the Playstation 3 is rated at 51 billion dot-product-operations-per-second (dpo/s). The Xbox 360 is rated at 34 billion dpo/s. Advantage: PS3″. this and also from The gardian “The Xbox 360 has 3 running at 3.2GHz each, the PS3 has seven apparently. So the PS3 is faster, much faster, which means it can do a lot more complex things. These days complex things refer to physics calculations and graphics operations.” There is proof….

  59. avatar 360blowinpart

    i just love know the 360 fan will never admit that there console are the worst crap the industry of gaming have never seen… maybe the nintendo virtual boy … but then again it never broke:P

  60. avatar Ozzy

    Okay, for the few posts that doubt the ps3;
    I have TWO PS3s
    One of which is a launch day 60GB and it has Never Broken.
    I have 14 games. Including Resistance 2 which I’m enjoying alot.
    Oh and if your Playstation 3 is still in warranty, and it breaks, take it back to the store you bought it from and show them it’s broken. They will give you a new one on the spot and send the broken one back to sony. Job Done.

  61. avatar Drew

    I have all three systems. My favorite is the PS3, but I play the Xbox 360 more, well at least I did until Gears of War 2 flopped. That game is so broken and instead of releasing a patch they think new maps will make ppl happy. HOME is better than that stupid avatar crap. The PS3 will rise again. Every time my XBOX red-ringed(9 times by the way) The Ps3 was there for me to play. The shortest amount of time I waited to get my XBOX back was 4 weeks. The longest I waited was 3 months.
    The PS3 has the potential to be the best but right now it just fell off the horse, but it will get back up.

    P.S. I have never played my Wii. It sucks so bad. I dont understand why ppl buy the piece of $hit in the first place. Im gonna sell it tomorrow and make $400 off of some stupid biotch trying to get it for her spoiled childeren. HAHAHAHa

  62. Yay guys, a lot of comments. Join the FORUM for some fun discussion, it’s easy sign up.

  63. avatar David

    Merry Christmas or Xmas… I think that a lot of you are not looking at the big picture… Sony and Microsoft are a lot (and I mean a whole LOT) bigger then playstation or Xbox. Neither will go down the drain if their consoles went down the drain. Secondly the Game market if not just the United States it the whole World (that includes Japan and Europe for those of you who seem to think USA is the So the Xbox360 is beating the playstation3 in the US. Fact!!! Anyone who disputes this is either an idiot,fanboy or girl, misguided or a stait out liar. But before all of you routing for the Xbox360 popping the champagne bear in mind that the playstation brand has 3 system on the market PS3,PSP and the good old reliable PS2 and when you add up the sales of the three you realise the Playstation brand is doing just fine…
    So I lift my glass in salut to the both of you Xbox360 gamers and Playstation players enjoy the hollidays with some great gaming. And to you Fanboys and Fangirls I wouldnt pi.. on you if you were on fire…

    p.s sorry about the spelling (christmas party at the office might have had a bit much to drink but who care?)

  64. avatar PENGUINKK

    “I mean the Wii really has no software, what ever is out there will not sell to too many people unless it’s mario and they don’t put those out every month.”

    Try looking at a Wii game sales chart sometime. You have no idea what you’re talking about.

    And this article answered nothing. “Is Sony in Trouble? No! Because there are too good things coming out!” Please. Okay…it has Home and Killzone 2 coming up, but is that suddenly going to sell more systems? I doubt it. The PS3 has failed to capture any large audience. It really doesn’t matter if there are a lot of great games, which is good for PS3 owners, but it’s most likely not going to attract anyone who isn’t already a Sony fan.

    And I just LOVE how everyone ignores Nintendo. The Wii is blowing away both systems, but it’s hilarious that its success is pretty much taken for granted and it’s so far ahead no one seems to care anymore, and would rather focus on the closer battle.

  65. avatar Johnny5

    Madworld is coming out on the Wii next year. That is going to be better than any game on any system EVER made forever until endtimes.

    Adam, just post more console war threads: hits. Always sony fans they get their panties in a bunch over the slightest thing. Buyer’s remorse.

  66. avatar @Penguinkk

    “Try looking at a Wii game sales chart sometime. You have no idea what you’re talking about.”

    What…wii sports? That only sells well because it comes with a freaking controller. Really its a controller that comes with wii fit. Nice try nintendo.

    “Okay…it has Home and Killzone 2 coming up, but is that suddenly going to sell more systems?”


    “The PS3 has failed to capture any large audience.”

    except for the 18million that bought it.

    “It really doesn’t matter if there are a lot of great games, which is good for PS3 owners, but it’s most likely not going to attract anyone who isn’t already a Sony fan.”

    Except for all the ppl out there who say that they’re gonna buy a ps3 when killzone 2 comes out.

    “And I just LOVE how everyone ignores Nintendo.”

    Me too…they deserve it.

    “The Wii is blowing away both systems,”

    In sales yes… in terms of quality games and online service… It’s like saying Campbell’s chicken noodle soup outsells the ps3… what the heck does chicken soup have to do with games?

    “no one seems to care anymore, and would rather focus on the closer battle.”

    Listen buddy. The reason why no one considers the wii a competitor is because the wii is not competing. If it was it would have high def graphics and would be more powerful. No real gamer only owns a wii. Its either ps3 and 360, ps3 and wii, 360 and wii, or all of them. If you do only own a wii then its not cuz of the games. It’s cuz you think you’re fat and you need something to motivate you to exercise.

  67. I have WiiFit so I just mailed in my Hardcore Gamer ID card. I shall miss thee.

  68. avatar @johnny5

    “Madworld is coming out on the Wii next year.”

    good for you

    “That is going to be better than any game on any system EVER made”


    “forever until endtimes.”

    Where have you been for the last 3 years? See this is why no one should buy wii’s. It keeps ppl from knowing about games that are actually good. “madworld”….. you need to be slapped.

    “Always sony fans they get their panties in a bunch over the slightest thing.”

    Hehe..better than getting your panties in a bunch over “Madworld” lol

    “Buyer’s remorse.”

    …………………… Madworld?……..Really Johnny?….. Madworld?

  69. Yes Madworld. You are a game nublet so I’ll give you a pass this once. Madworld is made by Platinum Games which was formerly known as Clover Studios under Capcom. Clover was hands down the world’s greatest developer with games like Okami, Viewtiful Joe and most importantly the king of brawler, Godhand.

    Everything they make is better than anything anyone else is even capable of. Madworld will make all games before and after it not worth owning.

  70. avatar PantherDST

    RJ… I call BS on your quote

    “I have had 3 PS3’s sent back for DVD lens dying out. Each time I sent it, it actually no joke took 6-8 weeks. And after each time they sent a refurbished one, so basically for 6 weeks they couldn’t be bothered to turn it on and go ‘Hey the DVDs not working’ and send me a refurbished PS3.”

    Clearly you are stooping to such low levels to bash the PS3 that you have to make up stories to support your overly biased claim. Grow up….

  71. @ Penguin,

    Look fella I don’t care about sales charts, don’t be in denial about the Wii software slump, you have be a dedicated Nintendo fan to deny that they don’t have many games at all. Oh and yea I’ve seen sales charts, it’s always a 360 game on top and at times PS3, Wii never besides the time Smash Bro’s released. The wii is not even the talk of this article or this console race. The Wii is it’s on category.

  72. @ Panther

    Yea RJ is desperately trying hard to make the PS3′s hardware look as faulty as 360 which is not possible.

  73. avatar PENGUINKK

    “What…wii sports? That only sells well because it comes with a freaking controller.”
    The amount of ignorance in your first statement should allow me to disregard everything else you’ve said as complete biased garbage. And I will. From the stupid, smug short replies, to imitating my name and your incredible generalizations, you are honestly not worth my time.

  74. @ Adam

    Penguin’s entire post made me stupider for having read it. None of his assertions were made in fact. It was just fanboy drivel.

  75. avatar @johnny5

    “Madworld is made by Platinum Games which was formerly known as Clover Studios under Capcom”

    I know what it is newb. I wouldn’t be able to mock you about it if i didn’t.

    “Clover was hands down the world’s greatest developer”


    “Everything they make is better than anything anyone else is even capable of.”

    If thats true then all their games should have won GOTY. Lets see… GTA4 won this year…which isn’t a capcom game. Bioshock won last year…which isn’t a capcom game… were any of they’re games even nominated?

    “Madworld will make all games before and after it not worth owning.”

    Now are you sure you’re just not happy that the wii is finally getting an adult game? o.O…wait you’re excited about something that has blood in it? There’s hope for you yet kiddo lol. Now we just need to get you to stop flailing your arms about like a child and get a real controller.

  76. I have a 360 and a Wii so I’m good.

  77. avatar Charles

    Sadly as usual Sony fans are so ignorant of the truth they havent got a clue what is going on.. No everything is ok for Sony little girls.. Last palce sales are what any comapny wants…Sony did not outsell the 360 for most of the year. Pull your head out of your ass and go look at NPD. Sony isnt selling any games atm LBP,R2 and many others completely flopped. Only the most ignorant are Sony fans. That says a lot about the console when the only people supporting it are clueless morons like the ones posting here. THe only reason peoplea re supporting the PS3 is out of ignorance. Just look at the idiot who wrote the article.. He actually thinks he has a valid point by saying that PS3 owners are happy with their purhcase and that is all that matters… How stupid can you be? I might love my GMC vehicle. That doesnt change the fact that they are abou to go under. That is by far the dumbest thing I have ever heard anyone say..Like Sony can really go to their share holders and say”Well we lost 500million on the PS3 this year but the good news is Gerry is completely happy with the PS3 so please stay invested in us. WE know you invested to make money but one of our most loyal fanboys is happy so why should money matter? I will ignore this site in the future as it is obviously not ran by people with real knowledge of the industry. Just clueless idiots using their job to promote their personal feelings regardless of facts. Lots of GC owners were happy with the GC last gen. Didnt make the GC the number one console.

  78. Alright Pinky (penguin) get of the site if it’s not worth your time. If you do come back and comment, come with some facts.

  79. avatar Danshir

    It’s always nice to not have your PS3 break just after a year of owning it*like my old Xbox 360* and free online play..

  80. @ Charles,

    They maybe in last place, but their still selling a good amount of electronics monthly, I mean the consoles sell second most to iPods and mp3′s player in general. So all the systems are getting consoles sold. You have to think for the times we’re in for PS3 to sell 30,000 a month, the 360 at a higher amount and the Wii at millions is really a success for all companies especially in this economy.

  81. avatar PENGUINKK

    “Look fella I don’t care about sales charts, don’t be in denial about the Wii software slump, you have be a dedicated Nintendo fan to deny that they don’t have many games at all.”

    You originally said the Wii has no software, which is not true, even in the not literal sense, and I already have plenty of Wii games to occupy me, so I don’t really care about “software slumps.” Comparing the amount of games released each month is really only used when trying to disprove the quality of the other console, but that means nothing.

    “Oh and yea I’ve seen sales charts, it’s always a 360 game on top and at times PS3, Wii never besides the time Smash Bro’s released.”

    The Wii may have never topped the sales charts, but there’s always at least a few Nintendo titles that continue to be in the top 10 every month. What was it, MKDS was in the top 10 just last month? And that game is years old. And that’s the difference. PS360 games make a bigger splash but drop off faster, like blockbusters, while Nintendo titles tend to sell steadily throughout the years, racking up sales under the radar.

    “The wii is not even the talk of this article or this console race. The Wii is it’s on category.”

    That was more like a side-observation.

  82. @Charles – any console war thread is going to bring in the blind Sony kids (the other two console fans relaxed a long time ago) but Charles was just stating an opinion I wouldnt let the vitriol of the ignorant posters curb you away from coming back.

    Gerry did turn away from the truly dismal numbers this Fall (the season you MUST have sales) but its still just an opinion.

  83. avatar @charles

    “Sadly as usual Sony fans are so ignorant of the truth they havent got a clue what is going on..”

    Here we go.

    “No everything is ok for Sony little girls.. Last palce sales are what any comapny want”

    Well considering the 360 was out a full 15 months before the ps3 I’d say that statement is garbage. ps3 has outsold the 360 all year except for November when 360 lowered its price. Nice try but you fail.

    “Sony isnt selling any games atm LBP,R2 and many others completely flopped.”

    LBP has sold over a million kid. R2 is right behind it. Check your charts. They’d sell more if they weren’t released along side each other plus call of duty. Too bad 360 owners don’t have to worry about choice when going out to buy a game.

    “That says a lot about the console when the only people supporting it are clueless morons like the ones posting here.”

    lol you’re funny..but no seriously start posting reasonable arguments.

    “THe only reason peoplea re supporting the PS3 is out of ignorance.”

    I’m sure blu-ray mgs4 HOME R2 LBP and free online service with a failure rate less than 30% has nothing to do with it.

    “That is by far the dumbest thing I have ever heard anyone say”

    Have you read any of your own statements yet?

    “He actually thinks he has a valid point”

    we’re all still waiting on yours.

    “I will ignore this site in the future as it is obviously not ran by people with real knowledge of the industry.”

    I doubt anyone will be too heartbroken at your decision kid.

    “Didnt make the GC the number one console.”

    LOL you live with your mom don’t you?



    Super Smash Bro.
    A good amount of mario games (only good thing on the system)
    Wii Sports


    Little Big Planet
    Kill Zone 2
    Resistance 1 and 2
    Grand Turismo

    Xbox 360:

    Assassins’ Creed
    CoD4 and 5
    Halo 3

    The 360 and PS3 games I listed are on both systems. The Wii can’t even handle games like that. The Wii has maybe 3 titles that are Triple A titles that have sold over a million. The 360 and the PS3 have numerous amount of titles that are Triple A. I don’t care what you say, the Wii does not have games, it technically does, but their crap and they’ll never hold a true gamer/hardcore gamer. It’s a family console and it’s what it does the best.

    You can argue all you want it won’t change my mind or anyone else, plus leave the Wii out of this discussions.

  85. avatar David

    @Charles: Sadly as usual Sony fans are so ignorant of the truth they havent got a clue what is going on

    Charles your the one that sounds ignorant…If Mocrosoft can afford to put aside 1 billion for Xbox repaires you dont think Sony can put aside half of that towards investment into the console. I’m calling investment because most consoles that come out don’t make any money to the maker until the second or third year (not talking about the Wii).

    “Sony isnt selling any games atm LBP,R2 and many others completely flopped”

    And by the way when a game reaches that 1 million mark the games is a success (LBP 1.11 m and R2 0.73 m) Look at the other games on the console Call of Duty: World at War 1,513,225, PES 2009: Pro Evolution Soccer 1,029,015… You can’t be serious!!!

    Lastly I hope you do ignore this site as I’m sure everyone will be happy not to have to read your ignorant rants.

  86. avatar PENGUINKK

    “Penguin’s entire post made me stupider for having read it. None of his assertions were made in fact. It was just fanboy drivel.”

    It’s a fact the Wii has software, but yes, the rest is my opinion and predictions. And sorry, I originally posted in comparison with the Wii, which should explain some things.

    “Alright Pinky (penguin) get of the site if it’s not worth your time. If you do come back and comment, come with some facts.”

    I was refering to the lower caps penguin’s argument.

  87. David…those numbers arent close to being accurate and two are non exclusive where the 360 clearly outsold the ps3. Jesus, why am I arguing with sony people?

    have a good weekend all.

  88. avatar @johnny5

    “David…those numbers arent close to being accurate”

    And you know this because???????

    “two are non exclusive”

    Yes but his point was that they still sell well on the ps3.

    “Jesus, why am I arguing with sony people?”

    I think the real question here is why are you arguing when you’re clearly losing.

    “have a good weekend all.”

    Oh i will don’t worry bout that. LBP AND RESISTANCE 2 ALL WEEKEND BABY!!!! Is anyone here joining the resistance 2 tournament soon?

  89. avatar David

    @ Johnny

    Please supply more accurate numbers… I got mine from NPD. They are usually pretty acurate.
    And about the title not being exclusive who cares? it still proves that ps3 is selling games.

    Merry Christmas to you too.

  90. avatar David

    @ Johnny

    I’m not a sony people… If you must classify me as something it should be NEO GEO FAN…lol

  91. avatar David

    R2 tournament here I come… Take that you alien skum #**!~#

  92. avatar cody

    PS3 is an amazing machine, and I don’t mean for just games and blue ray.
    Its all about setting up mediasharing with your computer. Use Mediaplayer11 or Orb. Then you can get all the music and movies you want off of torrent sites. This really makes the PS3 shine.I had the Dark Knight playing in high def on my ps3 a month before the blue ray came out. And if yer worried about getting caught look up peer guardian on google. Worry free.

  93. avatar PENGUINKK

    Super Smash Bro.
    A good amount of mario games (only good thing on the system)
    Wii Sports”

    If you haven’t been following the Wii then don’t even try to pull off the disguise that you’re completely informed and are qualified to make a fair comparison. The fact that you listed only those games proves that you probably do not pay any attention to the Wii, and listed the few games off the top of your head that amazingly penetrated your PS360 news bubble.

    As for your other paragraphs, I agree with the inferior-powered Wii statement, but everything else is just biased assumptions and ignorance.

  94. Once again, the Wii has no games, you can’t count games like Wario Ware as serious games, it’s a flash software simulator game not a real game. There is 300 games inside of that are cheap and require not too much time to develop. I only bought Wario Ware, Zelda, Super Mario Galaxy and Super Smash Bro’s. My kids are playing the hell out of the system, I only do it on occasion when I’m not playing CoD4 online with pals. I do own the Wii, It’s just not the console of my choice if that makes you understand why I don’t like it, it’s because it’s more of a casual system.

  95. avatar Malt

    I see people saying the ps3 has been outselling the 360 the whole year except for one month.

    you do realize though the 360 has out sold the ps3 year to date.
    and that gap is only going to get bigger in December.
    and that is where the “F.U.D” is coming from, A holiday month with the start of the biggest shopping day of the year couldn’t boost the ps3 sales number into anything that looked like a popular console.

    the only thing that helped sales this year was metal gear.
    not Resistance, LBP, wipeout, moterstorm.
    thats where the worry is coming from. This is the start of it. These sales could be just a slow month, people are scared that if it continues sony will be in trouble. sony may have had a decent year its just looking forward has fans worried.

  96. avatar 11 year old gamer

    I have a DS, Wii, PSP, and PS3
    They are all good
    (PSP is the Worst)

  97. avatar GamerGirl4life

    I’m sorry to add my so-called fanboyism here, but if you want a great system, get a PS3 or a Wii. I have the Xbox 360 too, but they just keep failing to come out with any good games recently (in my opinion, Halo 3 was awful). I bought a PS3 for $399.99 and it came with wi-fi (wireless) included, a controller charge cable, a controller, and of course free online play. Unfortunately, the Xbox360 Pro I bought for $299.99 (which did NOT include wireless internet), OR a play and charge kit, OR free online play was disappointing to say the least. Add another $170.00 to that and you will have all the accessories that the PS3 comes with except you are paying $70.00 more and that’s not including a game for the 360. This is beside the fact that the hardware is unreliable and I’m on my 5th one now. I love the online features of the 360, but in the long run, it is definitely more expensive. I’d rather save the $50.00 I spend on XBL every year and buy a game instead. Then again, if you can have a wired internet connection, it won’t cost as much to get started, but for people like me that just isn’t an option, so therefore we are screwed. Also, the Wii has some really great games and it is the perfect system for people with younger kids. I have a blast playing GH 3 and World Tour on it as well. I’m also a huge fan of Pokemon and Mario games so it only made sense to buy a Wii and of course a DS to go with it. Anyway, my whole point was let’s not bash any of the systems I just mentioned. They are all great in their own way. The only problem I had with any of them was the 360 and I still like it even if I keep getting RRoD-GOW1 and 2 make it all worth it. I don’t think any of the consoles are in trouble right now and it is pointless to try to predict what may or may not happen in the future. Remember people, ANYTHING is possible.

  98. I agree gamergirl, it’s def. nicer to have a system like the Wii with a short library of stellar games rather than a ever so broken 360 with 10 times the amount of better games and online.

  99. avatar gamer dude

    PS3 all the way…simply said

  100. avatar Julez

    F all ya’ll haters. I love my PS3. Resistance 2 to me was never a flop. I loved the game. LBP, is a great game. It’s very unique, creative, and something most games lack no-a-days: fun. The PS3 is a great machine. Those that haven’t had the pleasure to own it are either ignorant to the facts, or Microsoft butt kissers (aka fanboys). I own both systems, and I get so much out of my PS3 (especially in conjunction with my PSP) that I hardly touch my Xbox. Say what you want about it, nothing will every sub it.

  101. avatar GamerGirl4life

    Kudos to Adam and Julez. Don’t let other people’s opinions affect what you love most about the systems you play. Anyone who wants to play R2, hit me up. My PSN name is GamerGirl4life.

  102. avatar Poonan

    Interesting comments guys. I think the reality of it is the PS3 will have long legs this round of consoles. It’s like the tortise and the hare. The 360 rushed out the gate and is still leading but overtime the more future proof and stable PS3 will regain the lead. The truth is Sony has the best 1st party studios in the industry. I could list but it’s more fun to find out on your own. You may even be surprised, especially the xbots. Not even Nintendo can carry that claim. And we all know games sell consoles. MS has pretty much just flashed green to aquire anything and everything to try and steal a slice of the market. There is a reason why Bungie left Microsoft people. Don’t you wonder why?

  103. avatar Malt

    I don’t think your personal feelings towards games or consoles is any indication of sony and the ps3 being in trouble or not, and that is what i thought is in discussion.

    also straight from the article:

    “There is nothing at all that shows any sign of Playstation 3 growth stoppage and here’s why.

    Sales. Sure Novembers sales were down…”

    November onward is what people are concerned with!

  104. Avatar Image Ian

    Wow, ive missed alot, i gotta stop vacationing… oh well

    just a reminder, keep it clean, and try to keep it sensible, make sure all your claims are backed up with valid evidence, and respect eachother!


  105. I would love to add your gamergirl if you’re really a chick too hehe. Sadly I only have a 360 though.

  106. avatar PENGUINKK

    “Once again, the Wii has no games”

    Once again, that’s just dead wrong, I’m sorry. As I said in my last post, stop trying to pretend that you are knowledgable about the Wii, because it seems to me you’re ignorant of almost the entire library.

    “I do own the Wii, It’s just not the console of my choice if that makes you understand why I don’t like it, it’s because it’s more of a casual system.”

    I understand, and that’s fine, and it’s fine if you only like those games, but just stop claiming the Wii has no software. It does. And that’s not bias, it’s a fact.

  107. The Wii has no software, now all you have to do is not respond to me anymore, because I will not change my mind until they get some games out.

  108. Actually my bad, it has software but software that’s not worth the purchase, no Triple A titles besides the stuff I’ve mentioned up top which was Mario, Super Smash Bro’s, Zelda and Metroid Prime

  109. avatar PENGUINKK

    Does “triple A” mean popular blockbuster or top-quality? because sure, the Wii hasn’t had that many incredibly hyped hits like the PS360, but I think there are a lot of great quality games that were released under most people’s radars, especially for people who don’t pay very much attention.

    But thank you for being a bit more reasonable.

  110. avatar Adam

    Your welcome Penguin.

  111. avatar Rashad

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