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A new video for the upcoming Cinematic Action game Ninja Blade by ‘From Software’ just hit the internet today courtesy of the Japanese Xbox Live market place, it’s looking pretty solid although it seems to be heavily reliant on quick time events, but I guess that is to be expected in a ‘Cinematic action’ game, check the trailer after the jump.

Ninja Blade looks kind of similar to Ninja Gaiden and the combat system seems similar to Heavenly sword, will the two mashed together make for an awesome game? I guess only time can tell, although early previews look promising.

Ninja Blade is expected to be released in early 2009, with the Japanese release coming January 29th.

  1. avatar Mhar

    anyone played shiobni for the ps2, alot of the? elements from that game are in it, if you want to play the demo make a japanese account and you can download it also the demo for RE5 is there but you wont be able to play it cause of region differences, but the Ninja blade demo isn’t so you can play it, cool demo though

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