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Well it’s finally Christmas day and we at Gamer Limit hope everyone is having a Merry Christmas, no doubt a lot of you are opening up games but many of you are sadly stuck in family events and are unable to play them, so if you have access to the site here is the top 5 gaming related presents you don’t want for Christmas.

5. An Xbox 360 Box full of clothes

Video courtesy of some very bad parents.

You can read the follow up on engadget or alternatively just as bad is the PS3 Box with a phone book.

4. Wii Wrist / Broken Plasma TV

As published on the daily telegraph

The games, which encourage players to mimic the actions of sports, can cause painful sprains and fractures, they added. Although the games have been praised for encouraging people to be more active, using them incorrectly or for long periods can lead to injuries. This year, the Wii is predicted to be one of the most popular Christmas presents. But doctors said those who spent too long on the games, especially those unused to exercise, were at risk of strain. Read the rest of article.

Or on the other side it could be worse, you could get your TV smashed by over enthusiastic Wii playing family members.

3. Shovel Ware

Family can be well intentioned when they go out their way to buy you a game for Christmas, but it totally sucks when the game is shovel ware with zero redeeming features, our suggestion is to thank them gracefully for the gift and ask if they don’t mind giving you the receipt for ‘warranty purposes’.

The Wii, we are looking at you.

2. Rock Revolution instead of Rock Band


This could arguably be the worst gift that could be given, it could truely destroy a kid’s spirit if his friends get Rock Band and he gets the ugly step-brother ‘Rock Revolution’. As an indication of how bad it is Metacritic scores it 39 out of 100.

1. Any Uwe Boll Movie


“Hey isn’t that movie based on the game Little Jimmy Loves”
“Yes, it must be good because Little Jimmy loves that games”

The all too familiar trap which results in one of the worst gaming gifts, the films are utterly dreadful, with even a few ranked among the worst films of all time, we have no idea how Uwe Boll keeps getting permission to make them but we can only hope it stops soon.

Nonetheless we hope you have a very merry Christmas from all the staff at Gamer Limit.

  1. avatar Adam

    Oh wow, the xbox full of clothes was very funny, but than I almost cried at the end, I can’t believe they actually all left too.

  2. avatar DeadlyDevil666

    Haha, great videos man, merry x-mas

  3. avatar Boller

    It’s Ooowee bowl?

  4. avatar Arandomgamer

    I heard from somewhere that they gave him the xbox afterwards but they filled it full of clothes because he had looked for presents and found the box. When you watch it with that knowledge its just funny…

  5. avatar Abdel

    Hehe My connection is rellay bad right now, it has been 2 weeks. Since I hosted this blog in USA server, it is no cool if I can’t open my own blog fastly. LOL But the new prepared design will be light and cool one. Of course better than current one!

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