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Avatar ImageLord of the Rings: BFME2 Guide
By: | December 29th, 2008
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3. Campaign Guide

Good Campaign

Mission 1 – Rivendell


  1. Bring Glorfindel and his elves to Rivendell
  2. Warn Elrond of the approaching goblin army
  3. Defend Rivendell from attack – most of the attack is from the Western side
  4. Destroy the goblin base to the South
  5. The House of Elrond must not fall


  1. Level Gloin Up (level 2) – have Gloin do battle, and he should level up quickly
  2. Train a battalion of elves

Mission 2 – High Pass


  1. Establish a base at High Pass – build a fortress and complete 2-6 (add a forge to increase the strength and defense of your armies)
  2. Build a Mallorn tree – build at least 3 for steady income
  3. Build a Barracks
  4. Build a Green Pasture
  5. Add a Watchtower – build a watchtower on 1 of the base expansion slots
  6. Train archers and lancers
  7. Rescue Haldir


  1. Kill all mountain giants (2) – located by the ice tower in the North, and the giant drum in the South (by your base)
  2. Destroy the goblin mine shafts (3) – 1 in the North-West corner, 1 on the winding path toward the goblin base, 1 in the goblin base in the North-East
  3. Destroy the Giant Fissures (3) – in about the same locations as the mine shafts

Mission 3 – Ettenmoors


  1. Reach the Elven settlement
  2. Drive the goblins from the settlement
  3. Free the dormant Entmoot – kill all enemies around it
  4. Slay the goblin king
  5. Destroy the goblin stronghold


  1. Destroy goblin tunnels (8) – spread sparsely across the map (you should encounter them if you move towards the Entmoot and the goblin base)
  2. Destroy the giant troll and drum – North of your base
  3. Destroy the goblin sentry towersspread across the North-Eastern part of the map (near the goblin base and Entmoot)

Mission 4 – Blue Mountains


  1. Slay the Dragon Lord


  1. Eliminate all spider lairs- clear out the few lairs in the 1st cave
  2. Build a fortress
  3. Demolish the Citadel Door
  4. Build mine shafts (2) – preferably in the 1st cave, and the 2nd (to move units into battle faster)
  5. Eliminate all firedrake lairs (3) – inside the mines; 2 on the right of the door, and 1 closer to the dragon

Mission 5 – Grey Havens


  1. Clear all enemy forces out of the Grey Havens – kill the Corsairs destroying your structures
  2. Secure both shipwrights in the Grey Havens
  3. Build Elven battleships (4) – build and upgrade at least 4
  4. Destroy the naval blockade
  5. Build an Elven transport
  6. Repel the beach assault (3) – use what navy you have to help destroy the Corsair ships


  1. Seize the Corsair shipyards – located due South of the Grey Havens
  2. Build a bombardment ship

Mission 6 – Celduin River


  1. Return to the army at the docks – make your way through the twists and turns picking up units
  2. Repel the Mumakil assault (3) – use pikes to take them out easily
  3. Destroy the Mordor Base – located mostly in the South-West corner of the map past the shallows


  1. Dain must survive
  2. Capture all inns and outposts (8) – located near and along the way to your “base” (a signal fire lies near the Mordor base to the North)
  3. Destroy all catapults

Mission 7 – Dale and Erebor


  1. The Throne of Erebor must not fall
  2. Defeat the 1st wave of Mordor attackers – they will attack your weakest point of defense
  3. Defeat the 2nd wave of Mordor attackers
  4. Defeat the 3rd wave of Mordor attackers


  1. Build a fortress in Dale
  2. Build walls to defend Dale
  3. Defeat the Mouth of Sauron and his retinue – he comes through a secret entrance in the mine with attack trolls

Mission 8- Dol Guldur


  1. Capture the North signal fire
  2. Capture the South signal fire
  3. Destroy all free-standing structures within Dol Guldur – this includes the Castle, Prison, and unit creation structures (not towers)
  4. Repel the Mordor counter-attack – defeat the Mordor back-up units


  1. Destroy all spider lairs (8) – located between your base and the Northern and Southern signal fires
  2. Seize signal fires (5) – 1 on the left and 1 on the right inside Dol Guldur, 1 near the Castle, 1 near the Prison, and 1 in-between the Castle and Prison

Evil Campaign

Mission 1 – Lorien


  1. Build a goblin cave
  2. Build goblin hordes from the cave (2)
  3. Build a tunnel
  4. Build a fissure
  5. Upgrade the fissure to build trolls
  6. Build a cave troll from the upgraded fissure
  7. Cross the river and destroy the Elven treehouse
  8. Destroy the stronghold of Lothlorien, Caras Galdhon


  1. Free all mountain trolls (3) – 1 close to the river, 1 in the South-West corner, 1 near Lothlorien in the North-West

Mission 2 – Grey Havens


  1. Capture the shipwright
  2. Construct Corsair Black ships (3)
  3. Sink the Elven convoys fleeing the Grey Havens
  4. Destroy the Elven battle towers defending the beach
  5. Defend the transports
  6. Defeat the Elves defending the beach
  7. Destroy the fortresses (3)


  1. Capture the Outpost – located North-East of the captured shipwrights

Mission 3 – The Shire


  1. Reach the Eastfarthing
  2. Destroy all four seats of power – spread in a circular fashion around the map
  3. Build a fortress
  4. Defeat all Dunedain -  they should come to you, so it’s a good idea to have towers to defend
  5. Kill Wormtongue
  6. Destroy the Isengard fortress – this objective will not appear if you kill Wormtongue before it is completed and/or you kill the builders


  1. Destroy the Green Dragon Inn – across the stone bridge from the Eastfarthing
  2. Destroy Bag End – near the North-East corner

Mission 4 – Fornost


  1. Destroy all structures in the outer city – includes 4 archery ranges
  2. Destroy the castle’s Citadel – in the center of the top of the map
  3. Destroy the Earth Hammer – in the North-East corner


  1. Use Untaimed Allegiance on both spider lairs – to the left and right of your base
  2. Capture the Inn – left side of Fornost outer city
  3. Capture the Signal Fire – in the North-West corner

Mission 5 – Mirkwood


  1. Advance to the OldForest road in the North
  2. Find another way across the river – venture East from the bridge, and back West through the river
  3. Build and defend towers in the designated spots before the Elves – it is better to build more than 1 tower, or even a fortress (you should have the resources by now)


  1. Find and destroy the Ent base (2) – in the middle of the map
  2. Bring Shelob to tame the spider lings – left side of map
  3. Find and destroy the Elven bases (2) – 1 in each of the Northern corners

Mission 6 – Withered Heath


  1. Find the Dragon Lord – appears at the top of the map (use Nazgul or the Mouth of Sauron to get to him quickly)
  2. Free all drakes from the Dwarven bases – siege units or trolls are recommended to deal with walls and towers, and ground units to deal with dwarves


  1. Build a fortress
  2. Destroy all mineshafts – scattered across the map (easy to find if you move out from your base to free the drakes)

Mission 7 – Erebor


  1. Make room to build a base by destroying the buildings of Dale – don’t forget to get the treasure from the building, and capture the inn to recruit Corsairs
  2. Destroy the Throne of Erebor


  1. Build a fortress worthy of Sauron – build a fortress and upgrade it
  2. Kill King Dain

Mission 8 – Rivendell


  1. Penetrate the walls of Rivendell – get past Rivendell’s defenses and into the city
  2. Destroy the House of Elrond and surrounding fortresses (2)


  1. Slay Arwen Evenstar
  2. Slay the Fellowship and Elrond

C. Tips

  • A good tip is to save right before start each mission- that way you have a save to go back to if you mess up by not doing a bonus objective, or losing a hero.
  • Evil Mission Mirkwood seems to be the hardest for some- a good tip is to build a fortress on the old road adjacent to the spotlights… and to build more than 1 tower in the lights. You should have some nice powers to destroy the bases before you finally build the last tower.
  • Good Mission Celduin is a hard mission for the good campaign- take it slow, and use King Dain’s hero abilities, and you should make it to the docks
  • The final good and evil missions are not as difficult as they may seem
    • On the Dol Guldur assault (good), use the ents to your advantage at taking down structures and towers. Using calvary can get you to the signal fires quickly, and usually capture them before they die. Offensive powers such as earthquake and flood are very devestating, and will make it easier for you to take down Dol Guldur.
    • On the Rivendell assault (evil), the elves will venture outside your base and attack you- the best way to defend is to have a lot of defensive towers (upgraded) and a fully decked out fortress. When the eagles come, the towers will be a good defense. For an offense spam trolls and support them with warriors- upgrade everything to the max before you attack. Use powers against the fellowship when they come from the South-Eastern side of the map and/or fire.

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      The game only allows you to build an army to your command point limit.

      But to make a large army past your command point limit. build the units you want, then build a catapault(Ent or Troll) and bombard one of the units until only one or two are left, you’ll see that your command points go down for each single unit you kill, repeat this as many times you want, then build a forge to buy the banner carrier upgrade, purchase this upgrade for all units and they will rebiuld one unit at a time. this will crete the ultimate army but will take alot of patience.

      note: this will slow down the game whan multiple units are in sight.

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