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As you can see, the game offers some excellent textures.

Mission: [10]

Achievements: – Mission 10 cleared (20)

-“Blizzard” Explorer (20)

First things first, grab you Granseed, and move over to the edge of the cliff. Now just blow everything up. There are some Zebets on the tunnel, so get the. A Godona and a few Neegals. Once clear, move to the street, and head down to the underground tunnel for a Hardballer. Drop into the tunnel and in this room you’ll encounter a Gorechryatis. There should be a VS weapon or two lying around, picking up the shotgun will finish this fight fast. Watch for a few Raibees too as you’ll have to get out and activate the Data Post near the trailer. Collect some ammo, maybe switch to the second Hardballer. When your ready move down the next hole. Ready up for a huge battle. Activate the Data Post, and move ahead.

Battle the Saizarod:

The largest Akrid in existence. You’ll have to fight this battle in small stages. First shoot the glowing thorn-shaped hooks, “feelers”. When the Saizarod pulls back into its cave, you’ll have to follow on foot, pull out the best weapon you have and drop in after it, and give it a shot to the exposed spores. When another one grows back, it’s time to move back to the VS. You’ll continue like this until the probing feelers are successfully removed. Which is twice for each feeler. The next part you’ll want to spend a lot of time hovering, to evade the various lava attacks the Saizarod will use on you. There will be a few Trilid and Parajellon flying about, but they’ll be taken out in the crossfire, focus on the Saizarods mouth, every time it opens and a giant tongue-like tentacle extends out. This will be the new weak spot to hit. Charge up the Laser Rifle, and give that a direct hit. The Rocket Launcher of course will work just as well, and better if you have both of these mounted on the same VS. If you get close the Saizarod will spew a stream of lava at you, and this attack will inflict the most damage next to lava bombs it will fire from its mouth. A warning to this latter attack is a gas resonating from the Saizarods mouth.

Once the Saizarod falls, you’ll continue the level through the door to its back. Activate the Data Post ahead, and move into the facility. There is another Gorchryatis and more NEVEC soldiers in this hanger. There are 3 other Data Posts you can activate in this room, on the left side. In the room, you’ll encounter Trilid, NEVEC soldiers, enemy VS, and Genessa. It’s a great time to build up a lotttt of T-Eng, so you may want to take advantage of it before heading out. Once you’ve turned on the Data Posts, head through the gate to the next hanger. I suggest using a Hardballer when you go into the next room. There will be several vital suits lying around, which you can use at your leisure. Take out the two enemy VS’s that will jump you as you enter this base. The parking garage for the VS’s makes good cover and you can switch up VS’s if you don’t want the Hardballer to sustain a lot of damage. There is one Hardballer you should switch to before heading to the elevator. On the left side of the facility. Grab it and move ahead.

Battle Bandero’s Heavy Ivan:

Grab an EM Laser upon enter the room (to your left). Bandero will use 3 different attack methods. The missiles are nothing to worry a lot about. You can dodge them or blow them up as they come after you. The columns in the facility will offer you plenty of protection. When Bandero’s arms extand he’ll try to grab you and give you a powerful electric shock. If you travel as he begins the attack, reverse dash, and fire while doing so, he’ll be standing in one spot, make a nice target. One good thing about this battle is how easy it is to recognize Bandero’s attacks. Bandero will also charge up the Heavy Icans sword, and lunge at you, in an impaling attempt. Avoid this as it will inflict incrediable damage. A quick dash should do the trick, and one better you can swing yourself around him, and get in a few good shots on his back. When you run out of Rocket Launcher ammo, use the shotgun. The shotgun is one weapon that will cleanly break through the Ivan’s shielding ability.

Target Marks: Target spells “Blizzard”

-B- On the road were it’s illuminated by a light look for metal leaning against the wall. “B” is behind the metal

-L- In the area leading to the NEVEC base. Behind a rock in the north-east corner.

-I- In the area with the Gorchryatis blast away the storage bin. “I” is behind them near the Hardballer.

-D- Resting atop a ledge near the “white” building in the area with the Gorchryatis.

-Z- Next to the 4 creates with a Data Post on it in the 1st hanger after Saizarod.

-Z- To the right of the hanger door, across the caution strip.

-R- Look South, “R” is inside the red transport container with a Hardballer inside.

Mission: [11]

Achievements: – Mission 11 cleared (30)

-“Stardust” explorer (30)

This level is one of the quickest and straightest shoots you’ll venture. (well… until the boss). When you move into the shaft, you’ll encounter several NEVEC VS, and Cyclops’s. However the Yuri is far superior to anything you encounter at this point. While taking out these last NEVEC VS’ keep flying up the shaft, and to the last battle.

Battle Dennis Isengard and the Billion Sword:

When you are outside about to battle this mega-VS, it’s best to put your attention on the elevator for a second, and you’ll see the rotating rings with yellow orbs; shoot the orbs so as the Billon Sword will take on less power. (It helps a little). Learn the attacks carefully. During the entire battle you want to be firing the Vulcan Laser, or the EMF blades projectile attack. When the Billion Sword fires the missiles, they are slow so you can dodge them, or shoot them. When it fires a pulsing plasma rounds, these are likewise easy to avoid, simply drift in the same direction as the Billion Sword. When the Billion sword attacks with its Plasma guns, sweeping both vertically and horizontally, you want to back away as far as you can, just outside of their range. A warning to this attack is a chest high salute of the Billion Swords cannon-like arm. You can break down the Billion Sword piece by piece with the EMF shots, and Vulcan Laser, however if you want to move in for a horizontal swing, the best time is when the it fires several homing lasers. You’ll need to stand still or move backwards as they come at you, wait for them, and then dodge. Moving as fast as you can, you should be able to give the Billion Sword one good swing. I suggest the Horizontal blade it will allow you pass by the Isenberg easier.

Once the Billion Sword becomes weak it will spin with two extended plasma swords. Keep your distance return to shooting at such a range until they drop. Once they do, you can move in for another swing.

Target Marks: Target spells “Stardust”

-A- When entering the tunnel to the shaft, turn and face the doorway.

-S- When you enter the shaft look at the floor in the center of the room.

-T- While standing on the floor after grabbing S, look under the landing platform from the tunnel you just came out of.

-R- Near the NEVEC logo, under the first ring resting on a platform, while flying up to the next landing.

-D- After getting “R”, “D” is on the next level of the same ring, racing the wall which slants to you.

-U- On a landing like “R” beneath the second ring.

-T- Halfway up the 3rd section of the shaft, hidden against the triangle designed walls. Looking west.

-S- Looking East, this target mark is in the same section as T, about 2 triangles lower.


Mission: 01 Cleared (10) Successfully complete Mission 01

Mission: 02 Cleared (10) Successfully completed Mission 02

Mission: 03 Cleared (10) Successfully completed Mission 03

Mission: 04 Cleared (10) Successfully completed Mission 04

Mission: 05 Cleared (15) Successfully completed Mission 05

Mission: 06 Cleared (15) Successfully completed Mission 06

Mission: 07 Cleared (15) Successfully completed Mission 07

Mission: 08 Cleared (20) Successfully completed Mission 08

Mission: 09 Cleared (20) Successfully completed Mission 09

Mission: 10 Cleared (20) Successfully completed Mission 10

Mission: 11 Cleared (30) Successfully completed Mission 11

“EARTH” Explorer (10) Found all of the target marks in Mission 01

“STORM” Explorer (10) Found all of the target marks in Mission 02

“MIRAGE” Explorer (10) Found all of the target marks in Mission 03

“METEOR” Explorer (10) Found all of the target marks in Mission 04

“AURORA” Explorer (15) Found all of the target marks in Mission 05

“THUNDER” Explorer (15) Found all of the target marks in Mission 06

“TORNADO” Explorer (15) Found all of the target marks in Mission 07

“VOLCANO” Explorer (20) Found all of the target marks in Mission 08

“RAINBOW” Explorer (20) Found all of the target marks in Mission 09

“BLIZZARD” Explorer (20) Found all of the target marks in Mission 10

“STARDUST” Explorer (30) Found all of the target marks in Mission 11

Worm Hunter (50) Defeat the giant worm!

Moth Hunter (50) Defeat the giant Moth!

Ace Medal (30) Collect 10 Ace Medals in the Elimination matches online.

Chain Killer (50) Waste 10 opponents in a row without dying in online battle.

Conqueror Medal (30) Collect 10 Conqueror Medals in the Post Grab matches online.

Elimination Medal (30) Collect 10 Elimination Medals in the Team Elimination matches online.

Grand Slam (30) Collect all four types of medals in matches online.

Head Hunter (50) Head shot on 50 enemies in online battle.

Hunting Medal (30) Collect 10 Hunting Medals in the Fugitive matches online.

Online Century (50) Logged more than 100 online matches.

Online Master (50) Get to level 50 in online battle.

TM Master (50) Found all of the target marks in the campaign.

Extreme Soldier (150) Complete the campaign on Extreme mode.

Hope this guide has helped all of you.

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