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Mission: [1]

Achievements: -Mission 01 cleared (10)

-“Earth” Explorer (10)

In this mission you will be making your way into the Arkid hive to remove all visible threats.

You’ll find yourself standing by the VS – “Nida”, hop in by hitting “B”, and move out. Destroy anything that will give you T-Eng. While moving under the stone arch, Genessa will be spewing out Sepia, and Sepia will be emerging from the snow, you should have no problem taking them out with your Gatlin Gun. As you approach the garage, a Chryatis will also emerge.

-Blast away at the yellow joints of the Chryatis body, to effectively break off the two large blade-like arms that it will use to chop at you with. Once you’ve removed our new friends arms, shoot the T-Eng sac on its tail, and rejoice in your small victory.

Next exit the Nida to move into the garage. There will be a lot of Sepia flooding out of Genessa in the garage, it may seem like a good time to use the Shotgun, and if you picked it up before entering I suggest holding it a little longer. Use the grenade to blow up the fuel tanks or cars near the Genessa, and then move in to finish off anything still kicking.

When you’re done lighting the fire settle down by the “Data Post” and hit “B” to activate it.

If you’d like to make the ending a bit easier, head up to the barbed-wire fence upon exiting the garage. Look for a dead man, and then dig up the rocket next to him. (Hit “B” to dig). Before heading into the hanger, shoot the fuel tanks or any Sepia/Genessa you see. Once you walk in a Chryatis will claw up. Personally I suggest you ignore the giant beast, and just get up the stairs to the far side of the hanger. From up here you can hit the Chryatis joints without worry. Make a new door by blasting the fuel tanks, and head out. Ready to be like Indiana Jones? Here’s your chance, your first encounter with a Dongo. The Dongo will roll up into a ball and try to run you over. Or it will use its massive pincers to try and crush you like a mouse in a rat trap. Try to move around them when encountered. If you can manage this, give’em as good a shot as you can at the thermal energy sac on the tail. Or shoot the cars/fuel tanks near the Dongo’s to avoid closer combat.

After you’ve finished with the Dongo’s, move up to the cliff, and using your “anchor” pull yourself up to the next ledge, and activate the next Data Post. Be careful of the landslide, and move to the left of the hill after seeing the rocks roll by. Wait for another Dongo to roll down this pass, and step aside so as it can fall off the cliff. Be careful of more fall rocks, shoot any loose boulders you notice up ahead to clear the pass. Anchor yourself to a cover position if you get caught close by.

When you enter the mouth of the cave, the first swarm of Trilid will begin. Use the shotgun to take out these clusters; and any Genessa that would spawn more of these pests. As you move in, take out all the swarms, and Genessa, and activate the Data Pad to your right. Move up the stone bridge removing the nests of Genessa up here. Circle around the cliff, to the next bridge, and activate the next Data Post.

Run up the web-like bridge and into the nest.

Boss Battle:

The “Godon”. A stronger more evolved form of the Dongo. Quickly grab the Drio (VS). Once in you’ll be able to attack with a Gatlin Gun. If you want to place a Rocket Launcher or another Gatlin Gun onto the Drio’s opposite arm simply stand with the empty arm over the detached weapon and press ‘B”. Only use the Rocket Launcher if you will not be close to the splash damage. As the Godon attacks, side step it with sliding dash, or hover over it and blast away at the tail as you would with a Dongo. When you weaken the Godon it begins Rolling about the hive, like crazy, just avoid it, and watch for falling debris. The battle shouldn’t be too hard for a first attempt, but you have plenty of more weapons and another VS if you sustain heavy damage to your initial SV.

Target Marks: Target spells “Earth”

-T- Look for the stone-like archway shortly after grabbing the VS –“Nida”, there will be some storage to the left of the path, behind these cans, is “T”, shoot it to take it.

-A- After passing through the fence and on the side of the fuel tanks facing the wall you’ll find “A”.

-R- Go to the top of the stairs in the hanger, and in the corner of the hanger is “R”

-E- Once in the cave, drop into the stream, looking east at the waterfall.

-H- When you step off the first stone bridge in the cave, step onto the ledge to the right, looking north under the bridge you were on and “H” is sitting there.

Mission: [2]

Achievements: -Mission 02 cleared (10)

-“Storm” Explorer (10)

Begin by anchoring yourself onto the nearby rooftop; and to the first Data Pad. Be ready for action, your first Arkid encounter will be 8 Dongos all ready to maw you down. Note the earlier tactics for defeating a Dongo and apply here. I suggest sneaking around and attacking the tail, but you may find that a lot harder in this situation; so be sure to side step as often as you can and keep an eye on at least 2 Dongos at a time. If you grab the shotgun you may want to sidestep the Dongo, anchor to it, and blast the tail. Difficult at first, but you’ll quickly get the hang of it, and upon so be able to remove all 8 with less difficulty.

Head across the field and to the next Data Pad. At the first archway you’ll see another Dongo, work you magic and continue. Well out of the frying pan into the fryer, you now have 6 more Dongos in the field ahead of you. No worries, 6 is nothing to the 8 you just took out. Besides, once you kill them, and get to the Data Post be ready for another battle with a Chryatis. There will be a Gatlin Gun near the VS, grab it, and take out the Chryatis. Up ahead and after the second Chryatis battle, shoot the thermal energy pads to blow through the slimy wall and then through this opening. As you exit the path swarms of Trilid will be coming at you. Just keep moving down the street for another Chryatis battle. Near the Data Post you’ll have to blow shoot out the door to enter the location ahead. Get in the VS and move out. You’ll run into another Chryatis, and Crimson Pirates ahead, so be ready. As soon as you start heading down the western street be careful of the Chryatis, and the rocket wielding snow pirate who’s up in the tower at the streets southern point. After you cleared the Chryatis and all Crimson Pirates, activate the next Data Pad.

You’ll need to anchor up to the broken ledge of the nearby building(nearby the Data Post that is), just be careful as there are likely a few more Crimson Pirates hiding up there. Moving left anchor up to the next floor. Keep moving in this pattern until you reach the top. At the top anchor next to the bridge. On the bridge you’ll only encounter Crimson Pirates. Just blow through them all, and get to the VS up ahead. The VS is the Evax; a nice little suit that will transform into a snowmobile (Hit “Y”).

Up ahead to the right before an overturned trailer, is a lump of snow and buried underneath is a shotgun. Climb up on the arched trailers to get a view of the Crimson Pirate ambush ahead. Just take them out and move ahead safely. Grab the Rifle before you move ahead. Use the Rifle to take out all the Crimson Pirate in the distance. A Drio-CC will sneak up on you, run back to the bridge for cover, and take it out with a rocket launcher, or hit it with grenades. Activate the Data Pad, and move ahead.

Make this fight a bit easier, Anchor to the catwalk inside the tunnel, and snipe the Crimson Pirates, on the catwalk, and in the tunnel. Activate the Data Post at the end of the tunnel. Move to the corridor on the right, and head out. The fortess is guarded by snow pirates, turntables and a Drio-CC. Stay put, and snipe out all defenses. Including the Drio-CC pilot. Head to the building on your left, and remove the Crimson Pirates that will emerge from here. There are 3 Data Post you may want to take control of in this part of the map. The first is in the outpost building to the left. The Second in the building to the right, the 3rd is right on the steps to the gate. Grab a VS and make your way up the gate, bombarding the Crimson Pirate defenses.

When you enter the Crimson Unity fortress, you’ll be on foot, and encounter the Faze-CC. Just charge through and get into the Drio. You’ll encounter some Crimson Pirates too but they won’t be a worry once you’re in the VS, just step on them.

Battle the Faze-CC:

The Faze-CC will attack you with both a Gatlin Gun, and Rocket Launcher. While the Gatlin Gun will only break you down over time the Rocket Launcher will finish off your VS quick, so be sure to avoid it at all costs. First take out the two Drio-CCs that will be helping the Faze-CC. Once these two are removed the Faze-CC battle is a bit easier. Use the Sliding Dash to avoid the Faze’s jumping capabilities. If you can slide past it, hover and get some distance the rocket launchers will prove most effective. If not just keep side stepping/sliding from the attacks and just keep hitting it with the Gatlin Gun(s).

Target Marks: Target spells “Storm”

-S- After passing through the first arch, look to the left for a machine gun, and northeast for a few windows on the structure. “S” is in the second window.

-O- When you are anchoring between floors of the ruined building, look to the east corner for windows. Near the top floor is a window with “O” in it.

-T- Fall into the ditch on the train bridge. Looking south, “T” is behind a row of rebar.

-M- At the end of the train tunnel look west, and “M” is hiding on the tunnels rocky ledge.

-R- In the large building to the left of the Crimson Pirate fortress, go upstairs, and behind the boxes is “R”.

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