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You encounter Mech’s through the singleplayer often.

Enemy Soldiers

Crimson Pirates

Crimson Pirates are part of a colonization of Snow Pirates called the Crimson Unity. The CU formed from the initial colonization of the planet when they were abandoned upon the discovery of the Akrid. The Crimson Unity has more right than any to hate their damnation on the planet. However their actions, threats, and attacks on Lukas people will ensure they earn no mercy nor pity from her people. The Crimson Pirates often hide under the snow, or in a well fortified front to attack their enemies. Wearing red stained fur, this makes them visible targets, a sign of their loyalty and their madness. Like common Akrid they’ll move in clusters, or squads, often trying to flank you to get the better hand of the battle.

Mountain Pirates

Mountain Pirates are very similar to the Crimson Pirates. However these snow thieves will put up a far great fighter; moving in stronger squads, wearing heavier armor, and fighting in closer combat with machine guns, or rocket launchers. While they may not flank as much as Crimson Pirates, Mountain Pirates will take advantage of stronger covering positions than their fellow thieves.

NEVEC Soldiers

NEVEC Soldiers fight even better than the pirates you encounter before; moving in more fluent groups, with far more superior weapons. NEVEC Soldiers will run to use vacant VS, or mount up in turntables, whichever will give them an advantage over Wayne. Although they’ll make better use of cover as the Mountain Pirates do, they will push in fast and hard as they can on Wayne’s location. Favoring the advanced Plasma Guns over most other weapons, you must also be careful of the soldier which will utilize the range of this powerful weapon, often crouching into a smaller position and sniping from several locations.



Mostly found in warmer locations than the planets surface. Just be careful, the Bolsepia will explode with T-Eng when you shoot them. It won’t take much to kill them either. Heavier weapons are good because they’ll knock down the Bolsepia before they explode, giving you a bit more distance. If you only have a machine gun, find a way to put some distance on the Bolsepia if they move in too close on you.


This warbeast will attacking any hostile it can for a little bit of warm T-Eng. They attack with long blade-like arms, and will inflict a lot of damage. It’s the strongest Akrid you’ll encounter in the games early stages. Close quarter combat, although difficult at times, is not impossible. But a nice VS will bring’em down fast. The Chryatis will jab at you with it’s thorn like head, but mostly swing its deadly arms. Take out the thermal joints connecting these arms to the body to render the Chryatis harmless.


A highly armored Akrid form that primarily curls up into a ball and propels itself at enemies; causing the most damage. The Dongo will also use its large pincers to lock a grip on its prey, or hit them with a brutal smash. Depending on location you can either shoot the Dongo in the T-Eng sac on its tail. Or trick it into running off a cliff by side stepping its rolling attack near the edge of such a location. Another although more difficult method is using the anchor to attach yourself to the Dongo’s back, and blast the tail at point blank range.


You’ll notice these pods commonly on the planets surface, and elsewhere’s. Just be careful and try to take them out quick. Left alone, they spawn Sepia, and Trilid. Shoot the spores until there is nothing left to ensure more hostiles do not continue to appear.


Like Dongo’s the Godon will roll up into a ball and try to run down its enemies. The evolved Godon however is far stronger and can pound through rock and structures with it’s incredibly armor plated skin. Using its mandible-like pincers the Godon will extend these two vices, and clamp its enemies at a ranged distance. Or smash the enemies with bombarding swings. Fear not like the Dongo’s the Godon has a semi-simple solution to killing it.


A larger evolved form of the warrior Akrid Chryatis. The Gorechyratis will open its mouth and fire boiling T-Eng, at it’s enemies. The weak points are both its open mouth, and stomach region, however the body is covered in a thick armor skin.

Green Eye

Like the Queen, Green Eye will try to freeze enemies with its breath, and launch icicle-like projection from its back. Green Eye will charge its enemies, shoot a wave of ice and snow, or pound its forearms in a tantrum causing intense shockwaves. Defeating Green Eye will require the destruction of 8 green thermal sacs on its back, 4 more which will appear on its head and one giant last one which will appear on its face.


The Jellyfish Akrid of E.D.N-III, these creatures will tighten up and spew out swarms of smaller Jellon, called Jellites. Like the Trilid their swarms are annoying and as such will attack in these formations. However Jellon have no “attack”, when they get close to an enemy they’ll explode and inflict damage. Also like Trilid though, they are simple to take out, and harmless outside of range.


Living in war regions the scorpion-like Akrid may also fly and will usually leap at its targets. The tail as is the case with a scorpion will extend for long range attacks, and inject poison into its prey. However the tail is also its weakest point. Shoot the hub holding T-Eng on its tail and the stinger will break and so the Neegal becomes an easier foe to beat.


Of the Jellon species, Parajellon will explode releasing swarms of Jellites along with a harmful electric blast. Likewise with its Jellite spawn.


Although the Queen lives and nests on pure T-Eng within the planet; her primary attack is an icy breath blow, which will freeze whatever it connects with.


A wasp-like Akrid, this flying beastie although not always in swarms still puts up a good fight on its own. The Raibee will either fire off ballistic stingers at its enemy, or try to impale it with its tale, which will deliver a strong electric shock to you.


An evolved for of the Raibee, the Raibeon will attack when provoked, but are accompanied by Raibee , who will attack first, and need be, explode to inflict the most damage on the enemy. Once they are gone, the Raibeon will fly into battle and try to finish off the enemy with similar yet stronger attacks as it’s Raibee brethren.


The largest Akrid in existence, The Saizarod that spews swarms of small Akrid from its chest.


Commonly encountered these Akrid are the weakest link. Be careful around them though. In Swarms they’ll climb walks and surfaces to attack you from multiple direction and angles. Their weakest point would be their mouth, when opened. But again, a weak species so even if you don’t feed it lead, a few holes will suffice.


A tree-like Akrid; Similar to the Jellon in one aspect, Skalts will spew out several thorns to attack anything it feels a hunger for. Some of these thorns create new Skalts so you want to blow up the bud on a Skalt to kill it and prevent further re-growth.


A litte stronger than Sepia, and not much different, these Akrid will shoot acid out of their open mouths to attack you. Unlike the Sepia who focuses on close combat, these creatures will try to hit you from a small distance before moving in. Again, a weak and commonly encountered species.


A giant spider-like Akrid, which will spawn out Bolsepia, the Tencale grabs its enemies, and wraps them up in a tight web. Its whip like tentacle will grab its enemies for this task. The Tencale is the parent to many Akrid, and spawns Bolsepia in battle.


Another weak species, however these stingray-like Akrid always fly in swarms making it mostly annoying and if you don’t act fast, truly harmful. A shotgun works great on these buggers, as the blast should consume most of the swarm with a few hits. They are always close to a Genessa crater, so be sure to remove the spawn point to prevent further attacks.


The Undeep is the “Gravoid”(Tremors reference) of the Akrid family. Tunneling beneath a sea of snow, the Undeep sense for vibration on the planet, if it detects the motion of a VS it will destroy it immediately. Fortunately there are other close range tactics to destroy this creature. (Described in the Missions section). The Undeep is consisted of 12 thermal spores on the length of its body. You’ll need to destroy each of these spores to kill the serpent-like Undeep.


Its powerful wings will blow you off course, and make hitting it a bit difficult. Mostly you want to be aware of the egg-like bombs that the Windega is capable of dropping. Shoot the 3 yellow sacs on its body to stop the Windega from dropping further bombs on you. However heavy damage inflicted upon its wings will slay the beast.

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