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Energy Gun

No ammo? Perfect. The Energy gun has unlimited rounds. It’s rate of fire is a little low, but the weapon is powerful when used correctly. You can shot off a round, or you can hold the trigger to charge up the energy and then fire off a stronger blast. The Energy Gun uses a homing function which will lock onto its target. Just make sure you are not too far off precision.

Machine Gun

A moderate weapon of choice the machine gun will always help you out until you find something extremely powerful. It’s clip size and storage capacity factored with fast rate of fire, and range makes capabilities make it perfect for taking out multiple hostiles before you’ll need to reload.

Plasma Gun

One of the best weapons in the game. (IMO). The Plasma Gun fires off more powerful and effective rounds of energy than the Energy Gun. Like the Rifle, the Plasma Gun even has a zoom function, making it capable of sniping people at even further distances. Don’t let the Plasma Gun’s long range capabilities mislead you though, this weapon is made to function at a close range distance as well. The only downside to shooting close range is the gun’s slow rate of fire. I’d compare it best to the shotgun in this aspect, so don’t treat it like a Machine Gun unless you can be accurate. And the best part? Unlimited ammo.


The Rifle is your basic sniper. Use up(^) and down(v) on the D-pad to operate the scopes zoom. The Rifle is ideal for long range kills. Effective on low class Akrid, but highly effective even at extreme distances on Snow Pirates. Often 1 shot will get the job done, however some beasties will require 2 hits and the Rifle has a slow rate of fire; so keep your eye on the target until it’s down.

Rocket Launcher

Another familiar style weapon this is your boom-pointer. Simply point and… boom. The Rocket Launcher is of course a very powerful weapon. Causing massive damage on direct hits. The splash damage is not as powerful as some gamers may be familiar with in other games, but effective to any end. The Rocket Launcher is a perfect weapon for quickly removing emplacements, and VS’s. If you see one you may want to grab it before you continue, there will surely be need of it soon off.


As is the case with about any shotgun, this weapon has limited range, and a slow rate of fire. However the gun is very powerful close up, and has an expanding firing range. Accuracy isn’t as important with this gun, allowing it to take out multiple hostiles with one shot. Still the shotgun is a weapon best used in closer combat for optimal effects.

Disk Grenade

A very accurate grenade, this devices will lodge/stick to whatever it’s thrown at. However there is a 10 second detonation time, but if patience is not a virtue you can always blast it with the machine gun for a faster effect. Although this sounds great, the explosion is not nearly as strong or packs as much splash damage as a well placed Hand Grenade.

Dummy Grenade

Fans of PDZ and the film Total Recall should get some enjoyment from this. The Dummy Grenade will create a dummy beacon. The grenade creates a fake target that will appear on the enemy’s mini-map. Can be used to distract an enemy and ambush them, or to intimidate them with multiple hostiles.

Gum Grenade

More of a landmine than a grenade, this devices will attaches to a surface, and explode once an enemy draws close enough to activate it. Works great in close quarters, structures, or places near VP’s.

Hand Grenade

Good for distance kills and grouped enemies. The Hand Grenade bounces when tossed, so it’s not the most accurate grenade. The Hand Grenade also has a 3 second detonation time after tossing it however you can shoot at it (use machine gun) for an earlier explosion. (while in mid air can have some tactical effects on Trilid)

Plasma Grenade

A perfect grenade for multiple hostiles or when outgunned by a VP. The Plasma Grenade will of course take out nearby enemies, but the grenades shockwave and direct blast will damage VP’s as well. In this case it can effectively lock the VP’s and make them un-operable for a few seconds.

Vital Suit – Detachable Weapons


EM Laser

Gatlin Gun
Grenade Launcher

Homing Laser

Laser Rifle

Laser Vulcan

Missile Launcher

Rocket Launcher


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