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Today’s guide is provided by ‘xThe Gunslingerx’, who has done a fantastic job on answering all the Frequently asked questions and providing a complete guide on how to get through Lost Planet.

Players: 1
Online Multiplayer: 1-16
Rated: [T] (Teen) Animated Blood, Mild Language, Violence.

Download the Window Media Player skin here.

Plot Preview: On a frozen and desolate ice cube of a planet (E.D.N III), Wayne will face every challenge thrown at him head on to hunt down the bug-like alien species called “The Akrid”. Wayne’s vendetta is targeted at an individual Akrid known as “Green Eye” who brutally murders Wayne’s father Gale, as they try to escape a besiege facility. Lending your amazing Vital Suit services and skills you will aid the group of Snow Pirates who rescued you from a frozen sleep; you’ll help them out by removing all Akrid from the planet, as is their never ending goal. Not to mention struggling to regain your memory, and uncover the mysterious of the Lost Planet. Along with fighting the Akrid, there are rebel squads of Snow Pirates throwing more wrenches in your gears of war. Using an array of weapons and Vital Suits (mechs), Wayne will trek the dangerous conditions of the planet. Game play will have a large focus on the characters thermal energy status as well. Thus the planets extreme conditions are another battle against you.


  1. FAQ
  2. Button configuration
  3. Characters
  4. Weapons
  5. Detachable VS weapons
  6. Vital Suits models and Bosses.
  7. Enemy Soldiers
  8. Akrid forms and Bosses.
  9. Mission Walkthrough/Target Mark locations (Normal difficulty)
  10. Achievements


Q. Just what comes in the Lost Planet collector’s edition?

An exclusive multiplayer map. (Download code included)

Collectable Art Book

Bonus Disc features: Wallpapers, Trailers, Soundtrack, Webisodes, Icons, Signature Banners, Digital Art.

Q. Is there a Lost Planet homepage?

A. Yes, it may be found at

Q. Is there a Demo for this game?

A. Yes, there is a single player demo and a multiplayer demo available to download from the marketplace.

Q. Is there a Lost Planet theme, and picture pack?

A. Yes, there are two Lost Planet themes both 150 MS points and two pictures packs both 80 MS points, available in the marketplace.

Q. What is T-Eng?

A. T-Eng is Thermal Energy. Wayne has a Harmonize which will collect Thermal Energy, and restore his life gauge as he is wounded, attacked, or freezing. You may gather T-Eng, from killing Akrid, or blowing up vehicles, vital suits and fuel tanks.

Q. What are Target Marks?
A. Target Marks are bonus items to find in each mission, and unlock a secret achievement. Each target mark is a letter which will spell out a word. Check the “Missions” section for Target Mark locations. *Note* Target Marks will be found in slightly different locations depending on difficulty. * I suggest playing on easy or normal mode when hunting down these Target Marks, this guide will list the location of TM’s on normal difficulty. Check out Nevada and Ace’s guide for locations on “easy” difficulty.

Q. What is a VS.

A. A VS is a Vital Suit. Vital Suits are the “Mech”-like vehicles original used for colonization of E.D.N. III, and operated as war machines through the games story and multiplayer. Some weapon mounts may be detached from a VS and operated as individual use. *Note such use will slow down mobility and you will be unable to switch weapons until you ditch the VS mount.

Q. What are hidden objects and how do I get them?

A. Most maps will have some hidden weapons lying around. Some are only partially hidden. However to get them out, get to the object, and hit B repeatedly to uncover it.

Q. What is a Data Post?

A. A Data Post is mostly a battlefield information center. By activating a Data Post you can replenish T-Eng, and a yellow beam will point you in your destination. The Data Post also shows more of the map on the PDA.

Q. How do I “fix” the crosshair into a “locked” position?

A. There are 2 ways to fix the crosshair. In the Main Menu select “Options”>Game Settings>Aiming> and select “Fixed”

Or in a game hit the “Back” button Settings> Aiming>Fixed.

Q. I killed the Giant Worm (Undeep)/ or Giant Moth (Windega), and still did not get the achievement, why?

A. After killing either of these Akrid in a level, you must fully complete the level to receive the achievement.

Q. How do I save the game?
A. The game saves after completing each level, and at each checkpoint. Do no turn off the game/console unless you have reached a new checkpoint or else you will loose all data between such a time and the previous check point.

Button configuration/layout

Wayne Control abilities:

A Jump

B Action (Eg. push barrels)/Melee

X Anchor

Y Change weapon

L/R D-pad Zoom

U/D D-pad Flash light

Left Bumper/Right Bumper Rotate
LT Grenade

RT Shoot

L-thumb-stick Move/(Click) Crawl

R-thumb-stick Aim/(Click) reload

Back PDA menu

Start pause

Vital Suit Control abilities:

A Jump

B Enter/Exit VS/ Equip Weapon

X Special attack

Y Special Function

L/R D-pad Flash light

Left Bumper/Right Bumper rotate

LT/RT Fire left/right weapon

L-thumb-stick Move

R-thumb-stick Aim/(Click) reload


Wayne Holden
Found frozen in the planets icy surface by a rouge squad of Snow Pirates, trapped within his own Vital Suit; Wayne Holden has little to no memory. The few things he does remember will help save him, set him on a quest for vengeance, and lost in the mystery of his own past as he struggles to uncover the secrets of the NEVEC Corp.


A head of NEVEC’s Military, Bandero makes his living by killing Snow Pirates. A murderous brute, Bandero will execute the Frontier Plan no matter what. But this devilish fiend has more tricks up his sleeve then meets the eye, and more in common with Wayne than is comfortable.

An amazing VS pilot, creator of the Firecracker and shrouded in mystery. She is a lone Snow Pirate, hunting down Solotov for what she claims is revenge on her family.

Dennis Isenberg

NEVEC leader who helms the settlement designs of the planet and created the Frontier Plan.

Gale Holden

Wayne Holden’s father. Gale is killed off rather quickly by the Akrid creature known as “Green Eye”. Before dying Gale strapped the Harmonizer to Wayne’s arm, to give Wayne a chance to live. And more…


A worker for NEVEC Corp. Captured by Wayne and Basil on the Frontier Plan research facility Joe is pulled into mystery himself as he tries to figure out what NEVEC was hiding from him, and why the rouge snow pirates are interested in the Frontier Plan.

Leader of the rouge Snow Pirates, Luka is caught between two battles. The first is killing each and every Akrid alive, and eradicating their nest so they can finally rest on a planet they can call home. The second… More Snow Pirates! With Rick and Yuri, Luka has fought these two battles long and hard, at difficult costs. Wayne Holden’s help, and trust is now a curtail step to completing her goals.


Luka’s headstrong brother and key technician to the squad. Rick is a bit overly protective of his older sister, but the concern is his most defining trait.

Dr. Yuri

Hello doctor. Yuri is an amazing scientist. A master of medical and engineering skill. He revives Wayne Holden from the cryogenic prism of his VS. That he was able to do this so well (excluding Wayne’s amnesia), is stunning. That he was able to activate Wayne’s Harmonizer to redirect T-Eng, directly into Wayne’s body is unexplainable.

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