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With Bioshock finally landing in Japan this month 2kgames have powered up the advertising machine to try and make it popular with the fickle Japanese market, check out the kinda kooky trailer below.

Live action or CGI? It’s getting hard to tell these days, nonetheless it’ll be interesting to see how the Japanese market responds to Bioshock, hopefully the little sisters are cute enough for them.

  1. avatar Muas

    Hmm, ranking, best to worst:Diablo 3 (I loved the art style in the beiningng half, and the second half was awfully neat too)Metal Gear Solid: Rising (Really, really cool)Transformers Fall of Cybertron (Once again, really cool. I’ve never been particularly fond of the entirely musical trailers, though.)Mass Effect 3 and Patriots were tied, for me- both neat trailers.The only one I didn’t really like was Bioshock Infinite- once again, musical trailer, and then most of the stuff we saw had been seen before, or at least alluded to in articles. Wasn’t much new.Thanks for getting all of these together!If you click on the youtube links gametrailers has a playlist of all the VGA trailers (my favorite since they’re HD and have no ads). These were just my favorite. As far as Bioshock goes I thought I grabbed a different trailer that talked about the voice acting and character modeling. Woops. Dino

  2. avatar Meryl Gettman

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